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  1. What do you prefer about the PS1 version, out of curiosity?


    I thought, even at the time, that it had a pretty dry localisation. I know some purists like it, but it's totally lacking in character compared to what I've seen of the 3DS port and certainly compared to DQ VIII.


    I'd say that VIII is a better entry to the series for most people, though I suppose it depends what you want from the games. VII is bigger and has a deeper battle system with much more scope for customisation, but VIII has a lot more personality.

  2. I had given up on the Tales series some time ago, but Berseria sounds like it might be worth a look. Not many reviews out there, but they're mostly all positive. IGN review is glowing.


    Reception for Zestiria was pretty negative from the outset from what I remember, so they've obviously done something right with this entry.


    18 minutes ago, gossi the dog said:

    I can't believe there have been 17 entries in the series! I played Tales of Eternia (was known as Tales of Destiny II in the US) back in the early 2000's and thought it was ok but not as good as Star Ocean 2 which had a similar battle system and got about 15 hours into Tales of Symphonia before giving up and never returning to the series.


    Even more if you count all the spin-offs. They've been releasing one to two Tales games every year for the past twenty years in Japan, with probably about half of those making it overseas. It's crazy that they keep selling.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Wiper said:



    Well, you've got a month to try and get them all played!


    (I know that problem - there are plenty that I haven't played that I imagine could change my list(s) - Hyper Light Drifter, The Last Guardian, Inside, Firewatch, Blood and Wine and Virginia are all games I can see doing well if I play(ed) them)


    Impossible! I'm trapped in the Skinner box that is Let it Die, unable to bring myself to play anything else.


    I had grand plans to play the Last Guardian, Dishonored 2, and perhaps also Mirror's Edge over Christmas, but instead I'm hooked on a free to play game that I hadn't even the slightest interest in until it launched a month ago.

  4. My poor fighters are sent on expeditions without clothes or provisions.


    It's an act of kindness to the poor souls whose games they invade. That, or I just can't be arsed to get them out of the locker and equip them with armour. On the rare occasion they manage to kill whoever they're invading I never notice an increase in the number of items or splithium I get.

  5. I'm only up to floor 20 but so far I'm still scavenging everything - armour and weapons - except for on boss runs. It's served me fine up to this point, but I think I need to start getting a bit more serious about kitting my characters with decent armour before runs, as going in naked and then encountering a hater at level 75 with a sniper rifle can mean a quick death.


    I'm really lazy about pre-run preparations - I tend to just dump everything in storage then go out with an empty inventory, or maybe a few of the shrooms my fighters bring back from expeditions. But there's no point skimping on armour if it costs you 25,000 to get your dead fighter back.


    Quick question: How do you get the lifeshrooms that revive you at 100% damage? Is it from killing golden pilbugs? I have a few of these in storage but not sure whether to use them for levelling or for the shrooms.

  6. I think you'll probably be able to take advantage of the various items and spells the game gives you to moderate the challenge. I barely looked at all the items I was picking up in the demo, or the ninjutsu you can learn, but I'm sure it will be possible to get through seemingly tough fights with the right buffs. I noticed when I did look at my inventory that it was full of firebombs, cannons and the like that I hadn't even bothered using.


    No doubt there will be a wiki full of easy exploits and tactics for every enemy in the game within a couple of weeks of release.

  7. 13 minutes ago, jonny_rat said:

    I was slightly concerned about some of the balancing of enemy attacks as well. A few had damaging attacks that came out immediately and with little or no warning, and as has been said the boss's jump attack does some very odd tracking and causes camera weirdness. This isn't a massive problem but I found myself relying more on blocking than I wanted to. Or perhaps I was missing something . I did however give up at Muneshige: not sure if I was underlevelled or under equipped or just not good enough, but I was being stunlocked to death from full health from attacks that came out super-fast!


    Which I complain about.. but it's also great. He's an incredible boss. Just not sure if I could see myself ever beating him without levelling up! Which was the thing that the Souls games managed to always avoid.


    Tachibana was really tough for me as well.


    I think levelling and getting better equips probably makes a bigger difference in this game than in Souls. I was using armour from the main mission when I fought him, and at level 12 in weak armour some of his attacks would one shot me every time. I did the twilight mission afterwards, and found enemies dropped armour that weighed less than what I was wearing and yet was about three times as strong. I didn't get a chance to fight him again, but I'm sure having that armour would have made a massive difference, even at the same level.


    The equipment and loot is the one thing I really don't like at all about Nioh. I love that in Souls every weapon and piece of armour is viable. I just can't be arsed to open an inventory and have a million variations on the same weapon to sort through.

  8. It really isn't necessary to get a handle on everything. The game gives you a million techniques to use, but I don't think it expects you to learn them all. It seems more a case of trying to accommodate different play styles. You can play slow and cautiously - when stuck on an enemy, the old techniques learned from the Souls games, of patiently keeping your distance and waiting for attack animations to play out before going in for a heavy attack would usually get me through. You don't have to be using ki flux and stringing together long attack chains the whole time. Picking off enemies one by one works for the most part.

