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  1. Yeah Popo if you don't have any of the files I can send them your way on MSN/IRC or something or other. Someone must have put them online someplace in a mirror though, no?
  2. So new file http://transmit.ilovebees.com/outbound/our_hoodlums.wav Erm...'Earth immigration'? Talking about Aiden who helps people get into Earth - the girl in the sample must be from outside of Earth, talks about her brother who was helped out by Aiden. If she's from outside of Earth she must be a species that can live 'as human' - ideas? Doesn't sound like the same girl as in 'Yes or No'. Could be wrong. Looking at the titles further down the list we can get some idea of things that might happen...obviously we get a conversation with the aforementioned Aiden, and 'guilty' suggests that whatever our girl is accused of in the 'yes or no' clip, she doesn't get away with.
  3. Hah! Someone got one of the 'you_knew' ones!! ... I am sitting refreshing that page to see if people get them, christ I need something to make me get out :| It's like while my girlfriend's away I have an excuse to revert to uber-geek mode, lol. Hrm! I am away from tommorow for a few days, so have an excuse to obsess over it today
  4. Yeah it is funny about the 7 thing, but somehow I think this dude is a bit of a joker, eh? I can't honestly believe that there would be any reason to bring the game out early, people will want it just as much when the time comes. Also, no idea what will happen with the ones we've missed :-\ *tut* our American friends are letting us down by not getting there!
  5. So does anyone know what is actually happening at these locations? I assume people are going to them, something is happening, and once two of the location/times have been met for any one of the files, the .wav is unlocked? (Assuming they're all going to be .wavs) But what is going on when someone goes to the said location?
  6. I actually wasn't confused but now *really* am. Hrm, I want something that I can be interested in, some info, some story, something that isn't just another step in the process of clues!!
  7. La la la, waiting for some sort of joy. Can't even get the counter to come up anymore, blurggh.
  8. Doh, I thought the 6am time was our GMT time. Got excited when I came online, now have to wait aaaaaaaaaaages Oh well, I should get outside and do some real life stuff first anyway. Back at 2
  9. According to actual current fact, Martin's written at least 6 songs for a new album, Dave's been permitted to do some sort of writing on it, and it's all systems go for the new release. Fingers crossed it'll actually happen without anyone's egos getting in the way, eh... The bootleg is on its way, hope it's as lovely as it sounds like it will be. Edit: .... Now THAT is what I call a good bit of mashing! Awesomely good, that, very impressive.
  10. Yeah I completely assume multiplayer only, but if anyone finds out otherwise, let me know!
  11. Well that was good, reviews were good, made me want to rent Spiderman 2 out. Also was funny. But... (spoiler if you've not seen it) the lack of legend was very distressing, especially when Hitler's still in :-\ !
  12. It'll just be multiplayer demo though, right? Probably too optimistic to hope for a bit of single player code?
  13. *ping* gotta find a mate to come with me and then i'll be there purely for Halo, w00t (or perhaps wort is more appropriate)...
  14. Yeah if there's any confirmation that Halo 2 will be there I'll go for sure, not sure I'll bother without Halo 2 :-)
  15. Gah I'm so hyped, it'll be a massive let down!! It's like Perfect Dark all over again
  16. Great song, single edit fucks it...
  17. StephenM

    Linkin Park

    I agree with Crim to the extent that I like listening to them. Their lyrics are generally not great, but Mike can rap, Chester can sing, and Hahn can scratch. So that does the trick. Ner. Oh, and of course they're all massive Depeche Mode fans, so always have a certain level of respect, innit?
  18. And does Resident Evil not have them dripping blood? Or am I thinking of something else... Either way!
  19. Much funnier after the edit Honestly though, ban some of these songs...
  20. 'Didn't know I was looking for love, till I found you' Radio 2's choice of songs aren't far from making me kill...
  21. So I was talking to my girlfriend in serious debate about all this last night, and she said "Well I mean, thats just extreme...it'll be rape games, next". ... kept my mouth shut. But yeah, I came to the eventual conclusion that the reason I play a violent game is because I like doing cool shooty things, but that's okay because I'm not one of those people at a disposition where I might be pushed over the edge and kill someone. And I'm an adult. Parents fault, of course, you should know whether to supply your child with this sort of thing or not!
  22. Don't be a loon, if he wants to blab about politics he can do, point is they did a good set and it was generally what you might call "awesome" if you're so inclined. What on EARTH did they do to Future Proof though? That was not as good as it should have been. And no Special Cases, which is a shame. Unfinished Sympathy was tasty. Now I must find some Massive Attack live bootlegs, I don't have any full sets from like, ever, and want one more than ever. Shame Suprnova doesn't have torrents of any of their live stuff
  23. Hrmm! On the "old In Search Of or new In Search Of" debate, I think new. But the old one is great, and it really should be broken down on a track-by-track basis - some better on the new version, and some better on the old one. My favourite non-NERD production? Probably Like I Love You. Its just...catchy, its layered, and perhaps most impressively it seems to exist without the need for a bassline! Ker-azy! Favourite NERD material, from a production POV? Things are Getting Better. Brilliant drums, awesome vocal percussion bits at the start...its all in the panning. An AMAZING track.
  24. StephenM


    Yep, buy Moon Safari, and then Talkie Walkie. I actually might have to say I prefer Talkie Walkie, but...corrr! Air are grand
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