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  1. Justin Timberlake. They need some JT for some crazy falsetto action. If this had 'Cry Me A River' it would be the first Singstar which lasted more than a few weeks, it would never leave my PS2.
  2. All this online talk for Animal Crossing is icing, as long as it's a portable version that keeps as brilliantly monotonous as the GameCube one, I'll be happy.
  3. Just coming into Groznjy Grad, feeling intimidated by it before I've even started! Something about this game's clicked though, I bought the second one and I didn't know what was wrong but knew something was, gave up on it very early on. If anything, playing Snake Eater is making me think I should go back and resume Sons of Liberty, but...hrm. I suspect it will be as annoying as I remember it to be. Enjoying this one a lot though, I like the feeling of being overwhelmed by the controls and then becoming a master of them. Like people have said above, it is a lot easier just to get the shotgun out, but you feel like such a twat that you (meaning I) on the whole don't.
  4. I just hope the rap is better than that On Da Mic rubbish... Fingers crossed for some good licensed pop-rap, something like Gangster's Paradise would be 'phat' as they say.
  5. Eddie: "Morning Richie! Any chance I could have some of your juice?" Obvious reaction from Richie. Eddie: "No? Okay...how about some flakes?" Now that is funny.
  6. Cubik has almost the same avatar as me! Where is my individuality? Anyway, Bottom - brilliant stuff, so many memories of growing up watching it. Gas episode was great, but definitely the best moment I remember was the aforementioned chess match. Also the episode where they withdraw to the 'colouring-in room'
  7. Have seen it, but it's great all the same Peter Gabriel had a better ball though.
  8. Low ratings on IMDB? Woah. That comes as a big surprise. I mean if you hate documentary I would say you should avoid him, other than that it's hard to fault him on anything other than it all being a bit tabloid, which needn't be a bad thing anyway. Michael Moore and Louis Theroux owe a lot to him, they're both basically mimicing his style, naive but not, if you know what I mean. But yeah, S8N, see some, get something like Aileen, Biggie and Tupac, or Kurt and Courtney. S'all good.
  9. The only box set ones I've seen are 'The Leader' and some of 'Chicken Ranch', so its pretty much all new material for me! Also a Fetishes special edition coming out on Monday, I'm trying to find out if it has better extras than the box set edition, see if there's any excuse for me to buy it.
  10. With animations not counting (which they shouldn't), and in no order- Spaced Bottom Phoenix Nights The Office Only Fools and Horses No bloody americans.
  11. Just a heads up for anyone who might want to know but doesn't, Nick Broomfield's 'Documenting Icons' boxset comes out on Monday (the 7th of March), and looks pretty swell. Got 'Chicken Ranch', 'Heidi Fleiss', 'Fetishes', 'Soldier Girls', 'Tracking Down Maggie' and 'The Leader, the Driver and the Driver's Wife', so that's pretty much all of his best work that hasn't already been released. Anyone else looking forward to this? I had the second 'Aileen' documentary on when it was shown on C4 the other night, reminded me how much I like the guy's work!
  12. Just saw it on Johnathan Ross - I want to see it now. And I never really was a massive fan! Crazy. Looked brilliant though.
  13. Clementine, wasn't it? Apart from that, spot on summing up, very good film, certainly Kaufman's best work to date.
  14. Honestly, the idea that any season is better than #3 confuses me. The third doesn't have one episode that doesn't leave you wanting more - unlike the first, second, and fourth, all of which have already had episodes that left me saying 'Nothing happened there'. #3 manages to take all that made the other seasons good, but also plays upon its own conventions, ie. the convention of having a mole, and so on. It's the cleverest by far.
  15. Think he's talking about the jelly you get to play with, y'know, the thing you can just wibble about and...that's it. Smashing :| You're talking, however, about the Click For Spoiler onion.Anyways - I liked it!!
  16. I just think they need those pop tunes that loads of people love, like your Justin Timberlakes, your Michael Jacksons...if I could sing an MJ classic like Man in the Mirror or Billie Jean, I would be chuffed! Get it sorted, Singstar-makers! And do a special one which is just Depeche Mode, natch! Not that I'm any sort of obsessive.... AND try and make a good rap one! Yes.
  17. Ushering this at my local independant cinema in a couple of months when we finally get it - looking forward to it immensely already! It was only a few weeks ago I was talking to my girlfriend about how there should be a film where the subject is treated in a way that isn't as simplified as 'This is evil!' - seems like this could be it!
  18. Walking whilst gaming = too much, even for someone who has as much style and cred as myself.
  19. Hmmm, I want a smaller PS2. They put one in the windows of the new dixons in my town, just to piss me off
  20. Oooooooooooooh but it could be really really good! Excitement: On. Already I'm hyped about it, it's surely going to dissapoint :'-(
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