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  1. 2 hours ago, dood said:

    Nah mate, he comes across pretty genuine to me.  And the stuff he says about context is bang on tbh.


    How about we put his apology in context?


    A "sorry if you were offended" non-apology, sandwiched between a long, needy rant about the mainstream media that's apparently conspiring to get him; earnest assertions that he's just a humble guy, misunderstood and misrepresented; and of course a reminder of his past charitable donations.


    I wouldn't call it genuine.


    He obviously doesn't think he did anything wrong. Fine, I haven't watched the videos and don't care much about the content of the jokes. But his apology is excruciating. I don't get how the same posters who like to complain about the humourless types who take offence at everything can seemingly watch that video without wincing.

  2. 20 hours ago, Jerec said:

    Damn, I've only just got to level 6 and I felt like I'd taken on the world!


    I need to climb more and go back to the Waiting room less! :P


    I understand the feeling. I must spend as much time in the waiting room grilling mushrooms, sending fighters on expeditions, and sorting out my item boxes, as I do in the tower.


    @Sun Tze, I think you're getting rather too attached to your fighters - they're disposable, remember! :P


    In all seriousness, though, has anyone actually lost a fighter permanently? I've hardly had to deal with raiders (being a member of the peaceful Ireland faction who seemingly no one wants to invade), and I never leave my fighters out on defence anyway. Is it possible to lose a fighter permanently in the tower? I've always wondered what happens if you go to kill one of your fighters turned hater but end up dying on the same floor. Presumably you can't have two dead fighters on the same floor, both appearing as haters. Do you lose the first?

  3. On 2/13/2017 at 16:09, Qazimod said:

    That desert area kind of reminds me of the trip to Façade in the original, minus the thousands of rules that those people had :D The world in general is looking really good, and hopefully the more routine questing will break up the more spectacular moments so that there's a bit of variety.


    That was my favourite place in the original. Despite the PS2 quality-visuals, some of the places you visited in the first game had so much character, the towns especially. Really hoping Automata lives up to it in that respect.

  4. Well you don't want to parry from half a mile away, but you can still be pretty far from an enemy (let's say, two leaps away), and still be able to reach them for a visceral after parrying. It works with the pistol but not the blunderbuss.

  5. 14 minutes ago, dood said:

    I've just started this again, while I wait to borrow Nioh from someone.   My goal is to play using weapons I've never really used before.  So that meant making a beeline for the kirkhammer - what a beast!  It's staking some getting used to, though, and I'm fighting the urge to only use the sword mode!!  It's a bit too similar to Ludwig's Blade though, so I'm not taking it past +3.  


    Managed to clear most of the first area, though I'm rusty as fuck! :D Died to pappa G three times, damn.  Was close each time though, and that fucking adrenaline still flows and gives me heartpounds & the shakes. :wub: 


    Is it just me, or is the combat in Bloodborne just so much more intense than Dark Souls?  There's something about the animations, the feeling when hitting / getting hit seems so much more intense and terrifying!  I fucking love it. 




    Definitely, it's the animations that make it so special. Every weapon looks and feels so good to use. I love the way each press of R1/R2 corresponds to a simple swipe/slash, much as in Souls, which chain together into beautifully fluid combos. Landing a string of attacks with a weapon like the rakuyo and then finishing with its transform attack is the most satisfying thing.


    7 minutes ago, Mr Cochese said:

    One thing though is that I have the shotgun now and there's just no penalty for using it instead of the pistol. The fact that the pistol does more damage with bloodtinge is a complete irrelevence - like pretty much the entire bloodtinge stat. Bit of a waste that.


    The pistol is actually much better for parrying. It shoots faster, and has much longer range.


    The standard pistol, that is. There's too much of a delay on the repeating pistol and evelyn.

  6. I don't think the late-game bosses get that much tougher on NG+ - it's the early bosses that see a big increase in HP - so you may well find it's easier to do these areas with your current, well-levelled character, than it is to start from scratch.


    On the other hand, the Hunter's Nightmare is a lot tougher than anything in the main game. You'll likely find the first boss, Ludwig, a challenge whether on NG or NG+, and I can see you cursing me for my advice if you get to him on NG+ and hit a brick wall.


    If you've not yet done the chalices and plan to do them, then maybe create a new character. You'll quickly catch up with your current character's level once you start clearing the lower depth dungeons, where you get thousands of echoes from ordinary enemies.

  7. Had my own nerve-racking climb today, working my way up to floor 30. I started on floor 25, and took the route via Coen, as I had done Jin-Die previously. I only wanted to get back to floor 27, but I got in a muddle and somehow ended up climbing all the way to floor 30 via Oe and Aotobashi, where, thank heavens, I was able to unlock one of the side lifts taking me back down to floor 21.


