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  1. 7 hours ago, Mr Cochese said:

    Also, I have a fairly high bloodtinge, but shots from my most powerful gun (the repeating pistol) still do absolutely fuck all damage.  It should be at least comparable to a swing from a regular weapon, but everything seems to be armoured against it. Feel like I'm missing something there too.


    I would avoid putting too many points into bloodtinge, as there's not a great deal you can do with the stat - guns aside, there are only a couple of weapons that scale with it. And guns really aren't much use for dealing damage, as Hexx mentioned. There are a couple of exceptions, but the few that do heavy damage, like the cannon, are also really quite unwieldy and pretty useless in most situations. Guns are mostly for parrying and high bloodtinge doesn't give you any advantage here.


    If you're not sure which weapons you want to focus on, aim to get both str and skill to 25 (the soft cap), as most weapons scale a bit with both. You can then work out whether you prefer skill or str based weapons and take one of those stats to 50 (the hard cap).

  2. I'd be interested to hear what they come back with on twitter, but I think I've missed it.


    I might buy one of the other packs. I should really spend something on the game, after all, given how much time I'm putting into it.


    Having said that, I'm not really feeling any compulsion to spend, and I wonder how many people will. I've only been using my death metals to expand my storage space, and having learned about the lifeshrooms they seem less necessary than ever for revival.


    I hope the game is successful for Grasshopper/Gungho. It's the most generous F2P game I've ever played. Perhaps the penalties for dying and the cost of salvaging your fighters would be less if you were designing it as a retail game, but I'm not sure you'd change much beyond that.

  3. I think it's the special forces set that I've been upgrading. Will probably continue with it for now until I get access to better materials and blueprints.


    30 death metals for £5 sounds great but I don't remember seeing that pack, only 5 death metals for £5.


    I do remember reading that there was deal similar to the above around launch but I assumed it was time-limited or US-only as I couldn't see it when I checked the store (this was back in December). Did I miss it?

  4. Another question:
    Is it generally best to just choose a single armor set and upgrade that (which is what I've been doing), or are there certain standout sets that are generally considered the best to upgrade? I've so many resources to use up that I'm tempted to just upgrade as much as possible, but I've already got one piece of rank 2 torso armor to +4 and I'm just waiting for the right items to convert it to rank 3, which will see its defence leap from something like 250 currently to 900. Seems pointless upgrading anything else in the meantime. Maybe I should just scrap all the cotton, wool etc I've been hoarding.

  5. I had no idea about the lifeshrooms. I've been roasting the pillbugs.


    Is the effect temporary, or can you use one at the start of a run and have the effect last throughout?


    Just getting back into this after a few weeks without my PS4 during Christmas. I've a dozen games to play, including newish releases like the Last Guardian and Dishonored 2, but this one game is still monopolising all of my time, as it was throughout December. There's something utterly compelling about gradually working your way up the tower, unlocking new shortcuts.


    BTW, and others are probably already aware, but I just last night realised that there's a starter pack of items and 5 death metals available free for PS+ users in the store. Came in handy for me as I needed to upgrade my chest (currently 180 capacity and still constantly full along with my rewards box due to my tendency to hoard shrooms and resources).

  6. 6 minutes ago, sir shrew said:

    More negative nuggets round-up:


    *only 720p

    *only 32gb internal storage

    *only 3 hrs game time on battery

    *doesn't charge when docked (seriously?) - separate charging cable (this can't be true...)

    *no internal speakers - headphone only (again is this verified because that would kill the portable local multiplayer on games like MK unless they expect you to buy a speaker seperately)


    There are speakers on the bezel.


    I'd be baffled if it doesn't charge when docked. I imagine the separate charging cable is for those who want to carry the console as a portable but not bring the dock with them.

  7. He's really tricky. I've fought him god knows how many times and I'm convinced that the timing for some of his moves in his second phase varies subtly each time he uses them. I can never reliably parry him in his second phase.

  8. No, the lightning waves always start in the middle of the land area (irrespective of where the orphan is when he triggers the move), and then disperse in waves, meaning if you're in the water at the very edge of the area by the time they reach you they're much further apart and hence easier to dodge.


    I haven't explained that very well, but give it a try and it will quickly make sense.

  9. Pinched from Neogaf, the first year lineup for Japan doesn't look quite so bad:




    March 3 (Launch Titles)
        Disgaea 5 Complete
        Dragon Quest Heroes I & II
        I Am Setsuna
        Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence with Power Up Kit
        Puyo Puyo Tetris S
        Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII with Power Up Kit
        Snipperclips: Cut it Out, Together!
        Super Bomberman R
        The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


    April 28
        Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


    Spring 2017
        Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker


    Summer 2017
        Splatoon 2


    Winter 2017
        Super Mario Odyssey


        Xenoblade 2


        Arcade Archives
        Derby Stallion
        Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
        Dragon Quest X
        Dragon Quest XI
        Fire Emblem Warriors
        Minecraft: Switch Edition
        NBA 2k18
        New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers
        Project Octopath Traveler
        Project Sonic 2017
        Shin Megami Tensei
        Sonic Mania
        Story of Seasons
        Taiko no Tatsujin
        “Tales of” series
        The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
        Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers



    Lots of ports of course, but I'd be happy if Dragon Quest Heroes and the Koei strategy games arrive over here (and no reason why they shouldn't given that all have been localised on PS4). They'd be a good fit for a handheld like the Switch.


