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  1. Winter 2005? It had better not be....
  2. Well I'm bloody awful so count me in Gamertag: dreamylildream
  3. Damn Ed said it for me! Xenosaga remains one of the finest games I've ever played....wonderful stuff. I started a thread very similar to this on Suikoden III - just couldn't get on with it at all. My recommendation is give up and go play Tales of Symphonia like I did...now there is an RPG deserving of eating your life
  4. Bah make a sequel to La Pucelle will you Nippon Ichi Prier needs to return
  5. Hmmm methinks there should be a category for Japanese Strat RPGs - very much a genre in their own right imho. Guess whose nomintaing himself for prime nerd there. (although no doubt someone on here will have outlevelled me on disgaea....bah sure I've played and finished more of them then ya....ahem )
  6. Positive impression are what we need to hear....too much of the negativity in this thread is based on hearsay of those who have barely been near the game. Although I'm not keen on the change to the Princes character I still maintain the game looks amazing and it remains my most wanted pre Xmas game. I refuse to believe that the talented team behind the original will screw it up...and indeed if the combat is much improved (which is the only proper impression I can get so far) so much the better.... So more detailed impressions please Mart....I need to know
  7. Hmmmm people have been playing way too much San Andreas by the language in here today
  8. Bah ignore them...its still my most anticipated game of the year and I'm praying that the darker tone is just that tone and not a fundemental gameplay shift. Ubisoft haven't let me down so far...and what I've seen looks different but excellent...just that nagging fear of a re-run of the DMC2 experience needs re-assurance... Anyway I'll stop hi-jacking the thread now
  9. Oooh PoP2....damnit you have a fine job! ;-) Any chance of impressions being posted? Anyway as for me mainly San Andreas no doubt, although I have the last 2 chapters of Blood Will Tell to finished off too
  10. My Panny Q. I may already have a perfectly good DVD player and GC. But damn it - its so pretty and shiny
  11. No he doesn't ....he sounds distinctly like Damon actually... Bah... Ms Lavigne est tres bon and all who disagree are wrong (and have no sense of fun) and helicoptor is way better then banquet
  12. Ah I thought offering to sell me the 7" suggested you weren't that keen. Don't think the vocal is that Robert Smith-esque myself...although its certinaly has a sarfy lint.
  13. I'm guessing from the the comments so far.. I could be own on my love of this band bah Did I mention I liked Avril Lavigne too hehe
  14. Got that wow factor whilst listening to Zane Lowe on Radio One on my home from work last night. He played the new single by Bloc Party - Helicoptors and it completely blew me away. Now a few hours later with the aid of slsk I've assembled a small collection of their output to date (no album yet ) and I'm very impressed. Remind me very much of Blur circa 'Blur' album era, (the vocal is very Damon) but with the energy of The Strokes and the buzzy guitar lines of Interpol. Certainly to my mind far better then the likes of Franz Ferdinane or The Futureheads (neither of which I rate at all as you may have gathered). Anyone been entranced by them yet? Are they worth checking out live?
  15. *shrugs* Doesn't stop it from being accurate though...
  16. Its way more Coldplayish then 'Keany' to my ears. 'Gone' could have come straight off Rush of Bloodt to the head. There's also some manchestery type influences on the second half of the album...Last Forever and History spund distinctly like the Doves last record. I really like it anyway....faw less mawkish then much of Hopes and fears
  17. Yeah the Damon thing is disturbing indeed. Q described the band as Blur meets The Smiths which is a fair appraisal if you ask me... Its not a great album, a little padded in places but has enough worthwhile songs to be worth the price of admission 'Lost in the Plot' is terrific as is the title track
  18. I love it...but on the evidence of the season 3 opening its going down hill. The dialogue was indeed as its been pointed out, teeth grindingly awful and a compelling and interesting scenario has all too neatly wrapped up in 'the all lived happily ever after' type fashion. Which is a shame because early episodes always did the unexpected - the chip fat scene with the secretary being a case in point - an emotional sledgehammer in the vein of the end of se7en if there ever was one. The developing of Tom's character has been interesting - going from teh smooth cool super spy - to someone clearly being driven insane by the job - has been well portrayed. The key scene from the first episode was where he confronts his ex CIA g/f in the car park - she's getting out but he's heading further in. Apparently he leaves at the end of episode 2 - I hope for the programmes sake its in a suitably messy fashion. I found the new guy interesting tho' - a little like Tom maybe - but without the earlier incarnation of Tom's moral grounding...and little less intense as well. Nevertheless I think the series will struggle without Tom & Zoe...
  19. Hmm but sometimes albums need work - not every classic is an instant best friend straight from the cellophane. If you think like that maybe you're best avoiding REM's ouvre alltogether and stick to something more instant - Britney Spears maybe? Okay I jest but getting a record to click is often half the fun. However the faint praise that 'Around the Sun' is partly justified - REM are treading water and have been since 'New Adventures...' imho. Rather like Reveal (and indeed Up) the new album has a few songs that will are up with the bands best work, but a record taken in its own right, its well somewhat dull. That said I'm sure they will be as excellent as ever next year, which is why I'm off to see them twice (any one else off to the Sheffield or Hyde park gigs?) Oh an REMs finest moment is Green - surely everyone knows that
  20. A quicksave option that deletes when you reload (a la Final Fantasy Tactics or Castlevania: AoS) in all games (not just GBA/handheld) - don't make me wander around for hours looking for a save point when I need to stop playing please. This would make dipping in and out of say RPGs or the likes of Metroid Prime so much easier...
  21. It had better not be... (how many years have we been waiting!)
  22. hehe I enjoyed Bounty Hunter too....sure the design was awful in places but it was fun...and very Star Warsy...maybe I'm easily pleased. Also castlevania: lament of innocence was a damned fine game...and an Edge 8/10 iirc?
  23. ptwizzy Tales just keeps getting better the further you play in y'know. But life is too short to waste on games that you aren't enjoying... Anyway as for me - contrary as hell me as I dislike/fail to see what the big deal is about: Halo - ho hum, one day I'll figure out what all the fuss is about....no doubt I'll buy the sequel tho' - just to see if I 'get' it this time. Mario 64/Sunshine - for me classic styled platformers just don't work in 3D Metal gear Solid/ MGS2 - its just not much fun....
  24. No great fan of the Xbrick myself: its ugly, I hate the controller (yes even the new 'S' version - it just doesn't feel right), and the majority of the exclusives are not really appealing to me (yes I don't like Halo either...I can see its a worthy game but I just didn't connect, of course it doesn't help I'm generally no fan of FPS). Its my least used of the three latest gen consoles However for Ninja gaiden, Riddick, and now Outrun 2 its undoubtedly worth £99 My tuppence worth...
  25. They used to but you can now order and pay on release as long as you use a credit card...
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