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  1. This is bloody great - shame the EP its from is a little mediocre
  2. Kena: Bridge of Spirits What you get if you cross a large helping of Zelda with a side order of Pikmin, a dash of Uncharted, a smidge of a hundred odd PS2 platformers and a large measure of Dark Souls and chuck it all in a blender with a Pixar film. Its very likely to be my GOTY
  3. Well I'm in - got it for £30 from CDkeys pre-order and I think it looks great* *I actually liked The Avengers game
  4. Pleased about Forgotten City, I oh so nearly bought that last night using my Epic £10 voucher. My kids will be pleased with Echo Generation as they loved Riverbond
  5. Weirdly looking at the install sizes on PC, 3 remastered is a mere 18gb rather than the new version of 2 is 54gb (1 is 20gb for reference). Suggests that the work on 3 maybe somewhat lighter touch than it’s predecessor
  6. Well it’s not the best deal in the world but as I have no choice but to get the AC paid DLC for an obsessed wife and 2 kids over 3 separate switches buying one family subscription rather than the same thing 3 times alone makes it a bargain. (and the N64 stuff a nice freebie)
  7. Technically the Gamepass PC launch in Beta was June 2019 so we are talking years now (albeit just over 2). I’ve had no real issues with it either but there are multitude reports of issues all over the internet of problems on different builds (the resetera thread/poll on the matter record just under 50% of respondents having problems). Gamepass on PC is a great service but I think there’s no denying it really doesn’t work very well on everyone’s system
  8. This was bundled with my new laptop but have had to wait until release to claim the key. Will probably give it a spin in the near future
  9. It only converts to 12 months if you don’t have an active Ultimate subscription. You have to let Ultimate expire, then load the Live and then subscribe to Ultimate again. The remaining live subscription then converts on a month for month basis.
  10. Yeah actually the occasional difficulty spikes have a real bite to them which actually gives the game a distinctive edge given the Pixar-style theming. I took down down Taro last night and it was very satisfying when he finally went down. There’s a nice mix of the Zelda boss battles and general brawling with the clear weak spots for exploitation for certain abilities combined with the parry and dodge hack and slash. It has got a lot in common with Fenyx but far tighter and unlike that game it gets trickier as it goes along rather than the typical open world inverse difficulty curve.
  11. Its only those you’ve claimed sadly (I forget occasionally).
  12. Actually it could be that as pretty sure I used the 360 version as it’s already in my library and didn’t know there was a Xbone version (which is presumably the one In Gamepass). Although the PC version didn’t work at all and that is definitely the Gamepass version. Dead Space 3 is a 360 title so it not working would be consistent with this, although god knows why they are listing it as a qualifying game…
  13. Is that really a spoiler…I mean it won’t even make sense until you near the end of the game. Actually it doesn’t even really make a huge amount of sense when you’ve completed the game, which is why the writer dlc is essential content. And really the actual ending to the game is really in the AWE content on Control which is little more than a teaser for a sequel.
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