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  1. Game sent me a free copy of the magazine (strange given there was no way I would ever consider actually paying money for it) so I can tell you they don't give scores. However in the 'critical' comment section they say on Driv3r: "Driv3r is all your favourite shootouts and movie car chase scenes all crammed into one package...Driv3er simply demands your attention!" (It also should be pointed out that there is not a negative comment to be found on any game reviewed in the entire magazine) Also on a side note in the contributers section there are credits to Joano Sanches and Kieron Gillen....oh how the mighty have fallen. Excuses KG?
  2. Zelda 4 swords for me Long live 2d - can hardly wait for the Minish Cap
  3. Galleon Probably the most god awful game I've played in years (I mean I even played through Star Wars Bounty Huter and quite enjoyed it, so I have a high tolerence level for shit!). And I wanted so much to love it - I liked the angualr graphical style - the sense of scale in the levels - the excellent voice acting... But The controls are broken beyond repair - they are clunky and hopeless for this type of game. See they thing is the reason the control method is so innovative is because no one has been stupid enough to try it before... Awful wooly combat, floaty rubbish jumping and piss poor level design. The puzzles may be clever but are over complicated and unrewarding. I'm sorry but after POP having this little control over a character just doesn't cut it... Sorry Toby but this was five years wasted I'm afaid. And the worst thing is not only did it cost me valuable hours of my life but I only managed to sell it on for £15 - thus costing me £25 in real money that could have been spent on something (anything better)... Eeek I feel real venom for this game
  4. That was always my pet hate in the 8/16 bit computer days. In the end I bought a SNES style pad that had two buttons mapped to up and down. It made Mayhem in Monsyerland a joy I can tell you....shame it came along so late in the era...
  5. Ditto. I gave up...sometimes its just not worth it...I hate ridiculously difficult bosses
  6. Hmmm maybe I phrased that wrong. But complexity isn't something to be afraid of....additional layers, different takes on battle systems...and in Suikoden III's case different takes on the same story add depth and provide a means for RPGs to evolve beyond the simple Tolkeinesque collect/destroy the items of power to save the world from an evil force etc. As for point two: perhaps it is a shame but where do we go from here to develop the genre? As for a simple story well told beating a complex messy one - true enough but when we have heard the story so many times before is there anything new to be found in the telling? And no one should ignore Suikoden II just because it belongs to the Psone era...with a few exceptions the original Playstation still has the finest selection of role playing games yet produced....
  7. In which case maybe he should be heralding FFI as a great game... Oh wait that's by Square isn't it?
  8. And whats wrong with being complex for the sake of it? Surely this plays a large portion of most RPGs gameplay? Anyway play Suikoden 2 - its the best of the series
  9. Hmmm but Suikoden is dated and rather simplistic. Something of a 'my first RPG' really. FF IV -VI have aged much better....superior plots and more to do. But then again gameplaywise there isn't a huge gap between Suikoden and most of Square's recent output. Methinks you may just be bored of RPGs...
  10. Going back to random battles just for a second Surely the best solution is that shown by Xenosaga...Chrono Trogger/Cross etc and show where the enemies are so you can choose when and whether to fight. To me this is just so blindingly obvious....am I wrong?
  11. I like to finish my games, so I seldom have more then two on the go at once....even then if a game is good enough (and for that I mean deserving of my time) I generally want to play it through to completion to the exclusion of anything else. All this doesn't stop me form buying games mind....hence the large number of boxes still in their cellophane wrap in my games cupboard
  12. Yeah but there's only so much room under the telly right? Backwards compatability means you can sell to upgrade and stops your living room turning into a retro Dixons showroom
  13. Xenogears unfinished? Okay maybe so....but disk one was so good it can be forgiven. Personally I'm hoping Monolith remake it as part of the Xenosaga series (as it is supposedly part 5). But fumbled the ball in the Psone era? FF Tactics, FFVII, Brave Fencer, Front Mission 3 all beg to differ I'll think you'll find. However even I'm not goin to defend the Chocobo stuff
  14. I bought it cheap second hand No guide
  15. He did call the thread 'Why I hate Squaresoft' which is close enough surely?
  16. I remember ringing a few times over Super Metroid. God I was rubbish at that game....hmmmm, nope no idea what to do now....again
  17. I see... so logically following your argument you think The Hobbit is a far superior book to The Lord of the Rings... Whats the matter? Xenogear got too many big words in it for you? Maybe you should go an play Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest....oh wait no you couldn't do that because its a Square game... *sigh* Anyway all this is ignoring the obvious...Square are a publisher not a developer....the games mentioned in this thread are all very different to each other...FF, the chrono and Xenogears(saga) series all have very different takes on the RPG and are all by completely different design teams. Saying you hate all Sqauresofts output is about as logical as saying everything EA produces is rubbish..... erm hang on
  18. Pah I shall believe that when vg+ tells me its shipped. Earlier this week it was supposed to be out on Tuesday.... Personally I being to think it will never materialise...
  19. Okay this is true....each FF game has always been an evolution rather then a revolution, but strip back the story and the set pieces which makes the later games so great and there's not much there gamewise...hence my disdain for FFI. Anyway I'm done with this one too...I'm quite happy to let you keep FFI! Xenosaga is an interactive movie....its a very good one...indeed there's nothing wrong with the idea of an interactive movie imho if the game bits are done right...Xenosaga does take the piss a little in the length of some of the cut scene (the lead up to the song of nephillem dungeon is over half an hour for gods sake) but it gets away with it because the story is fasinating...
  20. Erm hang on...were we playing the same game here? The plot of FF: there's these 4 hero (who just happened to be wandering around convieniently together)....and they are required to go on a quest to find some crystals. They get them...the end. Its a (not so) mini adventure Okay there's a slight little twist at the end....but really thats about it. FFX has its flaws but it manages a little more detail and epic scope then that... Depends what you want out of a game...but for all its freedom (well having a world map at least) all you can do FF outside the main 'plot' is wander around and kill monsters. Personally I play RPGs mainly for the story....without this key element they rather fall apart as the 'gameplay' is ultimatly fairly repetitive in even the best examples. I'm not FFX's greatest fan.... (I'm with the FFVI brigade) but its enjoyable and spectacular....and the battle system is 100s of times better then the rudimentary stuff in FFI...as you'd expect really 14 years on (not to mention real puzzles...mini games and other assorted window dressing). Of course the best RPG of recent times is Xenosaga...but then that really is an interactive anime series...
  21. I've also played through all of the Psone remake series (for my sins) and quite how you can describe the incredibly basic, plot free snorefest which is FF1 as better then X worries me. (played and finished all the FF series except III, which looks unlikely to change until I a better (any) grasp of japanese) Very simple battle system, no plot, basic dungeons, masses of simplistic random battles and huge amounts of levelling up to progress.... Sorry I'm a massive FF fan but I wouldn't make anyone play though the first couple of games unless they really wanted to see how the games had progressed...
  22. What by making him lose the will to live by playing FF I + II?
  23. As the NES games on the GC/PS2 collection were only tidied up (no sprite clashes/ flashing characters) it seems likely the Gb games will be indeed in glorious b&w. No conclusive answer for you tho'....but I'll be surprised if you can do anything other then mess around with the backdrop colours...
  24. They are five of the GB games - different the the NES/SNES games. The first one Dr Wileys revenge is a classic!
  25. Mmmmm? So there was a better Mario style platformer on the C64? Ignoring Giana Sisters....that was just plagurism and Mayhem's controls were far more fluid and responsive
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