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  1. Thanks @Boothjan and @Mr. Gerbik -- Thinking of it in terms of Hitman will be helpful! I'll mull about, explore what's possible, and I'm sure I'll find my footing soon enough.
  2. Just started Sniper Elite 4 after the recommendations on here. It's great, but I don't feel like I understand all my options in the first area. By which I mean did I: 1. Miss another tutorial somewhere 2. Fail to be imaginative enough?
  3. I KNEW last night when I bought this on PS4 I had seen the artwork somewhere recently. It's because it's already downloaded from Gamepass and ready to go 😞
  4. As fun as the sports are generally, I will say my kids have become OBSESSED with unlocking clothes and stuff. To the point I’m barely playing because ‘we only get points online’.
  5. Alright, I didn’t do a couple of optional zones. But in a very real sense I just finished my first Souls game — and it was exceptional! Something a bit bubblier next, but might circle back to Demon’s Souls at some point. If I can stomach the run backs. And, of course, I hear this Bloodborne is pretty good…
  6. Hit the final boss! Surely I’ll finish it if I’ve come this far. Although given my first two attempts… errr maybe this is it.
  7. Psssssshhhhh got Malekith down to where his health bar literally couldn’t be seen anymore. Then bit the dust like a chump. At least it appears possible now!
  8. Maliketh is incredibly painful! Even with my mimic friend.
  9. I was so sure a week or two ago that I'd had my fill and wouldn't finish this (the perfect counterpart to the unfinished Demon's Souls which is the only other From game I've played). But after a run of areas that seemed to strike a nice difficulty balance (NOT YOU NIALL), I think I just might go and finish it. The Farum is tough, but the end seems in reach!
  10. I was pretty sure last week my time with this had come to an end for now. But I’ve done the Lyndell boss and two along the end of Ranni’s quest. And on all three I’ve had that classic ‘this is insurmountable’, ‘this is almost impossible’ and ‘oh wait maybe I can do it’ arc. It’s just really, really good eh?
  11. Did the big bad of Lyndell yesterday -- not too bad! I haven't come across any sewers, though; any thoughts on whether I press on to the forbidden lands or keep exploring here?
  12. I haven’t voted because I’m not sure — at a point where I feel like the capital is my next area, but (from googling) might be a bit under levelled. I will say that the last couple of areas feel like they have fewer caves etc to work on — not sure whether that’s true, or a symptom of my appetite to explore going down. The only other souls game I’ve played is Demons Souls PS5, and I’ve definitely got a lot further in this than I did in that. I just need something to give me a boost of interest/motivation again — maybe that’s the capital!
  13. Whew, just threw myself at Putrid Avatar for a while. Seems so doable but, well, I didn’t do it!
  14. Cheers @Danster I've never really looked into how other dynasty members affect renown so will check a Wiki out on that later. I don't mind when my eldest son tries to stage a coup because I at least get to say 'You come for the king, you best not miss' which is really one of my favourite things about the game.
  15. I don't suppose you fancy expanding on this a bit? I've always been very focused on 'How can I maximise the amount of titles my next heir will have?', at the cost of everything else really. And while I think that's probably quite a valid way to play, I kinda feel like it shouldn't be more exclusive priority...
  16. With Crusader Kings — there’s a lot to dig into, but with no real endgame/strict goals, I still get a lot out of it just muddling through and ignoring stuff I don’t understand yet. It still throws up these fantastic little procedural stories, where the heir betrays the ruler, the heir gets murdered, you find out your mistress is a cannibal etc.
  17. My laptop runs this very hot, so hoping these console controls are passable. Would love to sink more time into it. Was just thinking of the ol’ New Zealand trick but sounds like it’s not out until tomorrow PM anyway.
  18. Met Rahdan just now. Time to go literally anywhere else!!
  19. In the early bits of the Ranni quest line...
  20. Sorted Rannala out tonight - not sure where I’m off to next! Maybe the Manor with the hands? Only peeped in once, but that was hours ago.
  21. I added you (sunversusmoon) -- always nice to have more times to be jealous of!
  22. Thanks to whoever invited me into the party last night -- barely started this and my 8yo was having a go, so didn't jump in! To be fair, don't think I've unlocked online yet. If I keep with it and figure out how online works/what cars I need, I'll happily lose to you all one magical Monday.
  23. Encouragement appreciated! I’m a similar level and it does seem do-able. Just gotta keep at it!
  24. Started my way through the academy - so lost! Starting to regret my melee focus, what I would give for some decent range to stave of the burger kings. Still love it, though.
  25. Does anyone else on PS5 get disconnected a lot? Not sure whether it’s my own internet or a general thing.
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