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  1. The final of the Nations cup was a cracking race, that last lap was incredible. Wrong man won IMO but it’s never good to see a championship decided by a penalty so fair enough that they let it slide. I was rooting for Miyazono but would have been just as happy if Inostroza won.
  2. It’s important to notice that the stream of negative posts are all actually from the same person, in case anyone is just scanning down the thread and thinks that popular opinion on this film has changed. I don’t buy that there will be a sequel though. What is it now, 10 years after the original? We’ll be lucky to get the odd cameo in the TV project if that ever gets off the ground.
  3. If anyone is playing this currently could you do me a favour and let me know which avatar you get from this weekends event? I think I may have worked out the sequence (on PlayStation), but I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone. No point to it really as I already have them all, I’m just curious. (I’m expecting my next one to be the snowflake.)
  4. 10. 11/25 Castlevania - Dracula X Chronicles I got the true ending a few weeks ago but today I got to 100% completion so now I can count it as done. That only goes for the main portion of the game, which is the remake of Rondo of Blood. I haven’t even touched the version of SOTN or the original ROB that are also included here. The remake is really old school and punishing but very satisfying to overcome the various challenges and puzzles, although I did make use of the PSP quick resume to retry some parts without doing the whole stage over again. I also used a walkthrough to find the last three hidden music tracks, which were not really hidden - I had just missed them. Life is too short to scour through every stage hitting every platform and wall. I love all the secrets, especially the one that is revealed by purchasing the final option in the boss demos. Maria was already kind of god mode for the game, but that extra secret brought her to a whole new level and made doing the boss rush a lot of fun.
  5. No, you couldn’t. Disney were caught on the back foot by it’s popularity and the only thing they managed to get out for Xmas was a run of shitty t-shirts.
  6. Mandalorian season 2 is all the evidence you need. Remember, there was no merch from that show at all during season 1’s original run.
  7. I imagine there will be some people who disagree with me on this - and I know it’s not a cover, but let’s just say I never realized the inspiration was so clear:
  8. It doesn’t really put me off, it’s steep of course but I had to wait so long for the original PSVR *and* the PS5, that I think my my desire to get a good deal may be in competition with my life expectancy. When I sold my flat back home to build our house here I kept a little pool of funds for this kind of thing. As you say I’m not exactly confident of getting offered one anyway.
  9. The Japanese sign up to pre-order went live today - seems to be a bit different as it would only allow me to register for the Horizon bundle, and it says the results of the lottery won’t be announced until January.
  10. I think I have pretty wide tastes, so the things I have no interest in are: Football, or any ‘real sport’ game with the exception of Motorsport. I also try to steer clear of things that have a reputation for being addictive time wasters, or things without any challenge or purpose. Never gonna touch minecraft or animal crossing. It’s the same reason I haven’t played slay the spire although I’m sure I would love that. I love endless cycle games like Tetris or Lumines, but for some reason the reputation of STS makes me think it would be more damaging to my free time. edit- bit like what Thor said, but I wouldn’t say all card games as I love Metal gear Acid. Unless I have a blind spot for some other unmentioned genre I think I’ll play anything, although I’m not so keen on FPS. I will play games that are highly recommended though (as long as it’s sci-fi, the last one I played was Titanfall 2).
  11. This is surely a great project, but I’m a bit confused as to why it’s necessary? My FMCB slim PS2 runs my games off an SMB share on the LAN using OPL, I didn’t have to use USB or do anything extra.
  12. #waffle302 3/5 streak: 13 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  13. I just found the sign-up link with the app logged into my Japanese account. I usually play on that account but do all my purchasing on the UK account, so I swapped over to sign up there as well. The Japanese campaign has extra stuff on it. There’s a PS3 camera for example that isn’t there on the UK. Has it been and gone?
  14. It’s not just you, I made a post very similar when I finished watching it years ago. Can’t fault the film for raising the issue though.
  15. It could well be, it was my earliest memories of gaming and we only had a loan of the machine from someone (was eventually replaced by a 48K) so I don’t really remember specifics. If it’s all part of Combat then it should all be included in this, and I’m a lot more interested.
  16. Sadly not on Japanese prime, unless the title has been changed to something odd. I searched for Emily Blunt too but nothing came up I suppose there is always the high seas.
  17. @bplus I am interested although timing isn’t great, shouldn’t be spending on myself with Christmas coming up. Do you still have the Japanese prongs for the multi-region PSU, and what would it cost to get sent over here (as I’m sure you didn’t have an international sale in mind)?
  18. I gather that a lot of the memorable games from the 2600 era have not made it on here due to licensing. I remember mostly playing ‘tank pong’ and ‘invisible tank pong’, but those names are not in the list I found - were these actually sub-games on the ‘Combat’ cartridge? Another game we played a lot was I think called Bi-planes, 2 players controlling planes that moved a bit like asteroids (but with constant thrust) and moving behind clouds and stuff trying to shoot each other. I didn’t see that on the list either Have I just got the titles wrong, or were these not Atari games and haven’t been included?
  19. Poor eyesight and VR is interesting - I am short sighted, and figured because the lenses are right in front of my eyes I wouldn’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses for the headset, but nope. Blurry as ever. It is indeed all about the focal lengths, your eyes are working as if all the VR objects were actually in physical space in front of you at natural distances. I suppose this is obvious to those who understand how eyes work.
  20. Funnily enough they were by far the worst thing in Dracula X Chronicles too. Especially when they hit you mid jump and knock you back into an instant death fall. At least SOTN gave you some tools to keep them at bay.
  21. Finally got one! #waffle299 5/5 streak: 10 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  22. There’s a lesson here somewhere lol Everybody calling out Sony for being a bunch of clowns, turns out they couldn’t follow the instructions on the emails they were sent
  23. My arcade period was mid to late-90s, when I left home and moved away from the Orkney Islands (where there were none obviously, although I think the ferry had a 1942 machine on it) to Glasgow. I guess it was around the tail end of Daytona USA’s popularity, as that was what drew me in, but I remember a lot of Dreamcast era stuff coming in - Crazy Taxi machine with the standing wheel, Soul Calibur and so on. The absolute definitive one for me was Fighting Mania (aka Punching Mania) though, as it had no equivalent home version and there was a bit of a craze going on - had a crowd around me the first time I landed the 100 strikes heheh. When I moved to Japan it was when VF5 was big (around 2005/6) so I had a data card for that and spent quite a bit of time on it - same for the GF/DM machines of the time. Also After Burner Climax but the machine didn’t last long unfortunately.
  24. Where can people that are banished from iplayer see it?
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