    A western release of Dragon Quest X is fanciful at this stage but I'd forgive Nintendo for every cock-up in this morning's reveal if they decided to pick that up and localise it as they did VII and VIII on the 3DS.


    I'm guessing SMT will come to PS4 as well - they'd have announced it as an exclusive otherwise.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Stuart said:

    I still am uncertain how the Switch will replace the 3DS in Japan. Anecdotally I don't see people with tablets outside their house/on public transport, they're too large.


    This is my worry. I keep reading posts suggesting that it's a perfectly viable successor to the 3DS, but I really don't see how it can be. You can't get on a bus or train during the morning school rush in Japan without seeing half a dozen kids playing on a 3DS - they're Nintendo's main market and the reason the 3DS has sold so well. And I just can't see said kids' parents suddenly buying them an expensive tablet as a replacement to the 3DS. Sony struggled to market the Vita as a portable.


    The fact that Nintendo are still supporting 3DS into next year makes me think that the Switch is really only supposed to be a successor to the Wii U. Whether we see a new console in the DS line or a stripped down version of the Switch I don't know, but they've got to release a dedicated portable of some kind in the next two years or so.

  11. 17 minutes ago, Adrock said:


    The clock speeds will need to be kept the same as current to keep the game performance the same. The smaller screen would probably save some enegy but I'm not too sure it'd be enough to push capacity that much higher. The other option would be to make the battery bigger and utilise the space not needed for the docking.


    I would have thought the games would run at a lower res on a smaller screen (i.e. 540p, in line with the Vita), so could get away with lower clock speeds. Given that the games already scale between the console in its portable and docked form I assumed it would be easy to have them scale down further for a portable only console.


    Or I'm talking out of my arse and none of this is feasible. I don't know.


    It does beg the question, though, what do Nintendo do if the Switch sells like their recent home consoles rather than the handhelds. They have to come up with something to replace the 3DS.

  12. I'm torn. I really want to play the best version of BotW, but there's just little else there at launch, and the price is steep.


    I'll be in Japan for several months later this year. Assuming the pound doesn't collapse even further in March, I might just buy it there - with the current exchange rate 30,000jpy isn't bad.


    Otherwise, I'll wait till I'm back in the UK again in the Winter and buy it then when Mario launches.

  13. 3 minutes ago, Adrock said:


    That'd be quite difficult though, I think. The battery life would need to be doubled in game to 6 hours or so to make it a worthwhile handheld machine and I dont know what they could do to manage that.


    Would a smaller screen, and lower clock speeds on a portable only device, not make the difference?


    They've surely got to be planning something as a successor to the 3DS, given how well their handhelds sell (60 million 3DS' sold vs 13 million Wii Us) compared to their home consoles. In its current form the Switch doesn't really feel like a 3DS replacement. Too bulky, too expensive. I always assumed there would be a revision of some kind down the line.

  14. The grip looks a bit odd and uncomfortable to me. It might be fine when you're holding it, of course.


    Ideally we'll be able to use the Wii U Pro controller and won't have to buy another. That would soften the blow a bit.


    I don't know if the pre-order prices we're seeing online are going to stick or if they're just the usual inflated RRP prices and will come down, but £65 for the pro controller is really pushing it.

  15. I'm sold on the hardware, and have been since the initial reveal. I love the idea of a hybrid, but then I'm odd in that I do most of my gaming on portables (and even loved the Wii U's design for all its flaws).


    But there were no exciting new game reveals there at all. Mario looks great, Zelda continues to look amazing. But I hoped for something that we hadn't seen. A new Metroid, perhaps.


    And the price. While I always thought those expecting £200 or less were being fanciful, when you start adding the cost of all the extras, £280 is steep, especially considering the lack of a pack-in. For the console, a pro controller and Zelda you're looking at £400. Not so tempting.

  16. The most memorable for me by far was getting a Gameboy Color with Pokemon Blue around the age of 10 or 11. I'm pretty sure it was the first console I owned myself (my brothers monopolised the megadrive and n64) and I was totally obsessed with it. I can't remember playing any games other than Pokemon on it. I'm not sure I ever owned any.


    I've fond memories also of Super Monkey Ball and Rogue Squadron on the Gamecube, and Konami Krazy Racers and Castlevania CotM on the GBA.


    Since then I've always been a year or two late to each console. Mirror's Edge and Little Big Planet were my introduction to the PS3, Viva Pinata to the 360.


    For the life of me I can't remember what the first games I played on PS4, XB1, 3DS or Vita were.

  17. Killzone and RIGS were both on niche platforms - they had no real prospect of selling well.


    And I think it's more than sales. So many UK studios are closing these days, even studios like Lionhead which had created massively successful games in the past. What's the reason? Is game dev that much more expensive in the UK than Japan or the States?

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