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  1. I think the moral of this story is that scores aren't the be all and end all, the review content (albeit more useful) isn't even conclusive, it's just a case of if you like the look of it, try and it see for yourself. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I get the feeling we've wasted three pages discussing it...
  2. I'll try This Love on that setting in a bit...that score is IMMENSE Edit: Meh, 9160, I thought Easy mode gave you really low points per note, so scores didn't look all unbalanced. Evidently not! Love singing that baby though...
  3. Harsh. But you're right, 10/10 = 100% = completeness. The whole notion of something being out of something implies that that 'something' (be it 100, or be it 10), is the best you can possibly be (perfection). So indeed, the point that no game should ever get a 10 stands, but I think Edge (assuming that we're talking more specifically about that publication) clearly states (or used to, grrr) that a ten indicates revolutionary, as opposed to perfect. So they've got an excuse. Edit: Brackets, much?
  4. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=64406 High scores thread
  5. In the absence of a snazzy table thing like some people made with the original, scores: Easy Mode/Normal Length -------------------------------- Dido 'White Flag- 8900 [CurryKitten] The Police 'Every breath...' - 7780 [CurryKitten] Duran Duran 'Hungry like the Wolf' - 8960 [CurryKitten's Missus] Alicia Keys 'Fallin'' - 8090 [CurryKitten's Missus] Easy Mode/Short Length ------------------------------- Maroon 5 'This Love' - 9270 [benito] DuranDuran 'Hungry like the Wolf' - 8980 [benito] Franz Ferdinand 'Take Me Out' - 8630 [benito] Dido 'White Flag' - 9180 [benito] The Police 'Every Breath...' - 8950 [benito] Medium Mode/Full Length ------------------------------- Bill Withers 'Ain't No Sunshine' - 8260 [stebie] Pink 'Just Like a Pill' - 7090 [stebie] Maroon 5 'This Love' - 7270 [stebie] Spandau Ballet 'Gold' - 5750 [stebie] George Michael 'Faith' - 6700 [stebie] Post! NB: I'll keep this top post updated with the highest scores posted, and who by. Grr! Do some more medium mode/full length shit, people! :-)
  6. Had good fun tonight with this and the girlfriend, still find the absence of any mainstream pop songs that I like odd - no Justin Timberlake, for example. Seems like a lot his songs would be ideal, wide ranging and so on. But oh well. Also I'm a bit miffed that you can't have all of the songs at once! I wanted it so you would, say, do a pass-the-mic challenge thing and it would randomly select from *all of the songs, that is, on both discs*. But no. Bit of a shame, no reason they couldn't have done that, surely (just telling you to insert whichever CD once the song is chosen).
  7. I to be completely honest didn't play the last one properly, I kept saying to my girlfriend to not be a wuss (I only really got it for her, music wasn't great...) and by the time she started wanting to play it all the time I couldn't be bothered. This time I shall change! Promise! And someone needs to do an online score thing again, that will make me play it more, bit of competitiveness.
  8. Well, I am just about to hand an essay in to uni. So that means it's like an excuse, right, it's like I can buy it 'cause it's a reward for working hard on my essay, right? Right? I'm off to buy it, heh.
  9. Have they fixed things like high scores this time? (ie. being able to just view them?)
  10. So, I just cooked rice for the first time in my life, using your helpful hints, and it turned out great - soft, light, but not sticky and icky. So that was good! My plan was to make egg fried rice though, but when it came to the frying conclusion, the rice wouldn't seem to brown off ever, and now (as I'm eating it!) it's a bit moist, whereas egg fried rice as I've had it ever has always been dryer. Guess it's just a case of draining it even more, somehow, and frying for longer. Could too much/not enough oil be a problem too?
  11. Grrr I should read this thread less, my lack of funds + my existing card being an old geforce 4 = no chance. Arh, back to H2 I guess...
  12. Hrmmm, I really just want Halo 2 to end. I just want to play it to finish it so it wasn't a waste of money. That's bad... :|
  13. Also, that means that CV5 will dissapear off the radar again, does it?
  14. Well done all involved. Well done us for watching them so far
  15. StephenM

    Story Hip Hop

    Ahhhh that track is awesome, cheers a load for that *listens to it over again*. I'll go about grabbing some of the others in a while, Halo 2's calling. Cheers for the list guys!
  16. StephenM

    Halo 2

    ... Twat The point is that I have no reason to buy a new box bearing in mind it is possible to play Halo 2 multiplayer online through other methods than Live. And hey, the novelty will wear off in a fortnight like every other Live superhit did...
  17. StephenM

    Halo 2

    Hey. Is anyone else going to be playing Halo 2 on something that isn't Live, for whatever reason, and would anyone be willing to help me out with sorting that out on my yodabox, and then up for playing some games sometime? Bearing in mind I am absolutely the suck, but would like to play with some rllmuk-ers, just can't considering my Live ban. No idea as to times or days or whatever, this is just to get a feel for how, and if there's any other n00b types that would fancy a go with me, innit!
  18. StephenM

    Story Hip Hop

    Hey So, odd question - I'm looking for some good hip hop that has story - in the style of, say, Eminem's Stan (or a lot of Eminem for that matter). Ideally, of course, it's the darker sort of story I'm looking for. I realised today that all of the Eminem stuff I like most has like a narrative to it. So, anyone here suggest some other stuff to help me hear more of the same style? Cheers.
  19. Banned. And what a total bastard considering Halo 2. But not a chance I'm paying Microsoft more cash, just no more Live for me...I'll have to find out about other ways of playing online, right? There are ways?
  20. Banned. Oh well, I'll live, not a chance in hell I'm giving Microsoft more money.
  21. I finally had a moment I can remember well enough to talk about! I was throwing myself around the countryside on a buggy, ready to do a massive jump off of a hill. I hit the air - and realise there's a road the other side. More precisely, a police chase has been in progress! You've got a dude on a motorbike shooting at a cop truck, which is hanging half over the edge of the road, where there's a massive drop. My buggy? Flies right into the cop truck, which tips and then... I proceed to go and kill the biker just for being there
  22. StephenM


    Hey, Placebo gig last night - live at Wembley, last gig till 2006, they claim. Obviously really to promote their singles CD that's just been released, so a really solid set including all the classics (Protege Moi, The Bitter End, Taste in Men, Special K, etc etc [those are just examples, not the actual set order!]). Supported by Har Mar Superstar who is...alright. I guess. Best bit? The special guest. Brian describes a guest who 'Can wear more make up than me' - Robert Smith! Like, Robert Smith from The Cure, one of my favourite bands!! He came out and sung Without You I'm Nothing with the band, and then they all did a brilliant rendition of Boys Don't Cry. Amazing. Er, yeah, any more Placebo fans? Anyone else at the gig last night?
  23. "Cool Moments In San Andreas" - surely exactly the same thread? Or is funny different from cool? My story - nothing. I've been writing essays and not had a chance to play it for hours on end like I should
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