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  1. Finished the campaign on Resident Evil Revelations on the WiiU. The first game I have played right through for a long time!
  2. Farley

    Nintendo Wii U

    Black flag arrived in the post today, thought I'd give it a quick spin earlier. Cue another 90 minute download.
  3. Farley

    Nintendo Wii U

    Thanks for the pointers. I'm up and running now, have put most time into Metroid Prime which is (still) brilliant and has caught me up in it all over again. Its funny how much of a difference having it downloaded makes, just something simple like not waiting for the doors to open seems like a massive improvement. Would be nice if you could just play it through the gamepad instead of the wii remote.
  4. Farley

    Nintendo Wii U

    So I finally picked up a Wii U, got the mariokart bundle. Got it home and was amazed when it spent the rest of that night updating itself. And then most of the next night swapping stuff from the Wii. Finally managed to play some MK late into the evening. I'm late to the party so will look through this thread, but what games should I be picking up? Is there anything well suited to a 4-year old? I got Nintendoland, and Wii Party...and have downloaded the Metroid bundle. Thanks.
  5. Civ V has me in its grip!
  6. This is awesome. Have changed laptop at the weekend so it runs better now, not reliant on the strategic view, although that was fine. Is it worth building barracks, they don't seem to have as much benefit as before? Also is it worth putting effort into faith? I don't really get it so far, but I haven't really played much past middle game so far...too much to keep me busy!
  7. Totally agree about the workers. Left to their own devices they get up to all sorts of things. I could use a steer on a couple of things... City states - conquer or leave alone? Puppet / annex conquered cities? Transports see to have disappeared, I'm struggling with invading other continents... Any thoughts very much welcomed!
  8. Yup. Its a world of difference to CivRev which I've been playing for some time. Loads to tinker with!
  9. For some reason this has completely passed me by - it looks great I've been playing SMAC again but will get this!
  10. Just got round to starting this today, it's great so far.
  11. Almost finished kingdom rush, finally opened xenoblade today...
  12. Thanks for that. Scary stuff. A school I know has been complaining that children are coming to the reception class and trying to 'swipe' books to turn the pages.
  13. I've been playing this for a few hours, its great. I have no idea what I'm doing with the leveling or perks.
  14. I did exactly the same when I booted up my shiny new game this afternoon...
  15. I've just finished the second dungeon and some general pottering, just over 10 hours I think.
  16. Got Zelda yesterday. That's the first time I've bought a game at launch for a very long time.
  17. Yeah, that is a bit odd, especially as theres a character that tells you to have a look round at night as its different. I'm only just into it though, maybe there will be more later.
  18. Arrrgghhh! This thread has persuaded me that I can afford to buy this, and will find the time to play it. But it's sold out in the supermarkets .
  19. I agree, its a very good book. I pick it up every now and again as one of my regular reads.
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