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  1. Aah, they're very cool. Yes, should've done full songs, or at least extended one into a single!! Bah!
  2. Grabbed them myself, too, hope you don't mind! Muchly appreciated, I owes you.
  3. Yeah completely agree with you there Calashnikov, La Haine's subs on DVD (I'm told all the DVD releases have used the same subbed version) are rubbish. Barely readable at best, and impossible on the particular scene you mention (the 'Candid Camera' part). Video releases have all had the subs in the black section below the screen, which is fine - and I'm under the impression that subtitles actually set up as subs on the DVD (as opposed to part of the film itself) [if that makes sense...] would appear in the black section too. Pah, very annoying that, I love the film but can't buy the DVD because...well, its a waste of moneys!
  4. Hmmm, well I shall certainly keep my eyes open for the others! That's two things on my 'Desperate to find' list - any of these advert tunes, and the Derren Brown theme music. One day...
  5. Certainly have never found one with Pharell singing, but I do have the music from one of the adverts, entitled 'The Battle: Speed'. Erm...you're welcome to it. I can do whatever you fancy, email an MP3, send it over IRC, or MSN it. Whatever you like! Edit: Should really have put my MSN in if you want that method - dirtystickyfloors@hotmail.com
  6. As i said, I'm definitely up for a game with other weaker players, but haven't got the connection powers to host it. Let me know if anyone does set one up!
  7. Tracks plus comments: 1. Only When I Lose Myself (Instrumental) - Depeche Mode. Great song, actually a wrongly named file, its the instrumental of the Josh Abraham remix. One of mine and my girlfriends songs... 2. In my Other World - Julee Cruise. Related to Depeche Mode again - Martin Gore did a covers album, this is one of the songs he covered. Good, but I probably prefer his cover in all honesty! 3. Everyday (Neptunes Remix) - Angie Stone. Pretty much a fan of anything The Neptunes touch, but..this isn't great. Something I just downloaded because it was Neptunes related. 4. Look to Your Orb for the Warning - Monster Magnet. Nice bit of random rock that I've only listened to a few times. From The Matrix soundtrack. 5. GLC Parental Warning (Feat. 'Ice T')- Goldie Lookin' Chain. As long as you know they're not serious, its hilarious. Especially with this 'Ice T' impersonation. 6. Do it to Me - Usher. Don't ask, I've not heard it before. Assuming I just randomly copied the album off of someone for 'Yeah' or 'Burn'. Certainly not a good song, avoid it! 7. In Your Room (Live)- Depeche Mode. From the KROQ gig which is one of their best sets ever. Christ I love this song, and this version live, is...*sigh* amazing. 8. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding. A true classic, a beautiful song which seems to be really depressing and also quite suitable for listening to when you're happy. A song that does that is truly a masterpiece. 9. How Deep is Your Love? - Bee Gees. Underated band - don't sing half as high pitched as people may say, and have written so much of what is covered these days its unreal. That said I only have this one live CD of theirs, so can't call myself a 'fan', hehe. 10. Everything Counts - Depeche Mode. Lots of Depeche coming up in this list, but thats to be expected, I'm a big fan. This song is great, and for me to like it is surprising because I'm usually not all that appreciative of their stuff before 1985. But this...come on. Its amazing. Er... that was surprisingly fun. I want to do it again!!
  8. Tonights now a no-go, but i'll try and get into one of your games sometime. I'll add relevant people as I remember to, hehe. Soon you shall experience...beating me.
  9. My question answered, then, hehe. I'll try and have a bash tonight if i get a chance, just to ease myself back in, hopefully have a bit of a game with some of the lower-level folks on here sometime, too.
  10. Are there any really lo-quality players who still bother with SC, either from this forum or just generally? The last few times I've tried to have a game its all been higher levels, and I'm still a lowly level one-r who rarely gets to play. Am I just being too optimistic thinking I'll ever get to play again and not be thrashed ? Maybe tonight I'll have a browse, it has been a while. </rant>
  11. StephenM

    Kanye West

    Great album. End of story.
  12. Changed the country info and BINGO it works - still confused as to WHY its only working for the USA though...
  13. StephenM

    SC: PT

    I should be up for some tommorow night, yeah, will report back tommorow though. Crikey, it's been a while since I used SC:PT...
  14. A copy of Counterfeit 2 signed by Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. Not worth much, but hey, its the most worthy thing I have!
  15. StephenM

    Anyone else excited?

    Corrrr, now I'm excited....
  16. Depeche Mode - Waiting for the Night Fo' Sho'.
  17. What needs to happen is stronger links be made between all of the three seasons, to make it all slightly more plausable. Example - Mandy's return at the end of Season 2, got everyone excited but led to nothing. Why was she involved? They could also do with explaining why Nina kept popping up again and again. The fact is, the groundwork is there for them to develop relationships between the three seasons. And that's what I want them to do. We'll see. This season has been great though, really...great.
  18. Looking forward to a nice new map though, hurrah.
  19. Haha, yeah its the worst thing ever when you're talking to someone trying to hatch brilliant schemes and they're silent :|
  20. Same, just start using Live again for SC after a spell of not playing anything on it, and the buggers take it down! Bahh!
  21. I also agree about the reviews, diversify guys! Diversify!!
  22. Legend is the best thing since sliced...something else. Keep it up guys, its all good.
  23. Doh, not sure what happened earlier Rockboy, connection seemed to gash up just a tad and I never got an invite again, boo hoo. But hey, I played a whole quarter of a game, during which I managed to commit suicide! Wahey! Oh well, some other time - might get a game in now with someone, but I'm without voice 'cause its too late. Doh!
  24. StephenM

    Simply Red

    Hrm, the old material is still quality. And I downloaded that De La Soul tune, they do do a good job of sampling Hall and Oates! Wahey!
  25. Yeah, feel free, anyone else feel free to pop me on the ol' friends list too, but I'm still a shoddy level one-r with my only skills on the one map, so... :-)
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