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  1. Weirdly, the cheap Jedi Fallen Order with free Stormtrooper Fortnite skin is calling my name. I've finished Fallen Order on Xbox already (loved it) and hate Fortnite, but it's just enough of an additional incentive for me to potentially pull the trigger on it.
  2. Update downloading on Steam as I write this.
  3. That's what camo does, I guess. I see Quiet's replaced the main character - she's obviously a mod, but I never saw any camo patterns for the base so I'm wondering if that is too?
  4. I'd disagree with that accusation too. It's barely a secret given how criminally underage she looks. Curiously, didn't she fit into the lower half of the US / EU polls? Tina Armstrong was the most voted for character in the EU, and I think the child in question came in sixth or seventh. A relatively poor showing given how hard Tecmo are promoting her in all their marketing materials. It's only in Japan that she's popular, presumably due to looking like a child and having almost no defining personality other than acting like one too.
  5. Ah, that's unfortunate. From Kay's impressions and the streams I've seen online I'd be willing to hop on board for the multiplayer, but I can't get my Wii U online. Guess I'll be skipping this - I'll check out the PC F2P version once I get the opportunity though. Have a few +1's each for the reply!
  6. So the single player's not worth it if I can't get online?
  7. Terrifying that this knockdown price hasn't resulted in billions of newcomers to this thread screaming about how awesome it is. People are strange.
  8. I haven't played this Remake yet as I'm waiting on a sale but if people want to skip what is essentially time wasted running back and forth to pick up a key or plaque or whatever, more power to them. It's never been a fun part of the game for a great many people, myself included. Limiting ammo? Fine - this has potential gameplay benefits. Not being able to reload an empty weapon when you come across ammo for it? It simply becomes nonsensically artificial at that point.
  9. Killzone. Seriously, Killzone. NOT CoD, which by all accounts is awful in the extreme and barely a functioning game.
  10. Hey hey, my avatar is relevant again. I-no's great. That said, I'm probably going to main Millia. I'd like to add more to this bare bones post, but I don't have the game yet. Wonder if Baiken's going to reappear any time soon?
  11. Caved and bought after lovely weather update and the squeals of happy buyers who were previously less happy. It's still not shipped, even though I ordered three days ago. Ah, Zavvi. Were it not for their cheap Special Edition I'd never have gone that route.
  12. Or £30 for the special edition at Zavvi. I took the plunge after all this lovely weather talk.
  13. I can honestly say I've never noticed it, and fear for people who have.
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