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  1. Everything levels you up to 1200 (soft cap) Powerful engrams get you to 1250 (hard cap) Pinnacle activities get you from 1250 to 1260 I think Crucible rank ups only get you to the soft cap
  2. Yay they’ve finally fixed the audio bug on PC (which wasn’t present in the launch build lol). Still adoring this game and north of 70 hours gradually mopping up everything...
  3. You can’t, it gone... vaulted along with most of the planets it took place on. As a new player right now you can play the remixed New Light campaign, the Forsaken and Shadowkeep campaigns and the current Beyond Light campaign. Everything before has passed...literally
  4. If you are returning with all your equipment at 1050, I’d recommend trying the reworked introduction New Light campaign in the Cosmodrome on Earth. Pick it up at the kiosk at the Tower. Eases you back in as it’s the on boarding for new players. Its also quite good
  5. All the Shadowkeep and Forsaken content remains in the game. It’s the original Destiny 2 campaign and the first year DLCs that were removed when Beyond Light launched. Forsaken is arguably the best content in the game
  6. My S has done the pad thing once too. Internet suggests it’s a common issue
  7. Massive are The Division studio, which sadly probably means no Division 3 or D2 expansions for a while. They do a mean shooter though so I’m certainly interested (I’m with @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow though, I love Ubisoft games).
  8. Fade out track to episode 2 of Alan Wake
  9. They're not - he says a lot more in the hotline videos (as do the other characters on the hotline in the DLCs) then he does actually in game
  10. Yeah there’s a really generous window on the parry so you can just spam it when she does the repeated blue attack and if you have powered up the potion to increase reflected damage it takes off about half of her life bar. Then reflect the green one and wack her with the hammer whilst she’s frozen. IIRC in her last form in the God Vault she turns red when doing the blue attack so you can’t party those but the green one is still fine. Parry seems to often be the key to the bosses that like to stay a long way away from you
  11. I thought that until half way through the fight when I realised your supposed to reflect the projectiles back at her and then she’s a doddle
  12. My eldest has been through two official left joycons, one official right and is on his second Hori Zelda left joycon, all have got the dreaded drift and also had some buttons stop working (usually the minus button, think that might be linked to using the WD 40 contact cleaner). He doesn’t exactly look after it well mind so I suspect any controller might have struggled (the Xbox One controllers look a little worse for the wear since the kids started using them, I bought a new one kits for me lol). Mrs Dream’s Switch (which was originally my launch machine) got drift on t
  13. Battle for Neighbourville is the latest They've all kind of blended into one for me
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