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  1. *sigh* It was only a matter of time until we got a Cake photo. I'm overposting in this thread! hm!
  2. Just for irrelevance's sake, imagine how cool it would've been if Miyamoto had done one of his awesome drawings on a GameCube *drool*
  3. Lol, this thread has turned really funny! High five to Special Kid for a high quality rinseout session! Cake emails = natural superiority \m/ Hehe
  4. It's definitely real sirs, Cake emailed the link around a few days ago. Not that I can see why anyone would want the damn thing.... Oh, charity, yes...
  5. It had best be here when I arise tommorow morning so I can take it into college...
  6. It *surfaced*? Man, my whole concept of real and unreal is suddenly blurred.
  7. *tut* Some people. I don't want to dredge up the whole games theory kind of debate, but Poole treats games as any other media product, and his book goes some way to deconstructing the phenomenom in much the same way as you would deconstruct a film. People think he's up his own arse, just because he's attempting to make intelligent comment. Hrm.
  8. *sigh* Those were the days...
  9. I'm inclined to say that both Ikaruga and Viewtiful Joe are modern classics. For me, classic is not only in the long-lasting sense of the word, but the fact that it draws on fundamentals of gameplay - yes, the fact that they are so damn retro. Obviously, retro isn't necessarily classic, but the way that both titles draw upon old design and develop/play with the ideas to create a newer product certainly makes for very good games. The term classic is tempting...
  10. If anyone uploads/makes a torrent or somesuch, let me know
  11. Lol, I have to have hyperbolic rants now and then, gives me something to do.
  12. Oh dear. My gamertag, selected the other night, was the result of a history of poor usernames. Things that were great names once soon become dated, and annoying, and embarrassing. I thought I'd choose something that wouldn't change. My name. StephenM. A boring choice, I'm sure you might think, but that's not my point. No, my pain comes through the idiots than inhabit Live. People, seeing my name, assume that since they know someone whose forename is Stephen and surname begins with an M, I must be that person. Cue "What's your surname? I know you..." and "I know StephenM from school!". The stupidity kills me. So please, dear friends, I beg of thee - don't ask me that question if our paths cross. I pledge rapage upon the next Live idiot. Seriously though, think I shoulda gone for something else. Anyone else got any tragic gamertag related stories?
  13. Fair point, but a few non gamers that I know for some reason call all consoles XBox's. "We can play your xbox Steve" "Maybe if you get the name right...". Microsoft marketing winning through!
  14. What're the thoughts on Cold Winter? I can't help but think that by saying they'll make the game shorter and introduce things such as the level-skip-if-you-keep-failing feature, they're essentially saying they'll give us less for our money and remove the whole element of risk/reward and the whole element of what makes a game work - the challenge. Tell me if I'm wrong, but what concerns me most is how much hot lovin' Edge was giving the developers...
  15. Hmm, may have to be fashionably late to school tommorow 'cause I'm waiting on three special things through my door now. *tut*
  16. I'm going to get mine from Game regardless, since they'll do a half-decent deal and I'll get the points, so it's all good.
  17. Lol, I ebay more often than not. I reckon I shall get the Xbox, Live Kit and a copy of Rainbow Six 3 for Christmas, and maybe pick up some games online with my own money/any Christmas cash I end up with. Now to find out about Game's discount for games with consoles. Anyone know? On the GBA it was £10 off up to 3 games bought with the console, I can only assume that it's something similar that they'll do for the XBox. I'll await any info you may have in here before I post up in Ask the Forum. Rad!
  18. Right away, appreciating the help. I just had a bit of a think and I'm clarifying the ol' brain. I reckon if I set some kind of rule for myself (which I know I'll never keep to, but...) like, say, no more than 2 games/£100 a month on games, maybe that'd work out. We shall see, I figure...
  19. Argh. Christmas. Present. Dillemma. Help me. I have a GameCube. That's the only current generation console I have apart from the SP, which hardly counts. I was asked what I'd want for Christmas, and had trouble thinking of anything. So XBox eventually came up, but really, I only want it for Live stuff, and right now there's not hundreds of great titles I can think of that I really desire for it. Reccomend me some, anyone, to perk my interest? Regardless, the giver of the gift hasn't purchased one yet, and in discussion it appears they think that two consoles is a bad idea in that it'll mean spending more money on games, and no doubt beneath that they think I'll become a recluse or somesuch. Hmm. So yeah, basically, if anyone can give me any particular interesting bits and bobs about Xbox - that is, what I should buy if I get one, and what I should look forward to getting the future - it's muchly appreciated and might help me sort the decision out. And there's you thinking the dillemma was because I'd gotten a girl pregnant at the Xmas party, right? Heh, cheers in advance for any help.
  20. Dig this, hot kids - it's a cracking game, and I've been wanting to play through it again for months. But it won't work on this new XP machine downstairs. Suddenly occured to me - play it on the old comp! DUH! Starting tonight, yay!
  21. StephenM

    Deus Ex 2

    Hmm, I would get it but my PC isn't going to have a hope in hell with its 2ghz, 512mb ram & geforce mx 4 440, right? *tut* What a piss take.
  22. Wait, someone told me (or rather I read someplace) that it's a certain amount of bells spent in there + someone buying from another town, but you could also get the bigger shop without the other person, except you'd need to spend like, double. Or something.
  23. Best GC Game 1. Viewtiful Joe 2. Metroid Prime 3. Wind Waker Best PC Game 1. Max Payne 2 2. Call of Duty 3. Splinter Cell (only by default since it's the only other PC title I cared for this year) Best GBA Game 1. Wario Ware 2. Advance Wars 2 3. Metroid Fusion Best Technical achievment (software) 1. Metroid Prime 2. Viewtiful Joe 3. Max Payne 2 Best Technical Achievement (Hardware) 1. Gameboy Advance SP 2. Eyetoy 3. XBox Live! Best Developer 1. Capcom 2. Retro Studios 3. Nintendo Best Publisher 1. Nintendo 2. Ubi Soft 3. Microsoft Most Wanted game Of 2004 1. Half Life 2 2. Deus Ex: Invisible War 3. Killer 7 Best Overall Game of the Year 1. Wario Ware 2. Viewtiful Joe 3. Metroid Prime
  24. StephenM

    Donkey Konga

    *sits on this very thread until he knows about freeloader* Roll on the 12th...
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