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  1. And? Where’s the YouTube link for people who don’t have Countdown access?
  2. This is what she said: Having it delivered in a manner that made it impossible to hear does it a disservice, a bit like Galadriel opening LOTR with “unringoolmmmgfmmfmmmmmnfaknessbind ‘em”
  3. Presumably that means you also didn’t hear what she said then. Makes my point quite nicely!
  4. It was a very smart and subtle way to introduce it, and she acted the emotional stress perfectly - but with the unfortunate side effect that the words were not very clear! Something so iconic probably deserved more attention. I guess I imagined it being recited slowly and clearly from the get-go as part of the means of emotional control, whereas she starts it sounding panicked and ends up calm.
  5. No film adaptation can ever match what people get from an original book, surely that’s well understood? It will always be a trade off, you’re swapping the deeper experience for an audio-visual one. Someone mentioned the effect when they use the voice. Did this change? When it was first introduced I swear we saw Paul’s lips move, but heard only rumbles from the bass channel, and then the actual words came later after his mouth had stopped moving (when Jessica actually responded). But when she used it later on it was just done more simply, like they layered different voice tracks on top of each other. Obviously doing it the first way wouldn’t work with so many commands given in a short space of time, but why the disparity?
  6. Now 1:35 on PS4 too. I may be starting to see a gradual reduction in my average, as a result of days spent doing quick plays (at thinking speed) with no hold. I had only ever gotten A rank in sprint twice, until today when I got two As in a row in my first two games of the session. Then (much later) I got this new record. Saved it for analysis, I know it’s shit but I wanted to have a good look. A noticeable amount of hesitation going back and forth with a few pieces - with hold those would have been swapped out, but hard to say if it would have saved me time - then a misdrop towards the end when I only have crap at the bottom, the end in general was really messy. If I could eliminate those errors that would probably be a good 5 seconds or so saved. Don’t know how to shave off the other twenty seconds.
  7. I think that they have really nailed the book - everything was pretty much exactly as I would have expected it to be, with a couple of exceptions. The lack of trust for Jessica within the Atreides ranks, and Leto’s absolute trust in her was completely missing, along with Duncan Idaho’s drunken ranting (left him looking like a guy with no flaws whatsoever). The whole matter of ‘who is going to betray us’ is a huge part of the book and wasn’t even touched on here. It still worked itself out in the end but it’s a bit of a shame we didn’t go there. Dune basically did what GoT did (but first obviously) so they could have capitalized on that a bit. Liet Kynes didn’t talk at all about planetary reformation, which was his (her) entire raison d’etre? Makes me think they have no intention of ever going beyond the first two books. And we got a nice long look into the mouth of a sandworm, and there was no sign of heat or flames - but I think the more detailed information about them didn’t come until later books so maybe that’s why.
  8. Only realized when I saw that poster above that this isn’t Wes Craven’s new movie. I was thinking it was a weird cast for a horror.
  9. Child of Eden. In VR. Ace Combat 4. In VR. Ace Combat 5. In VR. Ace Combat Zero. In V- I mean I could go on…
  10. My Tetris Effect record came down by 1 second to 1:38 without any use of hold. (Still not matched my Puyo Puyo Tetris 1:35 though.) Lots of non-Tetris clears in there so hard to track where I was at, if I had hold available I would have probably kept a single I piece for the end, but the end was a mess anyway. I’m worried if I turn hold back on I’ll slip back into the temptation to just use it to take pieces out of play.
  11. I tried to do lines with no rotations, but eh… you mean like none at all? I didn’t clear a single line lol. Unless you get sequential flat pieces that add up to 10 you’re stuffed. The use of previews has been bothering me. I know I don’t do this consistently when sprinting, but I’m sure I’m capable of it - ST stacking for Ultra mode, and getting SS in Combo and All Clear mode pretty much requires it. To encourage the habit, I just learned a couple of 10 piece perfect clear set-ups and that went alright too (except I can’t memorize the combinations of last 3 blocks that will actually clear it, so I only really look at the first 7). I realized I stop looking at the previews in a sprint when I don’t really have a good idea of where to put them, as it doesn’t do me much good. It comes back to lacking the instinct for smooth stacking. I know the theory - no pits deeper than two blocks, and flat surfaces of two or three, but can’t keep it going for very long before the field gets messy. This is also the thing that stops me doing Tetris clears only. I’m all over the place at the moment. Practicing stacking with no holds, starting with perfect clear set-ups to get me using the previews, and trying to do fast & accurate inputs. I probably need to take a break.
  12. Just an aside, but the first time I played FF7 my party were named ‘Fanny’, ‘Mr. T’… I think Cloud even had my name? I didn’t understand that it wasn’t an RPG in the western sense I suppose. In hindsight it’s really odd that they let you change the names in the first place.
  13. This game taught me finesse, and I even understood that was what I was doing, without ever having heard the term. Again it’s thanks to ‘all clear’ mode. The early stages give you shaped gaps (to match your pieces) in different places, and to avoid losing all your time you need to drop them with very few button presses. You immediately learn about the different rotation directions moving the piece, and whether to do it before or after the slide to the left/right. All Clear mode is the shit.
  14. That’s what really burns - when I was searching for advice I found lots of people who had SS on everything but got stuck on Ultra or one of the other modes, but for them sprint was not the issue. Also read that ‘a 2 minute time will drop to 1:30 with just a few hours effort, then the real grind begins’. Here’s me still stuck on 2 minutes after a week. Assuming I’m getting overwhelmed with options doing a traditional 9 block stack, is it worth trying to learn 6-3? It looks like your L,J and O pieces would always go to the right which reduces the thinking to the 6 line part only. It seems like using hold would be necessary though, if the O comes at the wrong time. I feel like this would take it closer to Ultra in terms of playing, which is the most comfortable I’ve been so far.
