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  1. So I’m on Xbox since Gamepass added Shadowfall and back actively playing again. How do I leave the renegades and join up? Been looking but can’t see the option?
  2. Nah you want to play the Red War campaign before it’s gone forever...it’s a decent shooter and will level you up nicely
  3. All the expansions included, including Beyond Light on release day but you need to buy season passes if you want the extras they bring to the party
  4. It’s hard... very hard. The controls definitely take some adjusting, I’m not a fan of having jump on a bumper but you need it here as you need to have control of both sticks whilst platforming. The instant restarts and good checkpoints give it a feel of Celeste in 3D and the blood and puzzler feel to the combat reminds me of both Hotline Miami and also Superhot. Runs fantastic on my laptop (i5 8300 and a 1060) epic everything and 60fps.
  5. No Shadowkeep launched with the first season pass included with the expansion...this is the firsts Destiny expansion where buying the basic level upgrade doesn’t get you all the first three months content
  6. I was a no as I primarily game on PC now and my machine will definitely last another year or two at medium settings, the Xbox is the kids Gamepass machine and any chance of me getting a PS5 at launch was killed by Sony announcing Miles Morales and the new Horizon will get PS4 versions... I’ll be waiting due Ragnerock I suspect. But the massively attractive low cost combined with my original Xbone getting a little elderly (it likes to turn itself off and need the power brick resetting every couple of weeks or so) has meant I’m upgrading it to a Series S. That way I get to tr
  7. Yeah this is the first time they will have pay gated content when an expansion launches
  8. It’s only a tenner if you still have an epic store voucher thing from the sales or rocket league. Seems basically to be a first person platformer which is a favourite niche genre of mine so I’ve bitten
  9. If anyone is planning on picking up the season pass for season 1 of Beyond Light on Xbox there’s a tile on the rewards app for 2500 points for the 1000 silver it will require. Knocks £2.50 off the relative cost...
  10. Personally I think Eternal does a pretty good job of platforming in first person but I’ll admit it’s an acquired taste (I love FPS platformers and they are fairly few and far between). Its no Titanfall on fluidity of movement though I’ll admit
  11. I have some very disappointed children. 5am now looks most likely so have placated for now they’ll be able to play in the morning as holidays have started (will hopefully keep them quiet whilst wife is working!!)
  12. True but as has been pointed out they also made a game we both paid £60 a few years ago free a year ago so nothing new in the feeling robbed stakes (I don't feel robbed I've played more D1/D2 than any other game ever - but just saying I guess) I do wonder how they will manage transitioning new FTP players without any campaign content post vaulting - maybe Forsaken and Shadowkeep will go free I suppose
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