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  1. 8 minutes ago, sir shrew said:

    TLOU Remastered was a full graphical upgrade at 1080p 60fps and it was down to £15  and a pack-in title pretty swiftly after release.


    MK8D's 1080p 60fps graphical upgrade is much less significant and it retails at £50, sorry £45. Plus Battle mode, which could've been dlc for the Wii U version. Maybe the price will drop significantly, but Nintendo games rarely drop that low.


    They're comparable. Mario Kart Switch has new modes and content and I don't see that the graphical upgrade is that much less significant than that for TLoU.


    But yeah, they really could have had included it, or another of the Wii U ports, as a pack-in.


    I personally think Nintendo have blundered with the Switch's launch and that the criticisms Edge, and just about every other publication, have made are mostly fair. I'm still totally sold on the console itself and love the idea of a hybrid, but I don't think it's going to be another Wii, whereas in the build-up to the Jan reveal I thought it could be.

  2. Well that's interesting. I'll see what happens.


    I was more worried I might lose them permanently, knowing that that can happen through other means.


    I should in hindsight have just killed my striker, who I ended up paying the salvage cost for, as they weren't carrying much having died so early in their run. That way I could have salvaged the collector. I really wasn't on the ball last night...

  3. That's not great it must be said, though you've omitted to mention that there's a movie mode which runs between 1440p and native 4k at a locked 30fps. Which isn't exactly bad.


    It does though provide a hint as to why so few devs are using the Pro to try and hit higher framerates. I guess the Pro's beefy GPU upgrade but relatively minor CPU overclock just doesn't help much in pushing higher framerates.


    I was longing for a 60fps Bloodborne patch when they first announced the Pro but I think that dream is long dead.

  4. That's a good deal on death metals. Hope it's available in pal regions as well. I need more storage space. I keep expanding it and then filling it up in no time.


    I had a go on this last night for the first time in about a week. It was late and I was tired but as I hadn't had a chance to play in ages I decided to try and squeeze an hour in before midnight.


    It didn't end well. I had my highest level striker killed by a hater within minutes of starting my run. As I needed 50k to salvage her and had nothing in the bank or my rewards box, I decided to take my rank 2 collector out to farm some kill coins. Stupidly decided to take him up to level 20, got killed by a hater at the end of a long run, and needed another 40k to get him back. I then sent one of my rank 1 fighters off to the lower levels to farm some more kill coins, encountered a lvl 76 hater on floor 3 and... well, you get where this is going.


    Most annoying was the second death. I was creeping up on the hater to supplex him, a frog jumped in as I pressed x and of course I picked up the frog instead, tried to drop it in a panic but instead began to eat it, and found myself machete'd to death by the hater before I had the time to finish. I was livid.


    Are there any consequences for leaving your fighters dead without having paid the salvage cost? I managed to pay the salvage cost for two from expedition rewards but still have one fighter dead on floor 22, carrying several blueprints and probably enough kill coins to cover the salvage cost when I get around to paying it. I'm worried about leaving them there, but I'm not likely to have a chance to play anytime soon as I'm away all weekend. Unless I can squeeze in an hour tonight...

  5. Reviews look good so far.





    Nioh isn't a masterpiece then. It's not quite fresh or original enough to be. But it is a return to form for Team Ninja, a studio many feel had lost its way after the departure of its founder Tomonobu Itagaki in 2008. Nioh's loot-heavy hack and slash doesn't fire on all cylinders - though to be fair its aims seem more singular than that of its competitors - but it's a refreshing reminder of just how thrilling a solid Team Ninja combat encounter can be. Primarily single-player games are on the decline right now, but Nioh is a strong argument for the merits of this withering form.


    The Eurogamer review has confirmed a few of my worries about the final game, however, which is that the loot system would lead to lots of tedious item management (we knew this already from the alpha, of course), and the levels would be lacking in secrets and the sort of intricate level design you expect from the Souls series. I think the combat system alone will carry this one.

  6. Shadows of the Damned popped in the post this morning. I missed it at launch, and having not watched any footage, I really don't have a clue what to expect from it. I hope it holds up.


