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  1. I think it's shocking that a country can be so lenient. And worrying. I mean, we're not very strict here through people not knowing what the consequences can be, but surely it's obvious that if a 10 year old kid is playing GTA, or Manhunt, he's seeing things that really he's not suited to see. A friend has a 12 year old girl who really gets scared about stuff easily (nightmares and that, she's a bit edgy), and she wanted GTA. And she bought it for her - because it's only a game. My point being if she'd known more what was in it, and that the 18 on the box meant something, she wouldn't have done. Just making the point that it is a big deal. Edit: adding a bit - I think we in our country need to be more strict anyway, we've already got this history of violence and that.
  2. Indeed - couldn't find a thread already on it, so linkage to the BBC article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4069107.stm . Trade and Industry secretary says shops should enforce ratings more (obviously), and that they should be clearer on the packaging. How exactly? Maybe flashing lights would be a good idea, a neon age rating or something. Just seems to me that the notion of clarity is irrelevant, the actual packaging is clear enough, and if games need to be clearer, then surely the films that use the same BBFC image should change too? Then again if it gives people less excuse for buying their 10 year old kids GTA, I suppose it's all good. Or is it just another one of those times when someone in power says something and then does nothing at all to follow it through?
  3. What elusive headbutts are these?
  4. So it's supposed to be Neo? Hehe, I honestly can't understand anyone having thought to make that 'mega super crazy version', let alone anyone buying it. Standard packaging for me...
  5. And the first playstation I owned was just a few months back when I got my PS2. That's crazy. But honestly, PSX is a brilliant marketing tool for the industry, just the right sort of image that should be promoted. But from the point of view of a gamer, I honestly never found it to have any true killer apps, nothing that would make you buy the console purely for that one game. But hey, 10 years, woo.
  6. Can I just be really rude and ask if anyone knows when the season 3 box set is coming out over here? I really want to see season three, but the 7 gig download is a bit much even for me. Guess I could get the NTSC, but still, anyone?
  7. Actually, just to bring something to light that reviews seem to not have mentioned, this game does in the end fall victim to that same crime of artifically lengthening, and I can't for the life of me figure out why! The Click For Spoiler whole thing of having a take over a certain percentage of the hoods basically says "do the same thing again and again, please", in the same way as Wind Waker and numerous other recent titles.But why, anyone? Surely the game was long enough without that whole section... And how come reviews haven't really moaned about it?!
  8. Someone help me - I quite enjoy a lot of the stuff Eminem raps over. I would say a lot of the time now it's only the production that I get interested in. Example - The Eminem Show - Soldier was an awesome beat, as was Say Goodbye Hollywood, Business, and more. Not saying my opinion is right, but educate me - what is an example of a good hip hop beat, if they're not?
  9. Has been done before, no harm though, it's a good offer... ...If you haven't been banned from Live because Microsoft are angry people who won't let you mod your XBox for totally legitimate non-piracy non-cheating reasons
  10. Yeah, the links with this forum are part of what makes the show what it is, I feel - it's gotta stay! That said, surprised the beeb don't want to do their own forum - and we don't want this to turn into the Consolevania feedback club. That's a problem quickly avoided by having a clear link to Consolevania's own forum or a beeb forum strictly for feedback. Either way, keep dem references.
  11. The mission for sweet where you have to take over two areas of Idlewood is too hard
  12. But season three was far better than season 2, that's got to stand for something. Trailer looks good, looking forward to it now
  13. That's pretty much right, no important details I can think of that you've missed, I'd also like to ooint out the obvious that this is quite good to back up the idea that Halo 2 was suddenly changed to not show a full scale invasion, for some reason, what with its sirens and that.
  14. You need: Depeche Mode - Black Celebration Depeche Mode - Violator Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion (I could go on) Michael Jackson - History (with the phat compilation disc) Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain Air - Moon Safari Air - Talkie Walkie Bjork - Homogenic Incubus - Morning View Jurassic 5 - Jurassic 5 Massive Attack - Mezzanine N*E*R*D - In Search Of... The Notorious BIG - Ready to Die OutKast - Southernplaylisticadillacmusic There.
  15. Grrr, I'm sure the feature would be lovely, but I can't make it work. Nothing happens when I click any links, then it just says access denied. Booh.
  16. In defence of the band (not that it's my job to be defending them), I think all of this 'cash cow', 'selling out' shit is irrelevant. If you think the music on the second album and the remix album is beyond redemption, that's fair enough. But just because they make a remix album it's not the end of the world, fact is that any band with a geniune interest in the electronic side of things as opposed to just the \m/ rock is bound to go there. Er, I thought that Reanimation had its moments of good electronic and good rap - the remix of forgotten is brilliant, as is the one of pushing me away. Generally other than that it's not great... As for Meteora, it was no Hybrid Theory, but you surely have to commend them taking a new approach, going more on the samples as the core of the music. As for 'Jay Z grabbing a piece of Linkin Park', the collision project is a collaboration, not them cashing in on Jay Z or vice versa, strictly speaking. It actually sounds quite good, I like the idea of the guy from LP rapping Jay Z's lines in places, and the two seem to fit together really well. Just my 2 things.
  17. Also they're on the Halo 2 soundtrack. That's my extent of knowledge, that track is acceptable, but not amazingly good.
  18. And the obvious thing of 'Is he on my side? He looks like...everyone else in this level does' on all of the arbiter stuff I've played so far. If Arbiter missions ever let you fight humans, I'll take back all my criticism of them.
  19. StephenM

    Awful Bosses

    Without actually reading all of the pages - Pah, Jet Force Gemini's bosses were always good fun though, some were hard but still brilliant to play - I certainly didn't get to the point where I threw the game into a pit of doom. My boss peeves are where bosses really seem to not fit into the structure of a game properly, or where them being there just ruins the main flow of the game. AHEM Halo 2. It's like in Halo, the only 'bosses' were that there were hard rooms, or there were difficult sequences like blowing up the ship by lobbing grenades into the pipe things - that sort of 'hard challenge at the end of a section' approach is fine, but if you're just going to make an artificially hard enemy or whatever, it makes me cry. Lots.
  20. I never played the original (well, did start on when I got my xbox modded [on an emulator], but the texture issues ruined it, so I didn't bother), and fully enjoyed the demo, well worth playing - definitely will get hold of the full game when it appears. But yeah, Rare's only release on XBox worth playing has been a 'cover version' of sorts. Oh dear!
  21. Downloaded, yay, unrarred, yay, got the iso, yay, corrupt, nay. - Actually, I re-ftpd it and it was fine! Bingo!
  22. This Love is brilliant to sing, but I like Ain't No Sunshine since it's so easy...
  23. I think the moral of this story is that scores aren't the be all and end all, the review content (albeit more useful) isn't even conclusive, it's just a case of if you like the look of it, try and it see for yourself. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I get the feeling we've wasted three pages discussing it...
  24. I'll try This Love on that setting in a bit...that score is IMMENSE Edit: Meh, 9160, I thought Easy mode gave you really low points per note, so scores didn't look all unbalanced. Evidently not! Love singing that baby though...
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