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  1. Yup Nippon Ichi should not have lost the grid - SRPGs need them I'm afraid. But hey La Pucelle was their finest game anyway
  2. To be fair to Prime the original Metroid games as almost as guilty of this point. Samus convieniently aquiring abilities which suddenly let her progress etc..
  3. Whilst I'm not sure what the reason is for blue text its hardly a serious problem is it? Highlight the area if it offends your eyes so darn it. Anyway I don't have a problem with the world design thing - how come the A Team always get locked in a room with all the escape material easily at hand? Suspend your disbelief - its meant to be entertainment.
  4. Nah I played through the GBA version for the first time last year and loved every minute of it. Still playing through Links Awakening at the moment and thats good too - I was a late starter to Zelda games! But and its a big but - Minish Cap is the best 2d Zelda. It may not have the history but its perfectly executed. (prepares to die in a sea of flame)
  5. Actually no because they do an Xmas edition (named Xmas 05 etc) so things return to being only one month ahead after that.
  6. He is. She was an uber fan of his and everything. Like Gary Numan all over again. Any not much to worry about - on past form Daikatana will be ready by the PS4/Xbox720/PCs the power Skynet roam the earth. So lets not hold our breath eh?
  7. I would have but I pre-ordered from YA before I saw your thread and they aren't allowing cancellations on the orders. I won't be using them again.... bah!
  8. Not really - the micro is a different kind of system again. Its a true pocket portable system - rather then a hand held (or bag carry) like the DS/PSP. Room for all three in my life....when Yes Asia finally get around to shipping my 'pre ordered one' anyway
  9. Now weep for the sequel which will never come! As for me: Radita Stories (PS2) - nice gently paced game this, perhaps a little too non linear however for a JRPG. Kolona (GBA) - My current train game is perfect for bite size 30 min plays. Puzzley/platformer which deserves more love. Really should get around to playing the PS2 incarnation based on this.
  10. ign gave it 8* *may not be the most reliable recommendation I'm slightly interested anyway...
  11. You only control the main character. You can collect/buy various commands which you can issue to other members of your party - but these only apply when you are the 'leader' of a party. So far this has been restricted to the side missions. In the main story my Jack is still only a corporal!
  12. So 6 hour mark update. Something of a Suikoden theme going on here...you can turn some NPCs into 'friends' through various means which means you can recruit them to your party at any time. This only seems to affect the optional missions which you can take through the warriors guild you join shortly into the game. Time seems to play a big part - some characters will only appear at certain times of the day. Unfortunatly you can only accelerate the clock by sleeping which turns day to night etc. The game is fairly non-linear. Appear to be tonnes of optional missions - although its not always clear what is optional and what indirectly advances the story. I've done a fair bit of aimless wandering around the city - which is charming but a times a little confusing as to where your meant to be going next. The battle system has more depth then in immediatly obvious - different weapons have varying combos which are strung together in the menu screen and then executed in real time. The more you use a weapon - the more moves you learn...
  13. Jubilee The plinky casio keyboards on Yuko & Hiro do sound game-esque - but I think thats the production rather the elibrate plagurism.
  14. Hmmmm well with a new story at least there will be a reason to play The DS version. Surely some kind of side story would have been betetr though...I don't fancy a rewrite of episode 1 with the episode 2 style. Anyway at least the last PS2 episode looks likely to offer some kind of conclusion!
  15. *claps hands together and prays* Please be a new game....please be a new game
  16. Is that really a good reason to invest £300 in hardware? Jeez you are lazy! I'm in no hurry for the 360 - but no doubt the must have latest gadget impulse will take over...
  17. PSP ads all over Leeds train station at the moment. Not that it really needs advertising since you can;t actually buy one in a shop anywhere at the moment
  18. I prefer not to think about my RPG backlog - never mind Makai Kingdom - I've still yet to really scratch the surface of Phantom Brave! Been excitedly waiting for this a while though so it got promoted the head of the list. Battles are very like ToS but in a full in the round 3d environment (Rather then the 2d with interactable environments in Tales). Not quite as much fun so far - yet to really got my head around the combo system and the PS2 lacks the big A button of GC which was part of the joy of ToS I found! Personally I much prefer this system as it makes battle for frantic and enjoyable - I like turn based too but I get bored soon with the multiple levelling fights - especially if its a very simple system (yes I'm looking at you Suikoden!). One other thing I must mention thats great is Jack's main interaction mechanism with the world. In other RPGs you search for items - in Radiata you kick them. You can kick NPCs too - do it enought and they fight you (and kick your ass if you pick the wrong ones). Yes its a silly little gimic but it made me smile!
  19. Resurrecting this thread as I've just started playing the US version. Enjoying it very much so far. Very similar to Tales of Symphonia - both in art direction and general style (the script gently mocks RPGs and is very amusing in places). The lead character is a dead ringer for Lloyd in attitude, intelligence and indeed voice (same voice actor I believe). The battles play out rather like a simpler version of Star Ocean (unsuprisingly, given they are by the same people) - full 3d battle field with simple action and command structure. Hopefully they will get a little more complex later on. Graphically its lovely - a watercoloured take on cell shading rather then the primary brightness of some interpretations. Music is a tad average but the voice work is generally good (well acceptable anyway ). More as I progress - anyone else got this yet?
  20. The story really picks up beyond the half way mark too...so do keep going...such a wonderful game. As for me...given up on firem emblem 6 for now after my evil flash card died wiped my 20hr + save twice whilst on holiday. Been playing Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for the commute now - am of the opinion it may be the three gba games. Fired up Area 51 on the Xbrick for the first time last night a throughly enjoyed the first couple of hours....seems highly under rated to me. Eagerly awaiting my copy of Radiata Stories from vgp too
  21. I think you may be wrong there. Do not underestimat the awe its cute factor - as well as the convienience of the tiny size. How many ipod shuffles have been sold? Exactly!
  22. Well actually I disagree - Riddick was an excellent and atmospheric FPS. The LoTR titles were the best regeneration of Golden Axe in years and really captured the spirit of the movies. And I loved Spiderman 2 - but maybe that was just me. My point is that licenced games are not longer always bad by default - they may not be up with the classics of a generation but many of them can hold their own as decent games.
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