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  1. Got back into this (still a novice, really) after seeing the chatter on here. Was having a great early game as Rome, scrambling to control a vertical stripe on the map with not one but two natural wonders in reach.


    Focused so heavily on settlers that some guy absolutely obliterated me with his army because one of my settlements was too close. 10/10 would play again.

  2. 3 hours ago, Lorfarius said:

    I want to buy that so badly but.. I can't put down bloody Parkitect. Its so damn annoying, addictive and good at the same time. Lost hours to it, even restarted a campaign park this morning cos I wasn't happy with the results. Need more money for Steam! 🤣

    This has been a real ‘validate the purchase’ game for me — I absolutely love it, and wouldn’t have played it unless I got the Steam Deck. Such a smart little twist on the RCT gameplay. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Siri said:



    Also, 2K games are wank after they shoehorned their own launcher into it. If the above doesn't work, look into going into desktop mode and changing the properties of the game so it points towards the game executable, not the launcher.

    Cheers! Haven’t cracked it yet but I’ll continue to tinker ways around the launcher. 

    Looking forward to the warm glow of making it work, then playing it for a sum total of ten minutes. 

  4. Interesting to see people playing with the difficulty levels -- I'd ignored the alerts so far (playing on normal). I think it's flashbacks to starting harder XCOM campaigns and getting absolutely destroyed instantly.


    Next time it pops up, I'll give it a boost!


    More generally, I really like this. I've seen a few reviews etc that talk about it not being XCOM enough but, in its own right, I think it's stellar. I don't know anything about Marvel, I don't know any of these characters, but I think the Persona/Fire Emblem stuff is a nice addition. And the combat just seems incredibly apt -- I can 100% see why XCOM x Superhero wouldn't work, but the positional stuff here is so much fun.


    One thing I would like to see happen next (I'm not even through act 1 yet): something that makes me need to think more about what's in the decks. Maybe the difficulty increase will help with that. And one thing I would like to see in a far distant dream: some kind of 'Be the Midnight Suns just doing day-to-day work' campaign mode - while the combat obviously needed to change, I think the 'Do random missions while working toward some overall win/lose condition' would be excellent in here for replayability.

  5. 10 hours ago, moosegrinder said:

    The Fleeces seem really pointless. The downsides outweigh the up. Has anyone every used them?

    Just finished this half hour ago and didn’t use them. 

    I think that’s a theme: various things in the game that I didn’t feel pushed to really engage with, including follower traits by the end. 

    But that’s my only critique really - I think this had a great balance to it, I loved that the runs were so short, and I’ll be back if they do any interesting updates!

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