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  1. I had a similar experience. It may be that I over-levelled, as I tend to do in these games, or that I've simply played too much Souls, but I found the bosses went down so easily compared to Dark Souls and Demon's. There wasn't anything comparable to Ornstein and Smough. The ordinary encounters are much improved, though. I became a bit too dependent on the circle and backstap routine in Dark and Demon's. In Dark Souls II, the enemies seem much more reactive - they will shield break and parry, and sometimes attack in groups. Enemies like the Heide's Knight seem designed to encourage you not to rely on old techniques like backstabs, which are anyway much weaker. Anyway, it's interesting to read your thoughts, as mine are pretty similar. I've just finished with the game this evening, after sinking about 150 hours into it over the last few months, which is more time than I spent with any of the earlier Souls games. It's a bit of a messy sequel in some ways. It could have been shorter but more focused. The world felt disconnected. But I'm still surprised at how unpopular it is among some. A lot of the regular complaints, like the enemy mobs and more rigid controls, are things I actually liked about it. Soul memory is the only thing I really want them to do away with in Dark Souls III. That's assuming I get Dark Souls III. I'm a little worried about how much time I can spend playing these games...
  2. There's a staff behind a hidden wall in the Forest of Fallen Giants. It's in the section with Pate (the NPC with the spear) - just after you enter the gate that closes behind you, in the building where several hollow soliders ambush you. I imagine someone's left a message which will help you pin point the exact location. If that's a hassle to get, I think you can buy a staff from Felkin, the NPC at the entrace to Huntsmans Copse (provided you have the stats to talk to him).
  3. This is how I've always understood it. A bit off-topic, but an example that's always stuck in my mind is a post that Claire Boucher (i.e. Grimes) made on her blog complaining about the men who would approach her and offer to help with her music: I can't even imagine how infuriating this would be. For those who aren't familiar with Grimes' music, try and imagine some dork approaching Jimi Hendrix and offering to explain frets to him, to get an idea of the levels of idiocy and condescension involved here. (This thread's amazing by the way. I've been following the gamergate stuff on and off on a couple of forums, and it's just been plain depressing to see the number of people apparently swept up in it. This thread has been a helpful reminder that the gaming community isn't made up entirely of rabid delinquents.)
  4. Here we go, because I'm sure you all want to read several hundred words on the favourite games of an unknown lurker with 25 posts to his name. 1. Demon's Souls - The first console game of the current gen that I played, and by some margin the best. I bought a PS3 especially for this, and spent most of a summer absolutely hooked. Others have already described what makes it so great - the weighty combat, wonderful atmosphere, novel online modes (now that I think about it, it's the only game I've actually spent any significant time with online - with most I'll stop after completing the single player, if I get that far) For me, it's the perfect role playing game. It's a very structured experience when compared to open-world RPGs like Oblivion, but the choices I could make with my character in Demon's Souls felt much more meaningful than in most other RPGs. I loved the fact that the combat wasn't just about levelling up and acquiring better loot, that the weapons and armour you find at the start of the game are just as viable for a final build as any others. It's the only game that I can think of that properly combines stats and levelling with an action-based (and skill-based) combat system. 2. Mother 3 - Honestly, I play too many JRPGs. It's always been my genre of choice, and I couldn't really say why, as I grew sick of them years ago - the repetitive combat, the derivative plots, the relative ease and lack of strategy (with some honourable exceptions). I don't know why I keep buying them. Force of habit, I suppose; that or I'm a just a bit autistic. Anyway, it's always a nice surprise when, half way through a JRPG, I realise that I'm actually enjoying myself, that there's something novel about the game that I'm playing in a genre that is usually so predictable, whether it's the narrative, characters, battle system, or, as in the case of Mother 3, all of these things. I'd go so far as to say that Mother 3 is the best JRPG I've ever played. The story is beautiful, totally minimalist in approach ,with none of the usual JRPG melodrama. The game's constantly hilarious, and not just it's dialogue, but even the combat mechanics, with some especially memorable boss battles. I love that bit towards the end (where the first Gymnopedie plays) with that strange and unexpected plot twist. It's really touching, but also bizarre and sort of hilarious. 3. Crusader Kings II - The greatest strategy game. Building a dynasty only to watch it fall apart is stupidly entertaining. I'd spend hours building up a family over 10, 50, 100 years, but I could never get much further - I'd always succumb to the urge to engineer my dynasty's downfall, setting my siblings against each other, alienating my courtiers, intentionally changing the succession so as to have some obscure female relative inherit, or just whittling down the potential heirs to one minor and then waiting to see if they'd survive. Speaking as someone who spent much of his degree studying the marriage practices of medieval monarchs, this is entertaining stuff. 4. Fortune Summoners - I know, I know, this seems a peculiar choice, that most won't have played let alone enjoyed, but I really adored this game. I almost wrote it off at first, and I can see see why others might. The plot seems like JRPG fluff at first sight, with it's pre-teen lead (“Arche”) and generic setting (school of magic), and the floaty controls make the combat and platforming hopelessly awkward to begin with. It really develops after a few hours play, however. The combat system is actually really tight, and gets better as you progress and build up a full party, with the later battles much more chaotic and fun (almost Smash Bros-esque). The dialogue is also genuinely quite funny, sometimes unintentionally, and probably owing as much to the excellent translation from Carpe Fulgur as to the source material. As I say, you play a young girl, and the game constantly makes light of this – at the beginning of each chapter your parents see you off to school, packing your sword with your lunch and reminding you to watch for monsters (sure enough, the road to the school is a nightmare the first time you have to cross it). A later chapter has you leading a school outing, in which you end up leading your peers through a bastard of a dungeon. 5. Mirror's Edge – I liked this game, even the combat. I was surprised it played as well as it did, and I still can't understand why it reviewed poorly. There's an element of trial and error to it, sure, but I don't find it nearly as difficult as some others evidently did. It controlled well, I found, and had an amazing momentum to it. 6. Spelunky 7. Tactics Ogre 8. Cave Story + 9. Portal 10. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey
  5. Steam keys for the following.: NightSky - H4W0A-I6AGZ-96VAL Bastion - 6AVMM-VGRBL-NHCV5 Broken Sword: DC - 8LM0W-K4A7C-Q5I37 Waking Mars - FL7FK-N2TJ7-RG8HT Titan Quest - B5WQC-ZB5H0-NBFJI Dear Esther - TLCPE-4G7GN-IG96I Intrusion 2 - DDY80-YBN4Y-0WZIA Oil Rush - OO24RZPPSYKV5B45 I won't ask you to PM me, as I seem to remember my post being taken for spam last time I offered keys here via PM, presumably because of my low post count. Someone here kindly gave me a Primordia key a while back, which is why I post mine occasionally - that and the fact that I don't visit any other gaming forums.
  6. Wonderful game! I'd be keen to replay it, if I can get the time in the next week or so. It's been several years since I last played through it, and I'm sure I've forgotten the solutions to almost all of the puzzles. That image of the world map brings back memories. It's definitely one of the most beautiful 2D games of its era (not that there's that much competition)
  7. I have a spare key for Dear Esther. PM if interested. It's a fantastic game - all 15 minutes of it.
  8. JohnnyRyall