    10 hours ago, JPL said:

    I still find it mad that people profess that the 360 is the best console that's ever been, yet will quite happily skip the Xbox One that's host to some amazing titles of its own AND plays pretty much the entire library of games that made the 360 the best, because they think it's a shit console.


    This BC stuff they've pulled has been absolutely outstanding, and MS deserve a lot of credit for it. It's a shame more people haven't cottoned on.


    Xbox BC is brilliant, but it makes more sense to judge the X1 on its library of exclusives, which just doesn't hold up when compared to the 360's. It's great that you can play many of those games on the X1, often with better performance, but it's perfectly fair to criticise the X1 for not having as good and varied a line-up as its predecessor.


    I'd like MS to fund more games like Lost Odyssey. It's games like that which sell a console for me. The latest entries in the big totem franchises like Halo and Gears you can largely take for granted.

  7. The offerings are always good, but I cancelled as I was finding that I already owned so many of the games.


    You can't sign up for a given month after the games have been revealed. You can only sign up for the next month, though they'll always tease one game from the coming bundle before revealing the rest.

  8. I was so young when I played the original Luigi's Mansion that I hardly remember anything from it. Perhaps I should go back to it - I might better appreciate the complaints about the sequel.


    Going into the sequel without any real expectations, however, I thought it was brilliant. One of my favourite 3DS games.

  9. I hadn't even realised Torment was coming this month. There's no prospect of me playing it at launch. I still haven't got around to either Wasteland 2 or Pillars of Eternity, despite buying both.


    While we're commenting on absent games, Night in the Woods should get a mention. It's a high profile indie, releasing on consoles as well as steam. Haven't the slightest idea what you do in it but it looks like it could be good:





  10. I really liked Luigi's Mansion 2. There are a lot of complaints about the mission structure, but it worked well in my view. I loved the way the same environments would change between each mission.


    It also had a surprisingly fun multiplayer mode, though it was hard to find anyone playing online when I went through the game this time last year and it's probably even more dead now.

  11. Cautiously optimistic about Horizon. The story will be ghastly - I feel pretty confident in saying that much from the story trailers we've seen and going by Guerilla's past output - but I'm hopeful the combat will hold up, and that the world will be small, contained and interesting, and not a big bloated open-world with a million fetch quests and collectibles.


    Nioh almost certainly, unless the reviews are savage. I always miss the Souls games at launch, as they have a habit of releasing when I'm away, so it'll be nice to go through one of these games at the same time as everyone else.

  12. As Broker mentions, he only uses A Call Beyond at a distance, never when you're close to him. Just circle him, chipping away and dodging to the side rather than back whenever he does his tentacle attack so that you keep within range. He'll go down really quickly.

  13. :lol: There must be so many utterly bizarre games on mobile, but I don't even know where to begin to look on the app or play stores.


    Rock of Ages deserves a mention for perfectly recreating Terry Gilliam's collage-like animations, and as it's also a brilliant game beyond just being bizarre:



  14. Wow, 19gb. The patch notes on their website suggest its just bug fixes and UI changes, but maybe they've added new content.


    Probably wishful thinking, but I'm really hoping they'll do something to improve the loading times. I can make a cup of tea in the time it takes me to get from the waiting room into the tower.

  15. As awful as games like Omega Quintet are, they're so common from Japanese devs these days that it's hard to have a "wtf" response. They're more depressing than anything, especially as a lot of these games are coming from studios that once put out great stuff. Not so much Omega Quintet - Idea Factory have always been terrible - but the equally gross Dungeon Travellers came from Sting, who have produced some of the most creative RPGs going back to the SNES era: Knights in the Nightmare, Treasure Hunter G, Baroque.


    I imagine most of the people creating games like Omega Quintet know they're awful, and would probably be as baffled as the rest of us if they knew about the internet crusaders in the west dedicated to defending them, as if they were an authentic expression of Japanese culture or something.

  16. My Summer Car is pretty special:



    From Eurogamer's write-up:



    It's early days, of course, but there's already so much to love in My Summer Car, a delightfully wilfully abstruse puzzle of game where every car's a shitbox, where everyone is shit-faced and where there are three whole commands dedicated to swearing at passers-by. Like the Datsun-like at the heart of it all, it's more than a little rough around the edges, but you wouldn't really want it any other way.


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