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  1. This film was preceded by a trailer for the upcoming Jurassic Park and Terminator movies, sequels to two of favourites from days gone by, and their modern trailers filled me with the usual horror at seeing something you loved raped before your eyes. I almost wanted to curl up and die in some pungent, closed-down video shop where the additional tortured ghosts of the Alien, Predator, Robocop and Die Hard "franchises" could torment me at night, screaming at why have they been abused so?

    Cool hyperbole. They're just films.

    Speaking of which, this film is fucking fantastic. It's filth and obscenity delivered in such a meticulous fashion.

    Only gripes are Hardy's weird accent/dubbing and the 3D is mostly pointless, but super 5/5 film all over.

  2. Hmm, I always find these dangerous things to wheel out as stone cold facts, as it's the exact same argument used by the Jack Thompsons of this world to ban violent videogames. If I'm not mistaken there was a study published a few months ago (which was linked to in this thread) that in fact concluded that playing sexist videogames didn't have any demonstrable effect on those playing them at all.

    There was a study concluding 'games don't cause sexism', which is not the same as 'games normalise sexism'. The second statement is obviously harder to measure, but to infer that you're not affected in any way by the media you consume is questionable.

  3. To be honest I'd rather thing's weren't taken so seriously to the point that things which are clearly harmless and a bit of fun, like Quiet's design clearly is, get's over analysed and labelled as sexism.

    I just can't fathom how people can get themselves worked up over the fact that a character in a ludicrous game world has an equally ludicrous over sexualized costume design. Do people have any sense of fun and humour anymore?

    The normalisation of such imagery has an effect on those consuming the media. When you see people be casually racist, sexist or demeaning towards other demographics, it's likely their behaviour is imitating what they consume.

    Also, such lazy imagery can have a negative impact on a game's overall quality. Veering away from tropes, including sexist ones, can make a good game great. It's not rocket surgery.

  4. Crass yeah probably. But it's completely harmless stuff. Not to do with the toy itself, but it does increasingly seem like you can't have overtly sexy female characters in video games without receiving a barrage of criticisms claiming sexism. As evidenced by Quiet in MGS5 and that mechanic character in the new Final Fantasy. It's as if Mary Whitehouse's spirit is being channeled through modern super PC types.

    Sometimes I think it's the opposite to be honest, and that the West needs to catch up and stop with all the shame and blame over harmless things which don't deserve any. Kojima is clearly someone that has forever enjoyed having these type of sexual and skimpily dressed women in his works, so why should he cut them out because you get all embarrassed over it? MGS is nothing if not a reflection of Kojima's personality, and it would be shame if that was lost.

    Instead of talking so much about things you don't want to see (but other people do), why don't people talk more about what they do want to see,

    It's like buzzword bingo.

    It's just a game. If you want games to be taken seriously, everything in them should be subject to criticism, and Metal Gear Solid has always had this weird sexist undertone.

  5. Devin was excellent! So were Shining and Periphery. I just realised I've seen all the bands before on separate occasions but it was still fab, flu and all. Also the lamest circle pit I've ever been in, for which I massively apologise. I've got a bit of an infection but, yeah.

  6. Cheers guys! I've seen Shining at that Leeds fest twice now and they were flipping spot on. I'm looking forward to 'em tonight!

    Ticket is free now. I won't see any possible replies until later if so...I'll be outside the venue at 6:50 anyway. Or aiming for that. Ta ta!

  7. Skrtl charged with violent conduct. Just what we needed.

    This is truly outrageous, he barely touched him, etc.

    (I'm barely shocked)

    No way should we contest that. I almost thought Gerrard's stampy dance was less intentional, though I thought his slice through Mata was red-card worthy enough.

  8. tan's done plenty of lousy stuff even before malky's "racism" though, he's just a shit stirrer.

    The company my friend is at was working on a project with Wigan Athletic recently, but they suspended it due to the racism. This isn't an isolated thing.

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