    I love this song.
  9. JohnnyRyall


    I haven't listened to anything of theirs since Microcastle. No idea why, as I love Microcastle. I had it in my head that Halcyon Digest had been badly received, but a quick google of the reviews suggests not... Clearly I need to catch up.
  10. I've very high hopes for this. Strange Journey and Nocturne were excellent. I'd be happy with that. I really can't see them not bringing SMT IV over in some form - it's the latest installment in their flagship series.
  11. I'm probably being incredibly dense here, but I can't work out how to change my details. I can see where to do it, but whenever I click confirm, log out and log back in, it's still showing my old details. Any advice?
  12. I'd like to think it's just a case of lost in translation, but who can tell. Title aside, it sounds promising. I actually quite liked 4 Heroes.
  13. Dangerous High School Girls actually sounds really quite good, going by the reviews on metacritic. I might give it a go.
  14. Yeah, I think I am referring to the first one actually. I had it in my head that it was the second one, but whatever I played was on the PS1. The screenshots you've posted look familiar, however. I'd give Xenogears a go if you haven't already. It's long - I seem to remember sinking a good 100 hours or so into it back in the day - but if you've got the patience for it then it's worth the effort.
  15. I remember adoring this back in the day. But of course at the time I was 13/14 and it was one of my first RPGs, along with Alundra and Ocarina of Time. I'm half tempted to give it another go, despite knowing that I'll almost certainly fail to see it to the end. What are the dungones like, and more specifically the encounter rate? I've just been playing Xenogears again, which I have equally fond memories of, but I've more or less given up on it after 10 hours or so as I'm finding the dungeons to be such a slog.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMG7sYpMaF4 What a song! I think it's possibly their best, which is saying something.
  17. I'm trying to get Xenoblade to run on my US wii. The GAF guide linked to in the first post seems simple enough, but I do have one question. Should I be upgrading to the latest official firmware/system menu (4.3?) before installing the homebrew channel? The Wii hasn't been used in a long time, so it presumably has a much older firmware on it. I don't know if this matters at all?
  18. Are any of the usual online outlets still shipping this? Amazon, Zavvi etc have it up, but for delivery within a month. I'm a bit late to the party, I know.
  19. It's not usually the case with Atlus. The limited edition often seems to be the only edition. I really should have thought to place a pre-order.
  20. I'd put it up there with Scribblenauts - sounds brilliant on paper, but doesn't quite work in practice. There really isn't any variety in the puzzles. It's not awful though. It has novelty value at least.
  21. It really is - I can't think of any beat-em-up that tops it, fan-project or otherwise. Awful to see it get taken down at the last minute like that. Also: it's an old article, but there's lots of good stuff here. Link's Awakening 3D has been canned, but several of the others seem to be alive.
  22. JohnnyRyall


    They reissued a lot of the early albums recently. There's a compilation with their first few lps + eps on it - Cop/Young God/Greed/Holy Money. That's as good a starting point as any. Or Soundtracks for the Blind, as sexpanda suggests, if only for . There are more than a few duff tracks on there as well though, it must be said, but I think that applies equally to every Swans album.
  23. Well known, but Bomber games' Streets of Rage Remake is really impressive. It's based on the original SoR games, but adds a lot of new content besides. There's also a Metroid 2 remake in the works, which is looking decent. Link.
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