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  1. Not city building but scratches a similar itch - I’ve been playing Transport Fever 2 since @bradigorrecommended it in here and it’s fantastic. A really solid campaign and fantastic controls that don’t use cursors etc. Making steady progress through the campaign. Lord save me when I play a more Freeform map - I don’t think much of my campaign transport has been profitable so far!
  2. Legend, thanks. With this and rail route (and maybe something else) you are my leading Steam Deck influencer. If you like it, odds are I’ll like it!
  3. Giving that Transport Fever 2 a go since the chatter in here — if anyone has any settings tips, they’re welcome (not that it’s running badly out of the box).
  4. Added @Eighthoursand @cassidy for some Synth Riders scores! Anyone else welcome to add me, assuming I can ever tear myself away from the Sterling experience.
  5. After finishing this, I’ve now been watching all the Minnmax interviews etc surrounding it. Lots of interesting stuff there too.
  6. Some of the latest episodes fit nicely into my favourite genre: people being optimistic about a productive year when the date is like, January 2020. But yeah this is great. I thought it might lose steam after some of the management structure issues were seemingly resolved, but it stays fantastic throughout.
  7. I’m sure Rez will also do this too once I get around to it but holy hell, I only got Synth Riders as a Beat Saber stopgap and the Lindsey Sterling experience was outrageous. Those black levels! The contrast! Possibly an error that it was the first Synth Riders thing I played because I can’t imagine any other track competing.
  8. That'd be fun -- I won't throw myself on the list just yet but will do if I grab it later. No problem if it fills up in the meantime.
  9. In the absence of Beat Saber just yet, guess I'll have to buy Synth Riders later! I'm also interested in Demeo - but how is it if you don't have other VR people to play with?
  10. I stopped playing the Humanity demo because my eyes got tired NOT because the last demo level was hard.
  11. StephenM

    Depeche Mode.

    Pre-ordered the red vinyl - and it made me think that, weirdly, I don't think I have any Depeche Mode vinyl whatsoever. Madness.
  12. StephenM

    Depeche Mode.

    I like it! Gives big Precious vibes, which I think was a fantastic single.
  13. StephenM

    Depeche Mode.

    Absolute madness. A countdown to a countdown. But I’ll forget by the time the single is out, as ever.
  14. Kinda regret starting on normal — I just don’t feel like I’m being pushed to engage (wow) with any of the systems. But too far gone at this point!
  15. With Train Valley and Rail Route, Steam Deck has become my ‘huh I didn’t realise I was into train stuff’ device. Love it.
  16. The Last Clockwinder was probably the biggest PC VR thing I wanted to get. Awesome.
  17. Got back into this (still a novice, really) after seeing the chatter on here. Was having a great early game as Rome, scrambling to control a vertical stripe on the map with not one but two natural wonders in reach. Focused so heavily on settlers that some guy absolutely obliterated me with his army because one of my settlements was too close. 10/10 would play again.
  18. Has anyone had any luck installing mods on Paradox games (CK3 in this case)? Whenever I try, it says the mid failed to install. Wondering if it’s a path issue on the deck - could really do with getting this UI scaling thing working though.
  19. Possibly resurrecting a very dead thread but: decided to try this for the first time on the Deck, got as far as Fort Joy and felt stressed, overwhelmed, lost and confused. So it was nicely reassuring to see loads of people in this thread saying the same — enough for me to stick with it!
  20. This has been a real ‘validate the purchase’ game for me — I absolutely love it, and wouldn’t have played it unless I got the Steam Deck. Such a smart little twist on the RCT gameplay.
  21. Still enjoying this a whole lot -- although last night I ended up on the final enemy of a mission, who kept going into camouflage mode, and I had no ways left to get him out of it. I just had to keep skipping turns until he forgot to go sneaky.
  22. Cheers! Haven’t cracked it yet but I’ll continue to tinker ways around the launcher. Looking forward to the warm glow of making it work, then playing it for a sum total of ten minutes.
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