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    Disco Elysium

    I’m also near the start and it all felt a bit ‘wacky for wacky’s sake’, but a few conversations had felt like they had real heart to them. Think I’m going to try to focus on the case just to get things moving - so many distractions to dig into, though.
  2. Sorry if this has been asked above, but: does the map always flash for every hidden item? Want to mop up the last few before I finish but struggling in some areas with no sign of the helpful flash!
  3. Forgotten City was fantastic if you're into a story, time loopy kind of thing.
  4. For whatever reason I really want Mint on my island, and I'm just in here to share that searching for 'Mint' amiibo cards on eBay is incredibly tedious and inaccurate.
  5. Made it right up to the final boss and I've enjoyed basically everything so far. Now just figuring out whether I want to press on and finish, or spend some time tracking down bits and bobs!
  6. On the 'best deal' stuff: Would it make sense to add a 'last updated' date to the info in the first post? When I wasn't sure and asked in here, it was because I didn't know if the first post info was recent.
  7. I felt the same coming back — I remember the good old days of feeling like I knew my way around the drums. These days I’m a flailing mess! I’ve been playing the rockumentary mode with the kids though and, for all the cringe, what a fun idea. Wish it’d been something they could build on/follow up on over time.
  8. Just read an Axios piece about Destiny’s seasonal storytelling being on point and then came here to find people enjoying it. Might have to get back in (again)!
  9. Oh it was probably a crap description of what happens — game doesn’t close the menu properly. Some UI remains, other bits don’t. But it thinks I’ve closed it, so I’m stuck. Hanging made it sound like a performance thing, which it isn’t. Seems to be a fairly common thing on Reddit etc - I’ll just avoid menus while I’m out exploring!
  10. I really love this but crashes on PS5 are starting to be irritating. It’s always when I try to exit the menus back to a level, I still have cursor control but it hangs forever.
  11. Just in case anyone was losing sleep, the 'weird noise' my PS5 was making turned out to be the external hard drive. Crisis averted.
  12. To be fair I did just go order some rechargeable batteries on Amazon so however Bezos made this thread happen is working.
  13. On the external storage front, is the xbox supposed to automatically delete the external version if you download an update to the S version (which it puts on the internal)? I think I've ended up with various duplicates, not sure if it's safe to delete them!
  14. It’s not a huge problem — could’ve been there all along and I just never noticed. I definitely don’t need silence but just hope we don’t end up back in ‘Better not play Red Dead if it’s already hot in this room’
  15. Mine from around launch is making a weird noise now — what I can only describe as a short gurgle in sleep mode every few minutes. Will give it a clean out/dust to see if that helps but for now I’m assuming it’s haunted.
  16. Yeah I have all three powers so will bounce around to see if I can find some shrines/the other cool thing you mentioned! Loving it but not particularly great at it, so should probably go get all the extra help I can!
  17. One thing on FH4 and the series s (which I’m loving for the loading alone): for whatever reason it hangs on the splash screen whenever I run it. Like, 4-5 minutes sometimes before it loads into the game. I’ve tried reinstalling but no luck — anyone had anything similar? Found some stuff on Reddit but it seems to be about a known issue that was patched.
  18. It’s been nice hearing the series s positivity in here — ordered one to come at the weekend. Mainly because I had a JL gift card, but the odds of getting a series x we’re stacked against me. And I was getting sick of checking. Basically as long as it loads faster than the old Xbox disc-less thing I have, great! Would also be nice to say goodbye to stutter in Rock Band 4, but I get the impression that’s the game…
  19. Yeah I have to join in the massively positive sentiment on this demo. I’ve played and loved handheld ones over the years, but had no idea how well it’d work with another player. It’s exceptional!
  20. It’s been interesting starting over on ps5 — I’d always assumed my progress on Switch was really down to unlocks and upgrades but, no, I’m getting through it quicker. Turns out I actually did learn something!
  21. I’d been meaning to get back to the Switch version so I could get the true ending. But the lure of 4K 60 on the PS5 means I’m starting fresh! It looks so, so pretty!
  22. Yeah I don't think it's been this bad throughout -- sounds like a bit of a coincidence that I started looking during a long lull! Half tempted to just pick up an S because that seems to last a few hours when JL get stock, but I know I'll only want an X about a week later!
  23. I've been watching the stock alert services/discords for a few weeks now. I have the very specific requirement of stock at John Lewis, because I have a voucher, so it's taking forever. It's been fairly dry out there - a few drops from Amazon with some kind of Prime-only exclusivity, and seemingly small numbers of units elsewhere. Consensus seems to be that stock has been so flakey, we're due some huge drops. But I guess if we get through August without one, it gets even more difficult because you start getting even more of the Christmas shoppers.
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