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  1. StephenM

    Simply Red

    Hrm, the old material is still quality. And I downloaded that De La Soul tune, they do do a good job of sampling Hall and Oates! Wahey!
  2. Yeah, feel free, anyone else feel free to pop me on the ol' friends list too, but I'm still a shoddy level one-r with my only skills on the one map, so... :-)
  3. Yeah I've read bits like that, how this is putting in the framework, and there's certainly no visual change to the dashboard, but...maybe...if we're lucky. Even one new rubbish feature would make me think it was 24 hours well spent :-)
  4. StephenM

    Simply Red

    Did they? What song is this here, I don't know De La Soul very well but will download the song for the Oates-ness.
  5. StephenM

    Simply Red

    Yeah, thats the response I'm expecting :-) I dunno, I see how some of their stuff is drivel-esque, but some of the stuff is just really great pop, especially his ballads like Holding Back The Years, he even gets away with some of the upbeat stuff like Stars, I reckon.
  6. I concur. Also; Depeche Mode - Somebody Depeche Mode - When the Body Speaks Massive Attack - Angel Damien Rice - Cannonball Billy Joel - Just the Way You Are The Temptations - My Girl Er...yes. Think thats covered some of them :-)
  7. StephenM

    Simply Red

    Simply Red! Man, Mick Hucknall is a legend, admittedly lost a lot of his skill since he cut his magical flame hair, but he's still mighty good. Saw him on Parkinson on Saturday and it rekindled my Simply Red loving, listened to the new album a few times and its not bad at all, but doesn't come close to the classics like Stars and so on. Anyone else like 'em at all? They even managed to sample Hall and Oates and not make it rubbish, thats true skill.
  8. Corrr, now I see what the fuss was about! I mean, it sounded good, and it was good the first time I played, but now I'm fully aquainted with the cinema map I can really see why its awesome. Orchestrating crazily complex plans with your teammate is always good Now I just have to use the other maps :| heh
  9. There'd best be something to show immediately for my 24 hours without Splinter Cell :@
  10. My 'plan' was always to start sending stuff into magazines on the off chance (gotta have some determination), but now someone's shown evidence of *wanting* people to send in submissions, its just given me an excuse to get off my arse and do it, ho ho ho. Yay, my download of Consolevania episode 1 is nearly done! Why didn't I know this existed? It'd best be good... Er, yeah, no hijacking there, lol.
  11. Its difficult to say, most of it seems necessary but maybe could use a re-shuffle. Could you have less offers in boxes on the front page, maybe? One column instead of two, I mean...That might help... erm, things like the grey-on-grey text on the right mess about with my eyes which might be confusing me, heh! Honestly most of whats there seems like it does need to be written someplace on the front page, but it all seems...overpowering.
  12. Hah, already sent something just now from my back catalogue of junk, its not at all what they seem to be looking for, but...! I'll probably write something more suitable sometime, heh, always worth sending things on the off-chance that something might get in.
  13. Hi - I like what your doing in terms of the service you're offering and that, but from a design POV I have to agree that the frontpage seems awfully full, since its the first thing you see. Information overload, there on that page! :|
  14. Nah, leave it be as it is, its going through a rough patch but still has occasional gems and will have another peak period sometime, i'm sure. The more developer-orientated articles are often as much of interest to me as the consumer-y stuff, I think I speak for a lot of us there?
  15. StephenM

    Joy Zipper

    Yeah, saw Joy Zipper supporting Air in February, had heard of them before but never given them effort, now I've raided the back catalogue and discovered them to be great. Can't reccomend them enough!
  16. StephenM


    Absolutely ridiculous to call it dissapointing - its a grower much like the first album was, but full of great material. A very good CD.
  17. Hmm, two most recent gigs being NERD and Air a couple of weeks ago, and I can't really decide which was best. NERD was absolutely awful sound quality (lead vocals far too low, couldn't hear that at all but plenty of the bass guitar - and this is about halfway back where the sound quality is supposed to be at its optimum), but a great show considering they did all of their best songs and cracked out some good special guests. We had to leave before the closer to get back for the coach home, which...sucked. Air, though, was brilliant sound quality, covered all of their best songs and did them well, even some Virgin Suicides stuff which I didn't expect. Hmm...Both good. :-) Next? Think Floyd (Pink Floyd tribute band) this Friday, which should be a laugh if nothing else, and then nothing in the pipeline until we get some new announcements. *fingers crossed* another Goldfrapp tour
  18. I am in pretty much the same position as Ikaruga is - I got it when it came out on the PC 'cause I never had an XBox, but had too much else to play so played it only until a little way into the second level. Not much at all! Regardless, now I have an XBox, and have Halo, and as of last night have started playing it properly. Bloody hell its enjoyable - admittedly I'm an FPS kinda guy anyway, but if it gets better on Legendary...it must get amazingly good. Hurrah for me liking it.
  19. Ages ago when '24' started I always figured you have to do a quasi-realtime thing (the clock making it all appear to be a continuous motion rather than definite 'segments' of play), but what'd interest me from a gamer POV is taking on different roles around CTU. So, yes, of course, you'd be playing as Jack for the most part, but...it'd be cool if you saw a split-screen setup at the start of each section, and the camera would zoom into either Jack in the field, or Tony at CTU, Kim running from a Cougar, or whatever. It'd make good gameplay, and tie in to the themes of the show, to play it as several different elements working towards the super-cool conclusion, rather than as a lone hero. *shrug* But of course they'll just ruin it anyway *shrug*
  20. Yeah, dunno if anyone mentioned this above, but...frankly, it was the laziness of the game design that ruined the end of Wind Waker for me, its visual style was neither here nor there - a good thing, if I'm forced to choose. Suited the gameplay style they went for, I say.
  21. Brilliant idea, with the right choice of game.
  22. Pleased to see someone's paying an insane amount for it though, being kind to charity. Well, I assume it's being charitable...surely nobody *wants* it?
  23. *sigh* It was only a matter of time until we got a Cake photo. I'm overposting in this thread! hm!
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