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  1. I really hope you played up to Cause and Effect as that’s the single cleverest level I think I have ever played in an FPS. I mean if you did and you still hated it then your clearly dead inside but if you didn’t play that far you really should give it another go. Then again I loved The Division 2 (although I certainly wasn’t playing it for the story) so maybe my advice isn’t relevant here...
  2. There is some work around involving logging in on the windows store with your account and then logging the other gamer tag in on the Xbox app that supposedly works but your mileage may vary https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/microsoft/comments/c0eswn/xbox_game_pass_pc_family_share/ I certainly don’t think sharing is intended to work on PC Gamepass
  3. I’m quite enjoying it (got to the yellow world so far) and it does look and sound fantastic. The platforming is a bit wooly, but thankfully so far that’s been fairly basic so not caused too many issues. The combat is quite crunchy and I like the fluid pair of dodges/shoulder bashes for dancing around. Clearly not a £20 game but worth a spin on Gamepass
  4. Because having access to Game Pass titles on a dedicated portable games console is quite likely to increase sales of the console would be one thought. Nintendo still persist with that old fashioned notion of turning a profit on hardware sales. There’s not a huge cross over between Nintendo’s own output and Gamepass games so it would only really be impacting third party titles, many of which simply aren’t possible on the Switch currently anyway
  5. It will be Xcloud being available as a Switch app I would have thought most likely. There have already been a couple of games released as streaming titles on the Switch. Although given the Switch’s notoriously flaky Wi-fi I can’t see it working all that well...
  6. Or just lobbing two items at them, I found you rarely miss twice. An upgrade to your health regeneration by collecting the little fragments enemies also helps lots
  7. New Light let’s you access all the planets to do patrols and wander around but most of the activities will be locked out. Im pretty sure you can play the first mission of each campaign for free but everything else is locked out unless you have bought the relevant expansion
  8. Tomorrow but Mrs Dream was getting stressed as she’s not sure if the fishing tourney tomorrow would interfere with it.
  9. And just like that the cheer of joy went up... She assured me the drop rate for this event has been abominable, she’s been farming the balloons on the 10 minute spawn all week and she has only just managed to get all the recipes. Normally she’s done by day 2 of an event!
  10. If anyone has a spare Cherry Blossom Branches DIY my wife would really appreciate it as she’s going nuts popping balloons and still not finding it!! Would also help my sanity as the shrieks of frustration when she gets bells or iron are starting to get a much
  11. Oh come on you didn’t really think he wouldn’t come back, it’s a super hero game and he’s on the bloody box
  12. Play it all the way through @Thor, the campaign has a few wobbles where it leans on the weak multiplayer skirmish missions that make up the endgame but if you mainline it, there is plenty of good stuff after you meet Iron Man. It’s very Tomb Raider meets scrolling beat em up but lots of fun nevertheless. From when you rescue Cap to the conclusion is pretty much all good and it tells a quite neat Avengers story for Marvel fans
  13. The new Louis ended up being completely undermined by the fact that everyone you’d want him to speak to aside from Carol was under an exclusivity deal with Netflix.
  14. Yeah if they can keep up this quality of a repeatable exotic quest mission along with a decent new activity for each season, then I’m likely to stick around all year this time rather than drift off once I’ve completely rinsed the expansion like I usually do. Managed two successful solo runs yesterday to get the first set of scans, and both runs gave just the right mix of challenge but being possible for a solo player of average skill. With this and the legendary lost sectors I think they’ve got the balance bang on (whereas Harbinger was just that bit too hard for solo).
  15. So I finally got around to trying Presage (had it unlocked for weeks but been focused on the power grind and all the other stuff... limited game time et al). Anyway bloody hell Bungie, give me a full game of this (maybe that old unused Dead Space licence would be suitable), it’s absolutely amazingly atmospheric and just about doable solo for even mediocre players like myself. Took me a few hours figuring out the puzzles and the boss got me three times before I had to quit out to cook dinner (feels totally doable mind, I’ll get him next time) but damn that was good stuff
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