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  1. I knew I wouldn’t finish before the ps5 update came out and now want nothing more than save transfer! I remain a very predictable person.
  2. Been playing this most of the day! Possibly dumb question: how come in my Director, when I go to milestones, I have ‘legacy: Hunter and the Hunted’? It doesn’t seem to be tracked anywhere on my quests lists. What is it?
  3. Thanks @Gorf King, requested to join the PSN one. I forgot crossplay wasn’t in this yet! Just realised I’d never done the Cosmodrome stuff, so pootling through that. @Timmo same here — it would be so nice if that kind of social was really integrated in. Although I will say the companion app seems to have come a long way since I dipped out.
  4. Do we have a PS5 clan I can be in? My PSN is sunversusmoon (can’t remember if it’s in my signature!). Also do clans still do anything in Destiny? It’s been a while!
  5. Been a while since I dipped into this — might get Beyond Light finally. Did a new season just start? Wondering whether I should bolt on the season at the same time.
  6. I’m up to Chapter 8 and could really do with some of whatever these big chapter 12 events are! Starting to feel the fatigue creeping in. Still love it, though. Might have a break and come back to it.
  7. Charging dock just arrived from @SteveH -- thanks again! Although it's highlighted that I don't have enough plugs around my TV. Time for a re-organising adventure!
  8. I made my way to him last night too! Sadly got dead, though — my fire magic just wasn’t making a big enough dent with all his healing.
  9. This is a very, very old thread but the only one the search threw up: I've been getting way into quite modern country-pop recently. Apple quietly added a country station to their radio line-up, so that's my go-to now while I'm working. I've just found so many songs that I like, or really touched me emotionally in such a short space of time. Felt the need to share that somewhere! :-)
  10. Not arrived yet but I'm peeping out the window as we speak :-)
  11. I'm still after one of the official docks if it's that? I'm down in Kent but don't mind paying for postage.
  12. I enjoyed the demo of this, but what I liked most about MHW is the in-between stuff anyway: harvesting the best parts, creating tasty armour or whatever. Jury's still out on whether I buy this day and date. I really did enjoy MHW (my first MH) but all I heard was how this is a very unusual MH in terms of quality of life etc. So I need to check what things are changing back in Rise and whether they will be enough to put me off! :-)
  13. The joycon stick surgery took place and both patients recovering well. The only bit I thought was fiddly was getting the battery connected again. The kit I got also included a couple of metal locking latches so put those in my favourite pair too. Now to see how they hold up when the kids put them through their paces!
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