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  1. Crunch time time for attempt 2 - loads of weird back and forth on the Evri tracking, it’s either imminent or never coming. I reckon 50/50!
  2. Just finished this half hour ago and didn’t use them. I think that’s a theme: various things in the game that I didn’t feel pushed to really engage with, including follower traits by the end. But that’s my only critique really - I think this had a great balance to it, I loved that the runs were so short, and I’ll be back if they do any interesting updates!
  3. I mean I’m assuming nobody is gonna open their packages out of solidarity, right?
  4. I can't believe there isn't a Carly Rae thread so I'm just co-opting this to say her new single with Rufus Wainwright is absolutely incredible
  5. Almost ordered a dock, then realised it would take too much unbridled confidence and ambition to assume that this replacement deck actually turns up.
  6. Whew Valve finally agreed to send out a replacement. Fingers crossed for second time lucky!
  7. I emailed the Evri CEO following some advice on Reddit, only because even after the 8 days they initially said, Valve insisted I wait ‘another 4 or 5 days’ before they investigate. After the email, got a call from Evri saying they’d investigate. A few days later they said in writing it was lost. I passed this onto Valve and they finally opened an investigation - but that’s been two days so far. Hoping to at least have a replacement on the way soon. But it seems like some Reddit people are on their third attempt!
  8. This is amazing - meanwhile Valve are insisting on a ‘few days to investigate’ the parcel that Evri told me, in writing, which Valve has seen, that it’s lost. It would be quicker just to start again at this point.
  9. Mine’s still stuck somewhere with Evri - almost a week now since it was out for delivery and never came. Steam still giving me the ‘wait another week’ in their slow replies, no idea when I’ll convince them to just dispatch another one!
  10. Oh you are both spot on -- it's 100% Valve's problem, Evri haven't sold me anything. But Valve were incredibly slow to reply, and then insisted I will need to wait longer before they can prompt Evri (or GLS I guess, who is the European courier) to investigate. So I just figured getting Evri to tell me it's lost in writing would probably be a quicker route to getting a new one sent out. At which point, of course, my friends at Evri will be tasked with another attempt! Eek.
  11. Yeah so I have been waiting a couple of weeks now -- Evri told me it was out for delivery last Saturday, then last Sunday, then their tracking said a delay, and nothing has shifted since then. There are two ways people say you can speak to a real person -- one is to phone a number they don't publish, claim you're sending a parcel, give them a known good tracking number (I saw one on reddit), then when you get a person say 'Not really, I want to talk about this other parcel'. Or - what I did - send an email to their CEO. Within 24 hours I got a call from someone on the team who has insisted it'll be investigated and he'll update me by Friday. I'd rather know if it was lost (or stolen) so at least I can get Valve shipping a new one out!
  12. Almost had an IRL GTA crash moment on my drive home just now, that sudden loud noise near the end of the latest Back Page deserved a content warning. Another great episode, though!
  13. I know shipping talk is boring as sin...but: Out for delivery 24.09 with no time slot. Out for delivery 25.09 with a time slot. On its way to the courier this morning. Doubtful it ever comes! Interesting how Evri are always absolutely fine with low-value stuff I don't care about.
  14. Got my email -- but then had an issue with the payment on mobile (it just hung on 'working' when it should've presumably done the bank authentication pop-up). I'm sure I remember people on here having similar issues, but that was pages ago. I've poked Steam support for advice, but if anyone in here has any ideas, they'd be welcome! 🙂 Edit: They replied in about 10 mins, told me to do it again, all sorted!
  15. Heavily into everything they've shown here. I do need to go back, though -- didn't finish 4 and still have 5 & 6 on the list!
  16. I think the soundtrack in general is my favourite thing. Just the little Disney melodies, all well orchestrated. Makes so much difference to the feel of wandering about.
  17. That’s the only hint of a premium currency I’ve seen so far. It almost seems too fair, particularly from Gameloft. I’ve played a handful more hours and unlocked/found NPC progress that unlocks cosmetics etc. And now I take back my ‘it’s okay’ — I think this might secretly be great! Having a bit more focus/little quests really gives it a distinct flavour compared to AC.
  18. Performance chat is interesting - I read somewhere that it was maybe supposed to be 60fps on X but is only running at 30. I’ve been playing it on Series S and can’t say I’ve noticed any glaring performance problems.
  19. I've played it. It's very okay, but by no means a bad time. I do like Disney stuff, though, so there's that. The audience is 'People who would get excited about a cool new Mickey Mouse wallpaper' and that's definitely me. I suppose the biggest 10/10 GOTY element I've encountered so far is crafting that is fast and lets you stack as many jobs as you want, which was always my biggest irritation with Animal Crossing. I'll be interested to see how the monetisation works later on in the game or next year when it goes proper F2P, though. As it stands, the only thing I can see is buying seasonal passes that let you get time-limited cosmetics, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if some more nefarious stuff comes in later.
  20. Absolutely. My two favourite endings of all time are Six Feet Under and The Leftovers but this has now created a holy trinity of powerhouse ways to finish a show.
  21. This is not the right thread I know, but I love The Wire and hadn’t seen any other David Simon project until We Own This City. Which was great. But I’ve just watched all of The Deuce after the above comments and holy hell what a show. There’s stuff throughout the final season that will stick with me forever. And it just sticks the landing so perfectly in a way that even The Wire didn’t quite pull off. Partly furious that I hadn’t seen it until now. But mostly just wanted to say thanks!
  22. Having played a bit more of this since my excited first 35 minutes (thanks Sony), it's not as flow-y as it seemed at first. It feels more like a puzzle at times -- figuring out the most efficient way to go about your business, not on the fly but through repeated attempts. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not what I expected! I wonder if eventually I'll hit a skill level where it feels more organic (unlikely given my aptitude).
  23. I only had 35 minutes too! Long enough to inevitably buy it, anyway!
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