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  1. Big version.

    I like the way that making almost everyone armed, steampunky gunslingers in a post-apocalyptic desert, surrounded by SF and fantasy creatures, is held up as a representation of gaming's diversity. If I was coming up with a setting for a game, I'd be hard pressed to think of anything much more generic than that.

    Also, here's another arrow-filled MS Paint conspiracy diagram:

    Oh my god so much shit. And missing information!

    -Nothing in the 'Entitled gamers' section about weeaboos going fucking mad over Dragon Age: Inquisition for daring to include gay or trans folk.

    -Discussion of the 'sex scandal' was shut down on reddit because there wasn't anything

    -No mention of Anita Sarkeesian whatsoever, showing there was nothing wrong with her videos that the dipshits said there was

    -Nothing about their beloved 8chan either, or resisting condemning abuse, or supporting the abuse, or CP support etc.

    And a bunch of other stuff. Well done, whoever did that.

  2. Kotaku in Action is a fucking horrible place. The whole 'trust and verify' thing is so awful it makes me want to vomit at times.

    No reading comprehension whatsoever. 'We don't condone harrassment' but they certainly upvote despicable comments. "They're attacking me", when it's usually people telling them to fuck off for being abrasive. Misogyny, sexism, transphobia, racism, ableism, every fucking brand of shit under the sun. And child porn defense! Fuck it off.

  3. Which is exactly what Lovren was supposed to be bringing. I agree that the first goal was easily more avoidable. I'm finding it a bit annoying that Skrtel gets all of the blame for being shit at his job, but Gerrard gets off without so much as a murmur about him being shit at his (for giving the freekick away in the first place). I love Gerrard but he is not a defensive mid.

    Oh christ, I'm always ending up arguing with my dad over this! Gerrard is absolutely dreadful at that holding midfield position, but my dad says 'he's had 12 good years', to which I say that it doesn't mean anything if you're currently playing poorly. Gerrard's legs are not what they were. He needs to be an substitute attacking midfielder at best these days, because it's square pegs and round holes otherwise. Annoys me even more that Henderson has to drift down the wing when he's far better in the middle.

  4. :lol: at the Spurs supporters now saying they didn't waste the Bale money. I'm sorry but only Erikson has been a decent buy, £30m on Lamela and £27m(?) on Soldaldo is a massive waste, just like Lovren and Markovic for us, although they've so far only had half a season to prove themselves.

    Arguing who is worse is...flipping stupid. Not exactly something to pride ourselves on.

    Dogsout is bang on, our shape is shocking. At our best under Rafa we were regimented, a nightmare to go up against. Now it's something resembling a 4-year old's scribbling on paper.

  5. Smitty, there are times when you seem genuinely interested in having this discussion, and times when you seem to be more interested in parroting some bizarre straw man than actually listening to what people are saying. Please, next time you're going to write something like this, go away and read/watch/listen to whatever it is you're reacting to and see what it actually says.

    When was the last time you saw Smitty contribute to a discussion? He's either trying to start something new or arguing with everyone. Every fucking time.

  6. The people ranting about Rodgers are fucking morons and it's sadly quite the majority. There are genuinely people saying they always knew he was a fraud.

    If you say so. The fact that Rodgers has only now decided to do something about Mignolet is ridiculous and indicative of his inability to change things accordingly.

  7. Kelthink, at least you got to see Gerrard's final Champion's League goal. Oh okay, we might qualify for next season, same as I might convince Emily Blunt shacking up with a freckly strawberry blonde bloke who likes Lego and cheeseburgers is in her future.

    That is true :) It was a special goal! Just...if only, eh? Henderson's shot near the end was a corker too.

  8. I went to the game last night, first time in forever. I noticed:

    -Hendo and Sterling ran like bastards, really showed some determination. Was a shame for Henderson to not reap anything, he deserves better.

    -Gerrard really looked like he couldn't do it for most of the game, and some of his misplaced passes were just bizarre.

    -I don't think Lovren had the worst game ever.

    -Seeing Mignolet do the same abject goal kicks a few feet away (pass it to a player to the side who has no option but to pass it back) elicits deserved moans from nearly everyone. It's bizarre. I reckon he's short-sighted or something. He did do that decent save late on, so I'll give him that.

    -Dead angry at the red card, though maybe it's because it seems to happen all the time at my five-a-side games, which aren't tempestuous. It looked to me like Markovic and other player were tussling, Markovic anticipated the other player to be moving with him and he threw an arm out to keep him at length, but clearly didn't realise he'd already stopped moving. I guess I need to see it again.


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