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  1. Oh two Tvs and playing at the same time - I get it now (and yeah I remember - that front room would have put my other half into a trauma based coma but I could see the appeal). Its completely understandable though - I have a stupidly expensive laptop to game on as we like to be together in the evening even though we don't want to be watching the same thing and we only have the one TV. I reckon the Series S would be perfect for you then - its a fabulous little machine. Maybe an external HD to transfer stuff though rather than the ridiculously priced SSD card thing - it really doesn't take long to move things. I have a 2gb HD hooked up to mine and its easy just to move the things that are frequently in play in and out.
  2. You have 2 Series X's in the front room? Would it not make more sense to move one to the games room and just have 2 profiles on the one in the living room (adding extra storage if required)
  3. I preferred Origins (but I have a big thing for Egyptian mythos) but Odyssey, Origins and Valhalla are all great (albeit largely very similar games). The female leads in all three are the more interesting characters
  4. Ooh yes forgot Guardians…I really liked the Avengers games despite its myriad faults so I’ll no doubt pick that up this year
  5. The old console companion app only works for Xbox One machines and not the Series S or X (never been entirely clear why). Steaming now works for all Xbox’s in the main Xbox app (formerly Gamepass Beta app) and they are sun setting the console companion app. As I noted yesterday however although it’s there and can see my Series S in the app I couldn’t get it to actually stream…
  6. Been playing through the content in order - the original game is great but the bosses are bloody awful. So far the expansions are actually a lot better (finished Armageon, half way through Dissolution) - far more intense and leave you thinking about your weapon choice and positioning. Looking forward to trying the two MachineGames penned packs as I love their work on the Wolfenstein reboots
  7. I have about 1000 games I've not touched so really shouldn't be hyped for anything (too many subscriptions and Humble Bundles) but Kena looks really like my kind of thing and I will no doubt pick up Metroid Dread and try Halo Infinite when it hits Gamepass. The kids are hyped for the latest Pokemon reboot for Xmas so I guess there is that too
  8. If you have the latest update for the Xbox app it's in the middle of the screen next to 'All PC games'. Its pretty much nothing more than a hot link to the web app though - performance seems identical to me (pretty damned good over ethernet but still clearly streaming). The remote play option is in the top tool bar next to the bell for alerts (an icon of an Xbox with arrows above and below it). Not working terribly well for me. I managed to connect to my old Xbone but very laggy - refused to connect to my Series S at all (did the spaceship loading screen and then black screen before throwing up an error message). Work in progress I reckon
  9. If you have Gamepass PC the initial download is only 1.1gb. The quest pops when you open the app before it asks to download another 124gb
  10. Has a real look of a classic 3rd person platformer with a heavy combat element to me. Rather like Alice: Madness Returns or more recently Psyconauts 2. Oh yeah and Kameo. I really loved Kameo. Which makes it pretty much an instant buy for me. It is still coming to PC at launch right?
  11. Judgement appearing on the list given the character actor has refused permission for his likeness to appear in a PC port and thereby pretty much scuppering the series pretty much confirms this as bollocks
  12. I think all this remaster is ultimately offering is a slightly tweaked version of the excellent PC port but on multiple platforms some of which never saw the game on release. So I can safely give it a miss as not only do I own it several times over on PC I only played through it again last year (it’s still great btw) but it’s great to see it on PlayStation and if I only had a PS5 it would be an instant purchase. Roll on AW2 in any event
  13. Well the SNES managed a more than competent port, the first time I played Doom no less. But that's a machine from 1990 so I guess your point stands
  14. New track from the brilliant Muna showing how to ingratiate yourself with the new boss - do a collaboration (they recently signed for Bridgers' new label). Anyway proper soundtrack of the summer stuff - perhaps slightly odd they decided to release it September but hey
  15. This is a bloody great track.
  16. Bloody love that song. The whole of the AW soundtrack is ace really.
  17. People keep buying them though and they’re still pretty popular with kids. My youngest is eagerly awaiting this (and annoyed it’s been delayed as it was supposed to be a birthday present). For the record he has almost exclusively only played the modern games.
  18. Pretty good chance it’s on next months games with gold given previous behaviour
  19. Pretty sure it’s 4 months for 12 months live to Ultimate. Its in the faqs on this page https://www.xbox.com/en/GB/live/gold/upgrade The 1:1 conversion which I was referencing only happens where there is no current Ultimate subscription.
  20. The main campaign is excellent really; a neatly told origin story for Ms Marvel who is massively charming and a game that basically crosses the new Tomb Raiders with a character action brawler. The 3 DLCs basically iterate on this as whatever the future of the game the Wakanda expansion clearly had a lot of money thrown at it and they basically double the length of the game for free. They are worth playing for sure if you enjoyed the main game. The Avengers Initiative games as a service end game stuff remains disastrous and best avoided but for £16 there is 20 hours of decent game in there now and the fan service is fantastic.
  21. I think the only way to get the content for seasons 12-14 now is to buy the deluxe edition of Beyond Light…otherwise you are stuck with the basic content and whatever season 15 adds if you buy it
  22. It has some rough edges undoubtedly and the fast travel is pretty poor no questions. I think how much you can forgive it depends on how much you enjoy the basic game loop, as you don’t have Gamepass and the trial costs next to nothing I’d really recommend giving it a go and seeing how you get on. If you hate it there’s a hundred other games to try in your first month…
  23. Go to the game in the Windows store and trigger the update there. There’s been a second patch since then which my Gamepass app picked up on but that should get up to date either way
  24. Not necessarily new accounts only but can’t have a active Gamepass subscription on when you add the Xbox Live
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