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  1. Y’know I really loved Dynamite Dux back in the day. Note to self do not revisit that memory
  2. Decided to have a mess with Stadia since my Ubisoft+ sub is also now valid there. Ended up playing the first third of Little Nightmares 2 which is both creepily compelling and also felt as if I was playing it natively. Quite impressed both with the game and the service
  3. That is actually somewhat unfair…in Blinx you could rewind the entire level, maybe 10 minutes of play. That required a hard drive. SoT allowed you to rewind about the last 30 seconds (back to the point prior to you leaping the wrong way off a column). Blinx did very little with the concept but it did need a hard drive to execute it.
  4. Well that was fortuitous indeed, particularly as the MCC is on Cloud gaming and there’s also a quest just for loading it this week. Made my life a little easier anyway
  5. My kids have been playing since release and I am enthusiastically informed it’s really good. (Yes they are Pokémon obsessed)
  6. Blinx wasn’t terrible at the time, it was just mediocre. The issue was at the time it was still a big thing to have a signature character platformer for your new console platform and this was the Xbox version. It was no Mario. FWIW mind I really liked Kameo…Blinx will be interesting to revisit all these years later if nothing else.
  7. Outriders is night and day now from what it ran like on the Xbox One S servers. It was completely unplayable on the cloud before but now for me it’s running quite well.
  8. I thought the Series S was relatively easy to get hold of now (unlike the X). Just looked and Amazon also have them available for next day delivery…
  9. I was ‘reliably’ informed via google otherwise but even now would probably save me money just to buy the season pass on my account so would be interested to know.
  10. Bloodroots (PC) I should be finishing the last half of ME3 via the legacy edition but after 150 hours getting there via ME1 & 2 I’m struggling to motivate myself. I think playing the entire trilogy back to back might have been a mistake. So instead I’m loving this little western themed Samurai Jack inspired Hotline Miami one hit kill em up. Its a little janky in place but the main mechanic (cause death by a literal multitude of innocuous items) is so compelling I’m pretty driven to finish it.
  11. Kids have got back into this since we picked up the nether and Hidden Depths DLCs. Obligatory rant that family accounts can’t share dlc so had to buy them multiple times as they access the main game through my Gamepass account so couldn’t use it to get the season pass. Still can’t see the appeal myself (much like the parent game) but they are loving it again
  12. Oh jeez I’m going to have to get this aren’t I? Probably about 2 weeks before it gets added to Gamepass or included in Humble Choice
  13. Raji is worth a try for fans of Prince of Persia and the original God Of War games. The slightly woolly controls undermine things a little but it’s a fun and beautiful looking romp in places.
  14. Wouldn’t that just basically be the original God of War trilogy?
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