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  1. Damn missed this. My refund for my broken one was in Amazon vouchers so need to get from there. That Amazon notification thing doesn’t work as it failed miserably to ping me
  2. Yeah not sure where the OP is going with this, I’ve enjoyed lots of EAs output this gen (Mirrors Edge, Fallen Order and Titanfall 2 being highlights but I also enjoyed Andromeda, Battlefront 2 ended up being great once they ripped out the loot boxes) and I loathe their sports titles. Sure they’re evil incarnate but that goes for pretty much all the major publishers doesn’t it?
  3. Looking forward to this.... reviews sound like this couldn’t be more my sort of thing of it tried. Its going to bomb of course...being the third open world Ubisoft game released in the last 8 weeks and the only one without an established IP; although my eldest wants the Switch version for Xmas so maybe it’s had some market penetration
  4. Yeah it was a bubble show from season 2 onwards I did enjoy season 5 and it told a neat story in its own right, but that interpretation of what The Observers were up to is really out of left field from the preceding 4 seasons and to me the central conceit was the and they wrapped that plotline up with season 4
  5. No but it does actually have two equally appropriate ending from both series 4 and series 5 (they got renewed by surprise and so the last series spins off in an entirely new direction). I think they probably should have left it at season 4 as it rounds off the series mythos much better
  6. If you’ve not played it and you have some nostalgia for the Moon as a D1 location then absolutely. Its no Taken King or Forsaken but I enjoyed it after a years break from Destiny
  7. So I had a flirt with the PC version to play a bit of the new, new light campaign as the boy was on the Xbox. Wow, well I can’t go back to playing it on Xbox One after that...and as my Series S is dead I’ve had to buy Beyond Light on Steam. I mean it’s almost a completely different game it’s that responsive and smooth
  8. Well there used to be one...and then they broke it. I mean there used to be one and it still works fine for the Xbone. Seriously Microsoft sort it out...not that I really care right now as my Series S died after a week
  9. Bah Amazon only offering a refund on return...7 to 14 days. Chances of me getting a replacement before Xmas is slim I suspect. Really rather soured on the bloody thing now
  10. Yeah tried that (well just the one button on the Series S). No dice, not getting anything at all on the screen. Looks like it’s completely borked after just over a week
  11. Hmmm my Series S appears to have died. The power light will come on and the fans start spinning but no output on any HDMI and none of the controllers are pairing which suggests it’s not booting. It’s turns itself by back off after a couple of minutes Tried various unplugging and different power cables and hdmi leads and another TV. Nothing... So frustrating
  12. Woot Pale Waves are back Boo... the new album isn’t out until February
  13. Although I did own Xbox one it was my secondary console and primarily used by the kids in latter times, so my friends list is a little bare. I suspect my Series S may see a little more use... Always up for a spot of Destiny which I’ve returned to and well anything Wise on Gamepass for that matter Gamertag dreamlildreams
  14. The free to play version has a new campaign that kind of reworks the Destiny 1 Cosmodrome stuff and you don’t need to buy the expansion to play it. All gear is 1050 min again now so no need to worry about catching up, level playing field again for Year 4
  15. In advanced settings on the first tab you can see a little picture of every connected device over Ethernet and Wi-fi. Click on the Xbox and you get another dialog box which has a delete button.
  16. Turns out it was this - I am no longer swearing and cursing
  17. Something seriously wrong with the download speed on my Series S - assumed it was just the servers getting hammered on Tuesday but its still no better now. No issues with my router or any other device but I'm only getting 12 mbps on an 80/20 wired connection which is immensely frustrating. Comes up the same on speed test on the machine but my laptop on the same wired connection is getting 71 mbps. Seems like its throttling the speed but no clue why Tried rebooting the machine, resetting the router and wireless and no improvement...
  18. Elite Dangerous free next week!
  19. If you are using then Xbox Console Companion app on PC it doesn’t currently support Series S or X. Remote play does work on the iOS app though (and presumably the Android one) but only for games that are in the cloud service
  20. I’m guessing the PS5 version doesn’t work on the PS4
  21. It’s a shared universe that by all accounts they did a good job of accidentally creating. Alan Wake still holds up and still looks lovely on PC so if they brought the shinies to the Xbox version well worth a revisit
  22. Any-old Bluetooth controller should work. I’m messing with downloads on the iPad using my DualShock 4 as wife still has custody of the TV. Anyway then Series S is seriously cute and very nice that I could just plug in the external and all my games appeared but does feel rather like getting a new iPhone, down to using an app to set it up and it copying all my old setting across by itself and the OS being identical. Shocking omission the PC app not working for streaming on release though.
  23. What seriously? You can stream on the iPhone app
  24. Have you joined the Xbox clan? Gamer tag is dreamlildreams same as PSN if you want to add
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