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  1. Good shout on those, there’s no other system catering for that kind of thing these days, is there? I’ve rinsed HOTD4 and also Deadstorm Pirates (would recommend also) on PS3 and never considered looking for more in the genre.
  2. At least 15 years too late to be trying to buy square-enix. I suppose you’d get a lot of merchandise profits though...
  3. The only MMO I ever played was FFXI, but I look back on it with the same nostalgia I have for my real world past. Rock hard, and impossible to progress solo (when I was playing) but I got my kicks out of trying to do the impossible and facing the sheer challenge of it all with a small group of good friends (in-game friends that is, not RL ones). I started to sour on it when it became apparent that (more or less) everybody just googled the Allakazham website for walkthroughs on every quest, and didn’t go into anything without knowing what was going to happen. Also PC pla
  4. I still prefer the 128k Spectrum version. The opening has that awesome “oooooooooOOO-WAAaaaaaaaa” which adds loads of atmosphere. The GB one is like a wall of sound in comparison.
  5. Yes (but not just the F-14, all the planes). Then again, the licenses are the reason you can’t buy either of these games today. I suppose that’s not a particularly good use of a license. I’ll change my pick to Star Wars Squadrons.
  6. Outrun 2 / After Burner Climax (couldn’t choose)
  7. There are many even better than this, but this one is readily available to link to (it really kicks off from 2:40): I would also pick this rock and roll hall of fame performance, although he was in pure show off mode it was worth it for the reactions of the rest of the band:
  8. Apparently I missed an entire season of this?!? Settled down to watch the first episode and from the recap I was already lost - who the hell are all these people? Where are all the other people that used to be here? Errmmmm... I think I may be better off just binning it now.
  9. I want to say Tetris, but it’s not true that I don’t improve as I’m still getting occasional high scores after two years. I just improve at a glacial pace, and not anywhere near enough to get SS ranks in Tetris Effect. I would have also said Star Wars Squadrons, because I can’t do anything to take out high level players doing dead drift boost skips - but this is actually a failure of the game mechanics and not a personal failure. Nor can I beat them by joining them, because only PC players can use the hot keys required for the technique to work. It just feels like I’m not improving
  10. I don’t have a PS5 and I have not been jumping through hoops to try and get one - just took my son into Osaka to look around the toy shops and stuff, and on a whim went to the games section of Yodobashi. The usual sign saying “we don’t have any PS5s” was not there. Looked around a bit more, noticed an extremely long queue - and a sign saying “we have PS5s! Limited availability” with today’s date. Jumped into the queue, reached the front within 5 minutes - PS5 please - the guy said “do you have the store credit card?”, I’m like no, just the regular point card, so he basically said “
  11. Did they also ditch the ability for invaders to interfere with NPCs and other things then? Playing online on PS3 would allow hostile players to mess with your tendency, if they were so inclined.
  12. I didn’t have anything in my inventory regarding Cainhurst castle, so I googled it and turns out I had missed an easily missable small cave entrance in the woods that led to a horrible poison swamp full of giants, maggots and giant maggots. That was fun then, going through there and finding the ladder back into town. I haven’t purchased the DLC as it’s not currently on sale, so I’m sort of treading water - went to the castle, had a rough time against some giant fleas with human faces so I left again. While googling I came across a glyph to open a dungeon which appa
  13. I’ve still got two pages to go in this argument about Quicksilver but wanted to get my thoughts out. Except ultimately it wasn’t, as it was undone by the overreaction that followed. Easy to see it coming with the benefit of hindsight. edit -
  14. That’s been happening to mine for ages too, but I don’t see it as eventually leading it to being unusable (given that I am the only one who uses the headset, anyway). It just looks like crap. I always had the notion to upgrade to a V2 so that would probably have been my internal justification for it, but since the PS5 VR news I am happy to put up with it until that gets released (wonder if I will actually have a PS5 by then).
  15. So we out-scalp the scalpers, just at lower prices. When I eventually buy a PS5 I want it to buy it from a shop for some consumer protection.
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