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  1. Our local Tesco is a 24 hour store, does that mean that really they will have the game out and about at midnight tonight? Or in practice is it very very very very very unlikely?
  2. Grrr, I want it so bad Do you reckon Game will have plenty of copies this Friday despite my having not pre-ordered? Or would I do best to order online someplace, bearing in mind I NEED it on Friday!
  3. Yeah I did kind of 'get' that, but I just want to have at least gone through it once, the idea being that that way I at least haven't completely wasted my money. And thats how I justify getting SA
  4. Hell yeah, caught it last night and thought it was brilliant, in a low kind of way. Really good
  5. Wahey, Metroid Prime done It never did start dropping phazon again and I was getting sick of it, so I died, restarted, and beat it senseless. Smashing :-) Only 70% completion, but...still, it's done! Next up - Rez, methinks. By all accounts it shouldn't be hard to get through if I'm not bothered about stats this time round - which I'm not, it's just about making it so it's not an absolute waste of money. This challenge of mine might be easier than I thought...might try and see how many more titles I can finish before Friday, but providing I do these 4 (which I will), San Andreas shall be mine :-D. Do you reckon Game will have a copy on Friday if I just stroll in having not pre-ordered, or is it worth ordering before then?
  6. Hrmph, I did find Ridley difficult, I must say...Prime has been hard (getting there though, it seems!), but it's more the way it's been done, like having to go through the other sections every single time to get to the boss, and this whole waiting for Phazon shite...
  7. So it will eventually come? I'll just keep jumping, then...
  8. Yeah, it's PS2 version I have. GRRR at Metroid Prime. As you said, Cyhwuhx, essence seems pretty damn easy - I just got onto it and all was going well - but now it seems to have just stopped dropping pools of phazon! So I'm screwed! I have it paused now whilst I eat, but something tells me I'll need to restart it...
  9. I'd like to put my name down if this goes on, I love Halo but suck. Providing I'm not banned before then, I'll be there!
  10. We've all been there - bought too many games when we've just seen them cheap, and forgotten about old titles we really should have finished. I think it must be one of the most depressing things in the world, feeling that you've wasted your hard-earned cash on games that you've not even had the decency to finish. So I decided to punish myself - I'm not allowed to buy any more games! Obviously I quickly changed that decision - I'm not allowed to buy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on Friday unless before then I manage to complete a few of my games that I've not quite done - Viewtiful Joe (I'm on the last level), Metroid Prime (On the last boss), Gitaroo Man (Actually finished that this morning on normal), and Rez (not really played it much!!). So, one down, three to go - I'm on Metroid Prime now. Someone please say something of encouragement - the boss is seeming like the most tedious waste of my time ever, am I missing something with regard to beating it? I get the whole change beam thing, I roll under him every time he rushes towards me...I'm doing all of the individual elements right, so why is it so hard?! Anyone else got any games they're desperate to finish? Or any tales of woe against bosses?
  11. Had this game since the weekend. Love it. So - Click For Spoiler Legendary Song at the big gig is the best thing ever!
  12. So it starts tonight! 9pm, BBC1, Spooks Series 3 gets underway. As I'm sure you all know it's a quality spy series, had some classic episodes, and was left on a massive awkward cliffhanger last series, with Tom Quinn (our hero, as it were) being framed for assasination, so shooting the boss of MI5 in order to make his escape! And then he randomly swam out to sea! Maybe shooting someone isn't the best way to prove your innocence... But anyway, series 3 should be good, I don't see why not - except there's a new guy working at the agency, so I wouldn't be surprised if they get rid of Tom Quinn quite early on. Which...well, would be a massive shame because it's a great character, and he's always been our protagonist as it were. Any more Spooks fans? If not, watch it! Das ist gut!
  13. StephenM

    Outrun 2

    Ho ho ho! I had no idea that game I was just playing was rllmuk folk, just joined on quick game. What a grand coincidence that was!
  14. StephenM

    Outrun 2

    Yeah if anyone's going to be about later tonight, count me in, I'll be on probably from about 11-ish. I think my communicator is broken though... :-(
  15. Got the full one off of 'nova - it's grand. It's the typical comedy first single, but hey, even The Marshall Mathers LP had The Real Slim Shady on it. Fingers crossed for the album!
  16. Lol, there are a load of poor remixes out there, especially all of this fan stuff - but it',s worth it for the few good ones, eh?
  17. It is a great game, but Christ, even those who didn',t import must feel like they already know it inside out, it',s been around for what seems like an eternity. Was good while it lasted though, can',t reccommend it enough.
  18. Leaks starting to come out now - anyone else heard anything from the forthcoming Depeche Mode remixes album? It',s a three disc set, for those who don',t know, with discs one and two a compilation of the ',best', remixes over the band',s 20-odd year history, and disc three a set of rare remixes and brand new ones made specifically for this release. Tracklisting: http://remixes8104.depechemode.com/ The remix of Enjoy the Silence by Mike Shinoda (from Linkin Park) isn',t the worst thing ever, wouldn',t say it',s worthy of the single release it',s getting, but *shrug*. He',s basically just taken the original and put some guitars over it. What is really impressive is the remix of Halo by Goldfrapp. It',s really orchestral like Felt Mountain, and features Alison adding some vocals to the song. It',s possibly the best remix of a Depeche Mode song that I have ever heard. But yeah, has anyone heard anything from it yet? I reccommend.
  19. Rammstein are a great band, I must get more into them sometime, put in the effort to buy a more albums (I only own Mutter, and have a few random downloaded songs).
  20. Saw it last night - generally, unimpressed. I think it started off quite well, had a nice 'feel' to it visually through the digital methods (although that 'feel' is something that a lot of people don't like). However, it just spiralled downwards throughout, there were the obvious touches that everyone has mentioned, but generally the plot was cliched rubbish that you could pretty much write yourself after seeing the first quarter of an hour.
  21. To anybody who is still listening to these .wav files - Click For Spoiler It',s Jan',s MOTHER!, CRIKEY!, That was a shocker of a line. Also I must say I enjoyed the little section with Jersey desperate to get his dad rotated onto Earth, and Durga refusing. It',s cracking
  22. StephenM

    Bjork - Medulla

    Got it, it's great, I'm really impressed. I do like the big orchestral stuff but this is great too, really enjoying it
  23. Checking ILB and seeing 30 more axon sets = SHOCK HORROR JOY LOVE.
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