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  1. Is that the drop you told me about that leads to the bell-ringer in the dark? I did go in there, grabbed 2 pieces of loot; from a corpse in a cage and a treasure chest.
  2. The matchmaking gods have been kind to me in recent games, so I’ve had four winning teams in a row - I’ve now made it up to Hero V rank, and I’m just about 100 skill points from making it into the Valiant category. That’s my goal for operation 2, but there are only 12 days left and if I get another losing streak the chance is going to disappear before my eyes. Hopefully I can get a higher initial placement in operation 3.
  3. Alright, I reached the next lantern - although beforehand I had to do about five round trips to the hunters dream and back just killing the four mobs at the start in order to restock my blood vials, which I had completely depleted last night. First attempt at finding the other path got me killed by the ogre, second attempt let me wipe out the bell-ringer - the ogre was too far away to take advantage of her death though, so it nearly killed me again. I cleared out all the witchy folk but was then too scared to approach the big laser monster, as I couldn’t see the actual location of the stairs o
  4. Head across the little bridge... I can’t picture what you are talking about so I’m not sure I found that bridge. I got to them through a gap in a fence on the narrow staircase just before you go into the building with the second bell ringer. There was no bell-ringer there. That put me right above the women - if I shot at any of them they would all run off and re-appear above me.
  5. You’re talking about the bell-ringer, right? I did a suicide run and found her, killed her - thought “yay, now it will be easier.” I died, she respawned. Back to square one. There’s no benefit in being able to stop the respawning once I’ve already gotten past it! edit - fuck this! I made it all the way down to a gaggle of hemwick lane women, nearly died but cleared them all out by the skin of my teeth - then they respawned too - ran like the clappers into another area full of them, couldn’t find a way out and got nuked from above even as they hacked me to pieces.
  6. I’m on the brink of abandoning it for another year I think, right at the start of the unseen village. There’s four scabby dudes at the top of some stairs, then another mob down at the bottom, with a... let’s call it a ‘trap’... half way down the stairs that I have to run past. In both the mobs at the top and bottom is a sniper. This would not be a problem if I could tackle them in small groups, but they respawn on quite a short timer. So if I clear out the guys at the top and try to lure the ones on the steps up without going into the trap, the ones at the top have respawned before
  7. Blame that damn error 327 - I had just been hitting retry over and over for 30 minutes whenever I saw the message on screen, so I didn’t immediately notice it had actually logged on. I guess your invite had expired before I picked up the controller. Did you have any difficulty connecting?
  8. @Welrain I noticed in the gameplay video I just recorded (doh!) that you sent me an invite after I logged on - I didn’t see it pop up at the time and when I checked the social screen you were offline - I’m back in atm, will hang around for a bit if you want to come back online. I won a single round and decided to quit while I was ahead, logged off to watch the video - saw your invite in the first few frames. Oops. I’m surprised I was able to log back in so easily though.
  9. The usual window opens about three hours from the time of this post, so if my iPad doesn’t lie that would be early-mid afternoon in the UK? I get the odd opportunity to play in the morning hours too. I played four rounds today - lost two in the usual circumstances (versus an established squad) and then won the next one as the only TIE pilot in black gear, whereas my teammates all had matching white get-up (so I was piggy backed on someone else’s squad, hence the victory). The final round was a good one though, my first ever ranked fleet battle with zero deaths, and another victory.
  10. I hit level 100 last night, so I’m still playing this regularly - but playing as an individual without a squadron is really not turning out to be a very rewarding experience. Peak hours seem to be 10pm-12am here in Japan, based on how often the game fails to connect to servers between those hours. It also seems like more and more players at those times have organized themselves into fixed groups, so individuals playing with 100% random teams are *always* going to lose. I’ve gone about four days in a row now losing every single round - even the ones we seem to be going strong in will fall apart
  11. We’ve had the other two, so here is the 3rd Portal tune...
  12. I don’t think I did - I just got one of those blood echo items (a big one). Is this like the password debacle all over again...?
  13. My progress from the forbidden woods: First of all I went back in to explore the paths and loot I had missed, think I found everything so with that it was on to the next area that had opened up after the boss. The very first enemy encountered here was ferocious and terrifying, which led me to believe I’d chosen the wrong place to go - inched forwards all the same and found that for all the nastiness of the enemies, there weren’t many of them - and so I eventually made it to the boss of this area too. I went back in the evening and found online help, they made short
  14. Huuuuhhh, that would explain it - but in that case how am I playing the game? What’s your ID, I’ll try the reverse. Is there an EA website I can go to? I set up the origins ID the first time I played and don’t know how to get back to the set-up screens. I’ll have a look online. edit - Ok I logged in on the website and the first thing it asked me to do was set who can search for my profile, so maybe I was hidden until now. Give it another go (and thanks for the heads up!) edit 2 - the website also says I don’t have any games, so maybe it’s still borked.
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