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  1. Save transfer from the disc version to the PS Plus Collection version I hope!
  2. Friend was saying about Picard's magic wand too. However I don't think the writers are good enough to have even of thought off tying it in.
  3. They could have an argument against that, compare travel tech in 400AD to 1400AD, they’re pretty much the same only with refinements. Progress seems to happen in bursts and then things settle down. Our current travel tech has been stable for at least a century.
  4. Me too. It’s always been 1k=1024bytes, and it scales up from there. This is news to me
  5. It shouldn’t be. Everything is already there exquisitely realised. They just had to lift that from the book and put it on screen. There’s plenty of reference from cinema and tv to make it look right. Game of Thrones’ Kings Landing with a redress would’ve been grand for Ankh Morpok. Lord of the Ring/The Hobbit showed how to do the various races. This looks to be an utter abomination from some talentless hack who thinks he’s a creative genius and applies that ‘genius’ to ‘improve’ the source material. There seems to be this thread running through recent shows that they have to be ‘edg
  6. Any recommendations for an external drive to play the PS4 games off?
  7. I think you could make a case for Turok for the dual controls. It had look on the stick and movement on the yellow buttons, worked really well. Also I think Goldeneye offered the two controller option as well.
  8. Regarding the saved game thing, is there no way of sticking the save on a USB stick and running it through some computer program to manipulate it to the right version. Bar the header on the thing wouldn't the rest of the save information be the same (progress, etc)?
  9. This is pretty amusing! https://www.ft.com/content/68f96d24-02f0-42fd-b132-aba0acba777f
  10. Cheers, that done the trick!
  11. Anyone know how to make it use your PSN name? It asked me to sign in with an Activison ID that I had years ago against my regular email address. Now I show up as anon98394839849384983.
  12. Maybe a wee bit. However B5 was better plotted, with far more rounded characters and proper motivations than Nu Who or any of the current crop of Star Treks. I did a rewatch of B5 recently and I think the rush to resolutions was more due to the threat of cancellation hanging over it in S4 rather than poor plotting.
  13. Mine's has arrived. No scratches and it really is a nice piece of kit to look at. Does anyone know if there's a PDF of the manual kicking about, I don't want to end up dog-earing the lovely one that comes with it.
  14. I've the same issue, just watching it on TV at the regular broadcast time. @deKay are you aware of an option to force iplayer to output just stereo? That might be the way forward for me, as some bits the music and sound effects are drowning everything else out. Watched it live on Sunday and then Picard afterwards and it was like night and day.
  15. The amount of content they have it beggars believe. I thought they were going to clean up but if this is their approach what's the point? Come up with a different name for the PG-13 above stuff and have the Disney name associated with PG-13 and below. I'd similar thoughts about Britbox, that should've launch years ago with a complete back catalogue of everything the BBC and ITV have rights too. They'd have made a fortune globally. I've Mando already watched so I guess that's one subscription they won't be getting. I was really looking forward to what I thought Disne
  16. I thought they owned Fox? Are they not putting all that content on there? Simpsons, X-Files, etc. I thought it was going to be a complete back catalogue of what Disney currently owns?
  17. Ignoring the Tomb Raider ones, the other set seems to be very Amiga and 90's heavy which probably reflects the bias of the person creating it. It says on the site "The Special Stamps depict scenes from landmark UK-designed titles from the 1980s and ’90s." There's only 3 from the 80s and one of them is Populous on Amiga which you may as well consider a 90s game. Manic Miner/JSW is the glaring omission IMO. I was a Spectrum owner so don't know much Minter but recognise that he should be recognised. My list would've been Manic Miner An 80s Llamasoft game on the C6
  18. Outstanding episode. If they can wrap this up satisfactory it'll go down as one of the best TV shows ever.
  19. Probably not what you're after though.
  20. Reznor’s done a top notch job with the soundtrack.
  21. This is great. I’m just wondering is anyone watching it who hasn’t read the comic? How are you finding it?
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