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  1. The coverage on Japanese telly is 75% Judo, 10% swimming, 10% split between Badminton, Table Tennis & Tennis, with the remainder so far being football, softball, and hockey. I didn’t even know there was a cycling race going on! I did get to see a bit of the skateboarding because I think it was the first event today (and there were two Japanese competitors). I forgot the huge bias towards showing the Judo every time. It’s fun to watch for a bit, but not for every minute of every day.
  2. Looks perfectly fine to me.
  3. Are you connected via a PSVR breakout box or anything? Direct connection to the TV?
  4. I’m ashamed, I only identified the two Final Fantasy pieces, and the Ace Combat one. I didn’t even spot Soul Calibur! Delete my account.
  5. They maybe secretly implemented the regional filter thing that a number of fans were clamouring for. As noted above it’s giving me green matches every few seconds. So much for a global community There was only one session (soon after the update) where it wasn’t finding games, no idea what happened there.
  6. Is it possible to buy replacements for the six smooth topped screws (rivets?) that hold on the faceplate? My VSHG ones are going rusty, and every time I give them a spot of WD40 it only staves it off for a few days. It has shiny metal ones similar to the two Saturn sticks pictured above.
  7. I was, until now. The fact his dad was also called Frank Herbert does complicate things somewhat. When I read about it, it was along the lines of the Atreides family relationship’s being something like wish fulfillment for Frank (the author) and I think the Bene Gesserit being all female was also attributed to his own upbringing in some way… I can’t remember clearly enough. I suppose one screwed up Frank begetting another screwed up Frank could have led to similar difficulties for Brian. But Brian continued his father’s work, whereas Frank ran away from home…
  8. Maybe not the most valid reason to bump this thread but I just randomly found out that the voice of Kage is the same guy that sang ‘Daytooooonnnnnaaaaa! Let’s go away!”.
  9. I’m massively late with this and maybe someone already made the same point (I have been avoiding the thread for visual spoilers) but the nutter you are referring to was actually Frank’s dad, not Frank Herbert himself. There’s a good read out there somewhere* about how a lot of the subtext in Dune could be attributed to Frank’s messed up upbringing/family. *sorry, can’t find it - but I went down a rabbit hole once reading about themes in the novels that I think led me to the stuff about his dad.
  10. Right, but Epic games is also listed there? And Xbox?
  11. I’m confused, the update should only be for the PS4 isn’t it, as Connected already launched for Xbox and windows? Is this actually something else?
  12. I watched some of the tournament on YouTube - that ‘preparing’ menu option didn’t change at all, so I guess it’s nothing to do with it. In fact, the tournament doesn’t appear to have been open to the public at all? It all seems to have been co-ordinated outside of the game, which is not at all what I expected (in comparison to the other esports game I have played, GT sport). The Jean player in the finals came across like a total prick, so I had personal investment in the other guy (Jacky) winning, and he did. Very satisfying.
  13. It only ‘opened up’ in comparison to itself - it never got anywhere near the freedom of the previous games, not even FFX (which was the other game in the series most likely to be called a bunch of corridors). I think you got one bigger area to run around in? But nothing to do in it except farm materials, and no good reason to do that other than unlocking trophies. I got the platinum but after many years I hate that game for what it did to Final Fantasy. Skip it.
  14. I just went looking for the news about that and also found that this Sunday they are doing the first online tournament. Not sure if it’s Japan only, but it”s limited to 128 players. How is that going to work I wonder. edit - I know it’s unlikely given the previous lock-ups @Down by Law, but could that have been a rage quit? I mean that was literally stopped on the winning hit
  15. I’m in training mode right now with CPU set to guard. Every time I do that string I was spamming above, the low kick somehow goes through the guard for a hit and I don’t get to see the frame data. Can confirm all the other finishers for that string have a worse disadvantage than -18 though. This is where I get a bit lost, as that implies all of these moves are too risky to use (although I suppose it’s just about not being predictable). In training is there a setting I can do to ensure that the CPU will actually block everything? Also I’m trying to follow those Pai combos above and think there’s an error in the first one - the video shows a 46K+G but the command listed is a 6K+G. Bit frustrating until I went through the command training and found the kick that matched.
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