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  1. We were the better team yesterday. At 1-1 we looked like the more threatening team by far, which is a massive thing to say considering our play this season. We were a bit rocky at points but I'd expect that playing away this season. Even against Leicester.

  2. There's a thread on Neogaf discussing the very questionable hidden boss in Bayonetta 2 that has an implied rape attack scene, because, the scene is pretty fucking foul. There's some amazingly abstract defences of the scene ('it's just a firecracker reference!' and 'only rapists see rape'), but then an absolutely perfect Gamergate-esque post pops up: http://www.neogaf.net/forum/showpost.php?p=141240475&postcount=338

    mother of fucking gods...

    why are you fucking people gotta go social issues and psychological and religion and gender and races about mother fucking video fucking games....? video, fucking, games, why fucking people.....?

    fucking enlighten me, why.....?

    this is a game, where the whole goddamn IP, started with a nun, a motherfucking nun, ladies and gentlemen, in a totally inappropriate wardrobe if i might add, brutally killing mother fucking angels, with blood squirting and gushing everyfuckingwhere. angels from heaven btw. which spoiler alert here: she fucking sucker punch god herself, on her fucking face, the one entity that have created us all, and send her burnin on the sun, like a goddam bitch

    i mean u wanna talk about rape?? rape??? she tortured female fucking angels with a goddamn spanish donkey. historically, that's probably 100 times fucking worse than rape. that shit was so immoral, we stop using it somewhere in the timeline of our history.

    and let's all just sit back and fucking think, when rodin hit that home run on that motherfucking prologue chapter, with the old school baseball and crowd sound effects and glitters and glorious funky confetti flying around, U ARE STILL TRYING TO TAKE THIS GAME SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

    u ask this very question to kamiya, most probably he will laugh and answer with some bullshit unsatisfying out of context answer.

    the devs are joking when they make this game. they are having crazy fun.
    they are fucking with you

    geez... pardon me there, i got emotional
    now that i've calmed down...

    S . E . R . I . O . U . S . L . Y

    u guys have gone way overboard with taking issues from games and implement it in your real life. i'm looking at you NA...
    as far as i see it, EU and JP regions doesn't have similar problems.

    each and every one of you who made critical analysis about their positions, etc should take a step backwards and breathe. accept it, probably the dev's intention are indeed: sex / rape


    why? cuz it's nothing in this game matters, this whole game is a huge joke that's out of contexts.
    that move, are an easter egg tribute to akuma's at best... and that's it. this game is an easter egg fiesta.

    seriously, if the skinshow disturbs your weak souls so much, wear an alternate costumes. that'll cover her up.
    if u can't even understand the very humor that's surrounding this whole game, just go back to cod. u don't deserve this.

    I don't think I could even parody that well.

  3. Sure, but it's not like its a new thing. The same point has been going on for years.

    And whilst he moans about he generic nature of these titles, he doesn't offer any alternative to them. Nor mention that the money made from these title allows publishers to invest in more niche titles, or, introduce expensive new IP where they can afford to take a hit if it goes tits up (Destiny?)

    It's all well an good to moan about the top ten titles being generic and samey, but where else would this revenue come from?

    People like what they like, and the popular stuff in all sorts of media concentrates on the biggest market and the lowest common denominator; the biggest selling Album worldwide in 2013, belonged to One Direction.

    Why should games be any different in this regard?

    Why on earth would they do that, when COD is a license to print money? FIFA makes money, COD makes money, GTA makes money. Why deviate?

    Why do film companies make Avengers 2 instead of investing in art house flicks? Or but Government gilts?

    He pretty much quotes Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg, who manage to do something within those AAA-limits to produce something noticably different. There's nearly none of that in video games.

  4. No room in midfield for Gerrard? Questions over our best CBs?

    I know just the solution; Toure-Gerrard Super CB partnership.

    I actually kind of thought Gerrard at CB as well. As least he doesn't fanny about with the ball like Lovren.

  5. I'd like to see a similar team (to Tuesday) go up against Chelsea to be honest. I wanna see what a midfield with Can, Henderson and Coutinho can do, feeding Markovic, Sterling and Borini. Snow joke! I think Gerrard's lack of mobility stifles us to be honest. Cracking accuracy and vision, but yeah.

  6. At the end of the day, is what is happening right? No. Should these women be subjected to these vile comments? Absolutely not. But is it news worthy? In my opinion, no. Is the continued exposure making it better for the people involved? No, it gives the trolls an audience. Is it a problem deeply ingrained in gaming? Certainly not. I just wish it would be relegated to yesterdays news and move on. The people involved are obviously thick as pig shit. Let them wallow down there by themselves, don't shine a light on them.

    When people like Brianna Wu, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkesiaan are being driven from their homes, death/rape/violent threats made and even preventing a public talk with threats of shooting, we'll keep speaking up. Considered voices should not be drowned out. If I'm part of the feminist propaganda movement, then fuck yeah, frankly.

  7. 1. boston globe writes about gg

    2. gg calls it "poorly-researched hit-piece" on reddit

    3. writer comes in, destroys


    Christ, the effort-responses are contradictory messes, perfectly proving the journo's point. And they can't help but use the odd inflammatory quip to make sure they don't look like robots.

  8. I was saying to my dad yesterday that losing Agger is the biggest concern (outside of Mig). Like I wonder if the defenders ramped up their game when Agger was going to return from another injury to assure their starting place for a partnership. Now there's no pressure there's an even larger lack of concentration at the back and it's frightening.

    As we're inevitably going to play Gerrard in every non-League Cup game, I'm starting to think he should be centre-back at this point, 'cos at least he'd be assured in his distribution and commitment.

    Mario is a mistake, frankly. He's so off everyone else's wavelength it's unfunny. Yesterday he seemed to believe that the pitch was twice as big as it was. He absolutely doesn't fit the team. I want him to come good but it's not happening at this rate.

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