  15. I’m having a bit of a dark night of the soul with this now. Hit an absolutely solid brick wall. I put too much effort into getting the other modes to SS to give up on it at the final hurdle though. I was frustrated at the fact my times were not noticeably coming down after doing so much practice, so thought I would use the ‘line clears per minute’ stat as my progress monitor. It started at 17/18, and it went up to 20 (need 40 obviously) so that was at least going in the right direction. Except then I started checking at the end of each session and found it just as quickly goes back down again, so I’m absolutely treading water and not improving. Kept slipping up on inputs with the DS4 (probably I was getting tilted) so I started trying to do sprints using an arcade stick. This does actually feel a lot more precise, but I still overshoot sometimes, and there’s some new muscle memory requirements that aren’t fully baked in yet. I either stack well but slowly (lots of hesitation and pondering) or I try to do it rapidly following some basic guidelines on piece placement (connect tops so as not to leave a fully jagged row), only to end up with loads of vertical spikes that scupper the whole attempt. I’ve read all the advice I can, which mostly suggests that poor stacking just indicates lack of experience, and I’ve watched examples of good 9-1 stacking but I don’t understand the thought processes. It seems that if I try to replicate it at speed I’m not learning. Current plan is to do relaxed play modes with no game over just working on piece placement and trying to keep the matrix as tidy as possible, to hopefully form some good habits. I think i also have to forget about this being something I will achieve soon, and look at it more like something I might achieve before I get far too old to play. edit - oh, to work on technique I did also do some runs with the hold button unmapped so I couldn’t use it - surprisingly my times didn’t really change. I got a lot less Tetris clears overall though because I had to use nuisance pieces to cover my well and clear them as singles.
  16. Apologies for the constant bumping of this thread. Where have all the new switch players gone? I’ve been practicing in every spare moment using Puyo Puyo Tetris on the vita. I tried stiff_one’s advice about trying not to use hold, but I can’t fathom doing that at all. Also made sure to count my Tetrises, and on one go where I called them out loud I actually broke my record with a 1:35. I was only focusing on counting, not the game so it was very strange how it turned out. Back to the PS4 to try and match that time - lol no. I was getting 2:20 and stuff. It’s this wild inconsistency that is so demoralizing, like I’m not actually learning anything. 50 seconds slower but it feels like I’m doing the same thing! So now I’m trying to break it down into basics. I need to be better at building a big 9-1 stack instinctively without gaps or errors, never mind doing it at speed. I’m hoping this comes naturally so I’m just doing it over and over. I’m always vaguely aware of the next piece from peripheral vision but I don’t look any further ahead than that. Also finding I quite often fudge an input so a piece doesn’t rotate or misses a gap by 1 square, so I need to be more precise. Then there’s the matter of knowing when to abandon building the stack and just combo it down at the end for a quick finish. That’s where the counting comes in, but no point doing that until I’m stacking correctly.
  17. My 40 line clear time will not come down. Not at all, after hours of attempts. When I played to clear a single line ASAP with whatever pieces drop first, I managed a 1:45 (my best ever is only 1:39, I didn’t get close tonight) If I follow conventional wisdom and do Tetris clears only, I’m not even breaking 2 minutes. Apparently this method cuts down on time lost with line clear animations? Even if I feel like I’m stacking rapidly and well, I always hear that change in the music that indicates I’ve passed into the ‘might as well pause/restart’ phase. Or I’ll have 36 clears and realize I’ve already wasted 15-20 seconds building pointless extra layers of stack waiting for an I piece when I could probably have just blasted out random lines. Feels a bit hopeless, if I haven’t learned optimal piece placement after doing a million bloody rotations then I’m never going to learn.
  18. Fucking cleared it!!! I had no idea I had even done it until the game over screen, but looking at the replay I just barely scraped it yet again. If I had noticed I would certainly have binned it. This is one mode I am never touching again, it’s super stressful. Also passed 1,000,000 rotations in the round just prior to this one. No more procrastinating on sprint mode. Argh.
  19. Speaking as someone who spends most of their free time playing games, I don’t actually buy a lot of games. My most played games this year are VF5 (which was free with my PSN subscription), Tetris Effect (which I bought three years ago) and Star Wars Squadrons (bought last year). When there is something I really want, I’ll pay full whack and not flinch. I think I paid £70-80 for AC7 with the season pass etc, I paid similar for GT sport too - it got massively discounted eventually but that didn’t bother me, because I got a lot of mileage out of it and it’s not like I’m flinging cash at games every month. I don’t have a PS5 of course, but if I did I wouldn’t be stressing about the cost of games as I wouldn’t be buying every game on the market.
  20. The last two minutes of my most recent Master attempt. FUUUUUUUUUU— Now at 973,000 rotations. Seems like 20,000+ per day of attempts
  21. That bug did happen to me, in 4. The ‘no missions’ bug got me when I was about half way through, I deleted it, returned it to the shop and have never played a GTA game since.
  22. What the fuck is this shit, why do Sony keep ignoring their home market? Looks like the only chance I will have is to get one imported from Amazon UK when they restock, or use a shipping service from the USA. Really starting to get annoyed now, after ignoring the situation for best part of a year. Rant aside, is there any reason I shouldn’t be looking at importing from the UK? I bought my PSVR from Amazon UK when those were also readily available there but not in Japan, but that’s a slightly different kettle of fish.
  23. I can’t think what you are referring to? Best line I remember is from Delenn, which was all in the delivery
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