    I must have been in the tower for two hours, and it was one of those runs where just about everything went wrong, though I somehow came out in one piece.


    I was totally unprepared for Coen, and didn't realise just how much HP he would have. Ended up drop-kicking him to death after all of my weapons broke. His moves are easy to avoid, but I still got hit by his charge attack. Had I not eaten a life shroom beforehand that would have been the end of the run.


    Had some tricky encounters with haters afterwards, but thankfully had a good supply of brainshrooms. I did manage to eat one of them on floor 30, right next to the lift I was hoping to unlock, while fighting a hater. This was at the end of the run, by which point I was practically palpitating. Probably taking pity on me, the hater didn't do a gore kill but instead just circled me screaming the usual, "you're mine, asshole!", while I awaited the inevitable. Instead I had time to recover and do him in.


    And then there were the jackals. I had two transparangus with me for the run and both were required. It's been ages since I've had any jackals show up in my game, but on this run they appeared twice, in both cases very shortly after I had cleared the floor. The sound of that alarm coming towards the end of a long run is just about the most tense and unnerving thing I've ever experienced in a video game.


    In other news, I've got more golden snails than I know what to do with. I was sending my fighters to Okusa yesterday, and didn't expect them to come back with so many!

  8. 1030. :o


    I'm still using a special forces vest with something like 200 defence. I feel like I should have created something better by now - I'm at floor 27 or 28, and the worn armor I'm getting back from expeditions usually has higher defence than anything I've manufactured.


    I just don't seem to be finding any of the black or red metals which is what I now need to upgrade most of my armour. I've rushed through floor 20+ these past two evenings, spending a fraction of the time there I spent on the earlier floors, so that's probably why. I'm not sure I've even explored any of the side areas.

  9. 1 hour ago, Ale Crow said:

    Too much UI in a lot of modern games.


    This is the issue for me.


    I'm playing Watch Dogs 2 atm, and I feel like the UI has been lifted from a 4x4 grand strategy game. There's just a mass of options and overlapping menus - so much of it completely unnecessary. This, despite the fact that the core mechanics and the ways in which you interact with the world are about as basic as can be.

  10. I had hoped they'd tone down the loot aspect in the final game. It's the one thing I really didn't like about any of the demos.


    It made somewhat more sense in the alpha when they had weapon degradation in place - which I didn't actually mind in and of itself; Let it Die has a similar system and it works really well in adding an element of tension and forcing you to use different weapons - but without that the mass of loot seems pointless. Who wants to spend five minutes every time they go to level up sorting through a million variations of the same basic weapon.

  11. Impressions on GAF from those with the full game are glowing. Lots of people comparing it to playing Demon's Souls for the first time.


    I'm in the middle of several other games, but I'm so tempted to pick this up on Wednesday. I think Watch Dogs 2 might have to go on the abandoned pile...

  12. My older brother and I used to play Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing and Mario Kart 64 for hours after school every day, entering our best times into Nintendo Official Magazine. I never had any top ten entries, though my brother would rank often, but I remember being completely obsessed for long periods with trying to get the best time on certain Goldeneye stages or beat my brother's ghosts in Mario Kart.


    I don't play games in that way anymore. Low-level challenge runs in Souls/Bloodborne are the closest thing but that's not the same sort of commitment.

  13. Not a mini-boss, just a hater - who are often worse than the actual mini bosses!


    You'll encounter a hater on every floor. Shrooms will help with them in the early stages, until you get better equipped. Lob a sleeping or boom shroom at them and then stomp on them while they're disabled.


    You can unlock more, and higher level fighters, as you progress. Don't get too attached to any particular fighter as you'll soon be replacing them.

  14. I hadn't realised Everybody's Gone to the Rapture had been on Plus. It's brilliant, with a script and voice acting that put most big budget releases to shame. It's also one of the most beautiful games I've ever played.


    La Mulana is an obtuse but brilliant metroidvania with an emphasis on puzzle solving, less on combat. You'll probably resort to a guide more than once - I know I did.


    Guacamelee is another brilliant metroidvania, though the polar opposite of La Mulana, with really tight platforming and a snappy combat system. Up there with Fez and Spelunky as one of my favourite indie games of the last few years.


    Somewhat overlooked (I think), is Road Not Taken, a roguelike puzzler that's baffling to begin with and really quite hard to describe, but utterly addictive once you get to understand it. It's turn-based so pretty easy to play on the vita via remote play, which is how I lost a lot of nights to it.


    I haven't given it as much time as I'd like to yet, but Oreshika is a creative RPG from one of Sony's first party studios. Little in the way of story, but lots of customisation and a nice aesthetic. Something about it reminds me of the Saga games, if you've ever played any of them.

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