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  1. Its not a checkpoint as such (you don't restart from there is you die) but the level is in two halves - the road to the prison - and the road to Song after you rescue President Kim. Buy the anti aircraft weapons drop to take care of pesky helicoptors. Helps immensely. Or look for the before they attack and blast them with a tank.
  2. Yeah damned hard...took me all yesterday afternoon. My eventual winning plan - just after the check point is a section with two helicoptors. Level all opposition with a tank (so no bastard blows you up) and then get in the chopper. Fly back to just before the checkpoint and wait for your disguise to take over. Then you can fly straight over the mountains to the base where the nuke codes need entering. The blow all the SAMS up - hop back in the chopper and fly to the ace. Not that this is easy mind....but it worked for me
  3. Billy hatcher is fun and excellent in places But hideously flawed in others I liked it overall but no great shakes
  4. Hurrah Nice to see some mistakes can be corrected...
  5. Its not a lie The Tears as they are now called are playing one of the NME Brat shows I believe too. Whilst obviously massively excited I do worry about this one...'Lost in Tv' aside A New morning was pretty ropy and none of Butlers solo material has been up to much. Still we can but pray
  6. It is good...but the quality is diluted over 2 cds. Would have made an outstanding single - better perhaps the The Downward Spiral
  7. La Pucelle rubbish? Pah its my favourite of the three. Disgaea is arguable the better game but I prefer the characterisation and story in La Pucelle. Phantom Brave is decent but a little too clever for its own good
  8. That wouldn't be difficult I've had a little play and it looks worth continuing with. Personally for me its Xenosaga Epidsode 2 that I'm getting all excited about...
  9. Playing the PS2 version and has whilst enjoyable it does have more then a few frame rate issues when the action heats up. Graphics are also rather erratic - flicking from outstanding to ropy in quick succession. Control is tight however and the level design seems fun so far...
  10. Last: Gene (Academy 2 Manchester) penultimate gig ever *sniff* Next: REM in Sheffield currently
  11. Pfft....its not fit to wipe the boots of 'Meadowlands' Now there's a great missed album
  12. Suede - Suede Still one the finest debuts ever and introduced to multitude of stuff (admitedly mainly The Smiths and Bowie but everyone's got to start somewhere right) Go I hope The Tears stuff can live up to this and Dog Man Star
  13. 2 XBX HALO 2 LIMITED ED / $81,269,580 / 1,489,406 So not all that limited then!
  14. Hmmm that section with the 4 red maidens....I think you're meant to throw them off the ledge behind you rather then try and fight all 4 at once...makes things a lot easier that way I still can't understand all the hatred in this thread....the game to me still plays like a fluid dream....I'm enjoying the combat - a little practice and startling sequences are possible - duel wielding another sword and using the combos will help no end as well. The games atmosphere grows on you...and the later parts of the game are startlingly good....far more impressive then anything in SoT - did you get up to the towers? Worth the price of admission alone. Maybe this wouldn't have become such a whipping boy if it hadn't had the PoP name attached to it - didn't see many complaints about the dark atmosphere or dodgy s&m leanings in DMC or Ninja Gaiden now did we?
  15. Hmmm this is very true but as pointed out shipping from Tronix is dear and on the few occasions I've used therage I've found them unreliable (one parcel of goodies took 6 weeks to make it here). vgplus might be a little more expensive but they remain the most reliable online retailer I've dealt with (immediate shipping when in stock? Check. Excellent pre-order service? Check. 3-5 days delivery almost every time? Check) I've sent a lot of cash these guys way this year and they've yet to let me down...happy to pay a little extra (tis only about what a PAL game would cost from Play or Simply games afterall...)
  16. The Cube version has its fair share of glitches....the lip syncing is miles off and in one cut scene the dialogue just cut out completely...thankfully the sub titles were on. These minor bugs aside however the scenery is far more impressive the the original....the design of the castle flits neatly between gothic disrepair and arabian style splendor. The change is characterisation is a little tragic....but the game itself is a blast...and just as much fun as the original. Perhaps Ubi would have been better to divorce this from the PoP name as whilst the gameplay is recognisably a tweaked version of the original, the setting is alien. Shame it seems it was a little rushed for the Xmas release however...bugs and presentation glitches aside, the story is flawed and there is no real logic to the Princes sudden regaining of his time control powers.. Still I'm really enjoying the game but it is inferior to Sands of Time...
  17. Ho hum.... more modern games are rubbish talk. Nonsence I say. This generation has produced just as many classics imho. Personal votes for classic status: Tales of Symphonia - this gens Secret of Mana I reckon; beautiful, classic stylings and wonderfully playable. Xenosaga episode 1 - epic stiring space opera that demands to be continued, excellent battle system too La Pucelle Tatics - I maintain this is better then Disgaea, sufficent twists on SRPG formula but better characterisation and plot. Probably my most enjoyable gaming of the year.
  18. Actually no...Rogue Agent is only as much as sequel to EoN as in its has a tenuous Bond connection, infact its about as much as sequel to EoN as it is to Goldeneye. Very different game, genre etc etc amen. I for one also enjoyed EoN - typical EA style and panache and good fun, shame the driving sections were irritating. TBH however I doubt there will be a sequel in a similar style...it sold fairly mediocre amounts for a Bond game and with the current confusion over who the next Bond will be I suspect we'll be stuck in first personland for a while with the licence. Oh and only The Two Towers was by Stormfront (to the earlier poster who I forget), Return of the King was internal EA.
  19. Couple sof my fave indie floor fillers The Longpigs - She said They Might be Giants - Birdhouse in Your Soul Placebo - Special K Suede - Metal Mickey
  20. Yeah but they might just release Mario Sunshine Revolution and everyone will buy it anyway. Hmmm well its working for the DS....
  21. See here's the thing...the Cube isn't dead (in Europe sure...but world wide no) So plenty of revenue to be had from sales of the two biggest Nintendo franchises. Do you see?
  22. Damn it Vgplus.ca are still sticking to the 30th Nov US release *sniff* Just for once it doesn't pay to import...
  23. oops....missed that bit! But then again Star Ocean and Skys have hardly been big sellers now have they? Infact FF aside J RPGs seem to sell very badly in Europe....probably becuase all us obsessives import them on US release I suppose!
  24. Because without releasing the first game no-one would know whats going on... This is a proper continuous story series....unlike Star Ocean or Final Fantasy...methinks Xeno 2 would sell very little if released on its own
  25. I quite like what I've seen of the new graphical style...although the loss of the epic soundtrack is a big shame. But hey I may like... My love for the original is great enough to make me desire this plenty either way. URTV trio? Rubedo and Jr are the same person right? Anyway more Albedo can hardly be a bad thing....
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