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  1. Starbucks Christmas blend is yummy, but obviously you can't buy the packets now.
  2. It's online too. A developer friend of mine reckons a lot of Wii titles look dodgy because the GC had such poor (Western) 3rd party support that most devs never got a chance to get used to the architecture. Hence games that look like 1st generation GameCube software.
  3. I've been watching it this morning and they know everything. Shilpa has been saying that she is worried that everything Jade has worked for will be destroyed.
  4. Those were just readers comments on the site.
  5. LOLZ! The Sun knows what's more important!
  6. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=12525322 Hmm, seems like Jade has been told about the outside world? And of course Shilpa would say that, most of the comments were done behind her back. Looks like a big last minute spin.
  7. If what has happened on BB makes more people take a long hard look at the UK, some good may yet come of it. Hope it goes some way to ending the admiration of the ignorant in this country and the support of people who are 'famous' for doing fuck all.
  8. Well maybe you should've bought it when Metroid came out, genius? Will buy Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Nintendo) 12 Jan 2007 Excite Truck (Nintendo) 16 Feb 2007 Kororinpa (Hudson) 23 Feb 2007 SonicTM and the Secret Rings (SEGA) March 2007 Metal Slug Anthology (Ignition) Q1 2007 Maybe Wing Island (Hudson) 23 March 2007 Mario Party 8 (Nintendo) March 2007 Impossible Mission (System 3) Q1 2007
  9. http://www.alliwantforxmasisapsp.com Jesus wept. Comments left on the site: Where did it all go wrong?
  10. Maybe the Wii is just more popular? I was thinking of picking up Wii Play today so I hope I can find it.
  11. bomber

    Wii Play

    I'm thinking of getting it today as I could do with another controller. Then again, Rayman looks quite fun too. How does it compare to Wii Sports?
  12. True, but anyone on this forum should know better. At the end of the day this happens with every console launch (especially from PS2 onwards) and I'm just happy Nintendo managed to get it out in Europe before Christmas for once. I'm sure if people look hard enough they'll be able to find one anyway. Ask around in indie games stores and toy shops.
  13. Welcome to every console launch ever. I pre-ordered from a local toy shop and got mine this morning just fine.
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