    I would say it's worth learning the ki pulse mechanic and trying to get into the habit of using it, though I've seen videos of people getting through the demo seemingly not using it at all or even bothering to switch stances, just as some people manage to play Bloodborne without ever parrying.

  9. Well Tachibana went down eventually. I ended up using spear in low stance to chip away at him in a battle that must have taken 15 minutes.


    I'm looking forward to coming back and properly hammering him after I've had a chance to level up and get better equipment in the twilight mission.

  10. On 1/20/2017 at 15:21, momomo said:

    I have decided I will buy A GPD WIN instead. Its the same price. £280.


    Not much information on here about it (unless I have searched incorrectly).


    Its a Windows 10 Pocket PC that will play some new games albeit with setting turned down.

    The subreddit (get rid of extra space)

    https://www.reddit    .com/r/gpdwin/comments/595kax/games_that_are_a_good_fit_for_the_win_nonemulation/

    The thing that really sold it to me was that the Dolphin (GC and WII) Emulator it runs so nicely


    check out this guy playing Twilight princess on it.


    I have one of those, and it's good for the millions of indie games that I have in my steam library but never find time to play at a desktop. However I really don't see how it compares to the Switch. They do different things, play different games, and are vastly different in design and build quality.


    You're also massively over-selling the GPD Win. Dolphin is far from stable in most games - get outside of the starting area and Twilight Princess' fps collapses even in 50hz mode - and while it's possible to play new games on it, I'm not sure why you would want to given the compromises that have to be made. It's good for indie games - at least those don't require much precision as the GPD Win controls are ghastly - and emulation up to Dreamcast but it's not going to offer you anything like the Switch is with games like BotW.

  11. You can unlock a move which allows you to ki pulse by dodging, without the need to press R1. Makes ki management easier, as even if you're in the habit of attacking then instantly dodging away, you still recover a bit of stamina each time.


    (I actually much preferred the way it worked in the alpha, where dodge pulse was assigned to low stance only, so you could do a string of high stance moves, switch to low stance as the animation finished, then dodge to recover all your stamina without the need to pause and press R1.)

  12. Tachibana's a right bastard. I feel like I have a handle on all his moves, but my damage output is so low that the battle drags on forever, and eventually I get killed by one of his charged attacks.


    I should probably switch to heavier armour, as I'm wearing light and when he applies his weapon buff his charged attack will one shot me on a full health bar.

  13. It's quite tricky.


    I haven't played the game since the alpha, but if the final version is anything like that version then it all begins to come together once you understand the ki pulse mechanic, which basically involves pressing R1 at the right time after attacking to recover your stamina bar in order to maintain longer combos.

  14. 8 minutes ago, Rob Rule said:

    What's the atmosphere of this game like, guys? You know, the personality of the thing.


    The opening sequence does a good job of setting the tone:



    It's a wonderful game, brimming with character and humour, helped by a great localisation. The only other RPGs I've played which compare are the Paper Mario games.

  15. It's better to just buy vials.


    Whenever you warp back to the hunter's dream to level up, just spend any surplus echoes on vials and you'll soon have a good supply. Excess vials go into your storage chest, and when you die or return to the hunter's dream they're automatically added to your inventory.

  16. Glad to see they're doing another demo. I was away when they released the beta so didn't get a chance to try it, and I'm keen to see just how much has changed since the alpha, which I loved.


    I hadn't even realised the game is out in only 3 weeks.

  17. 20 hours ago, MW_Jimmy said:

    Recent tips here on using Expeditions, Lifeschrooms and Transparungus have transformed my runs. My current thinking is to really pack out a collector with them, and see how many new floors he will clear.


    Likewise. Biggest revelation for me was learning that you could roast stuff at the mushroom lady's place. Alongside the usual pre-run chores (sending fighters on expeditions, clearing my rewards box, upgrading equipment), I now spend a couple of minutes cooking a load of mushrooms and critters. I used to do this during runs, but I found cooking the creatures especially to be a constant nightmare - much time was wasted chasing after frogs and crabs that I'd tried to chuck in a fire and somehow missed.


    Also discovered this evening that the pickaxe is a great way to kill the pilbugs.

  18. I was just about to post that I'd logged on this evening and the 30 death metals for £5 offer was there. Perhaps they added it again, or, probably more likely, I missed it last time, though I was looking for it specifically so I don't know how I managed to.


    Thanks for checking with them on twitter.


  19. Just bought the BTA tier on that bundle without realising I already own them all. :unsure:


    Anyway, keys going for Else Heart.Break, Shadowrun: Hong Kong (gone to Mentazm) and Stronghold if anyone wants them. Post in here and I'll pm the key.

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