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  1. I love the About Bio on them on Spotify.
  2. Enjoy the silence is really fun to play on drums. I know it's quite simple, but it feels really great to play.
  3. Made a better start this year. Aiming for better drum scores. Always bugger up tom rolls though
  4. I guess its my memory of seeing them do it live on the violator tour in the very early 90's. In other news im getting there slowly with drums. Just finally gold star but it was on the piss easy spotlight song.
  5. This thread's gone to the level expected. Playground.
  6. If you play on a pro it's 4k super sampling and is pin sharp.
  7. What did you try that was so shonky on PSVR? I'm intrigued.
  8. Full hotas support and I believe most if not all the game can be played in VR.
  9. We've got Ace Combat 7 next year. Can't wait!
  10. Magic leap revealed...oooohhhhkkkk https://www.magicleap.com
  11. I better put some more hours in! Still getting my head round rivals and still dropping notes i shouldn't Will be on as soon as works finished.
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