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  1. Bugger...just had an email to say mine has shipped from vg+
  2. Hey this is far far far better then another port of FFVI! FFIII has never been released in the west previously - first time in English! My FF collection will finally be complete *hurrah*
  3. If its a cool item give it to me (20 odd hours playing the game and never did find any bloody grass)
  4. Hey Mia rocks - she's just so obsessed with Kite's bracelet its not true. Her relationship with Elk is hilarious as well. Anyway you need to level this pair up on some easier random levels and give them some decent armour/weapons - trust me it'll make life easier for you in the long run!
  5. Loads of copies in the Game sale at the moment Only £20 too....shame its such a poor game PAL Otogi seems to be getting harder to get hold of
  6. Oh my lord...that was quite honestly the worst piece of sub tabloid rubbish I have seen in a long time. Ridiculous long air time on an ancient game problem that has an obscure US court case still running? Check Portraying gamers as blithering idiots (see Myiamato shrine bloke on SMB2/Doki Doki Panic...for heavens sake you know exactly why they did it so why ask a dumb question). And what was the woman's obsession with Yammamoto? He's a businessman...not a nice person. Get over it!
  7. The shots look a lot prettier then the PS FF:Origins conversions. But I'll keep my wallet at bay I think...having played all the way through Origins I can confirm that both these games have aged fairly badly and by all accounts FF II wasn't that hot to start with. I'd buy FF III for completism though but I'd much prefer a GBA port of IV & VI
  8. Actually thats very true....does no one remember the cover image of the Xmas 01 issue F X X K in X Box font. Edge had been as cynical as the next man about MS's great white hope up to then...Halo made them sit up and take notice. Having said that I think Halo is over rated....but then again I'm not a fan of FPS and I failed to much entertainment out of the much trumpted innovations. Perhaps if I had spent an enternity playing PC Quake clones I may have though otherwise...but ultimatley Halo is still about running around in first person 3d and shooting things...and gamepads...even analogue pads are not really designed for this sort of thing. I can admire Halo but I don't believe it is 'tha greatest game eva' - it plays to its audience - as a non zealot I was pretty non plussed. Anyway enough Halo hijinks....when you going to do something about that awful Edge website hey TM...its in a time warp of going on two years now
  9. Take an armour or helmet or necklace that gives you an earth magic with you and and plentyof mage souls... Then you kill him with techniques as opposed to having to use the single go spells
  10. The bosses have infinite hitpoints until you get a chance to drain so its hard to tell if you are doing any damage....you can only kill them after they've been data drained. Keep hammering him with any earth magic and eventually you'll be able to drain him...then smash him about a bit and he'll fall but for gods sake don't get too close...without an ally to revive you you'll be toast.
  11. lol The games subtle like that! I tended to carry a few different armours around and swap when neccesary to get the right magic as the elemental blasts tend to make short work of most monsters. (usual predictable thing: ice beats fire, earth beats wood, darkness beats thunder etc etc) Oh and you get chosen as a keyword on the other server in the game (revealed about half way through). There's the odd very tricky dungeon in the game but the rest of it is fairly easy...the big problem is the dungeons can take ages and you can't save within them. Major frustration when the boss kills you! And those bloody evil walking treasure chests that enchant you into killing your mates....grrrr
  12. Wind Waker Once you've got those damn triforce pieces out of the way the final dungeon/confrontation is magical.
  13. You need to blast its ass with magic. Its a wood element so kill it with earth (raining rocks etc)
  14. I agree Chaos Legion was great....DMC without the silly puzzles...kind of... As for mine...well I did enjoy Star wars: Bounty Hunter - not a great game my any means, but nicely plotted and playable. certainly no where near as awful as I had been led to believe.
  15. The pic in gamesTM is the C64 version tho! But yes it was published by Mastertronic
  16. dreamylittledream


    Having recently finished infection I'd say it was a great little game and at about 20hrs to finish, not quite so mind numbing long to clock as the average say FF game. The games are simple but fun...although trying to play all 4 one after the other will probably get very tedious as the main gameplay (wander around dungeon...kill lots of monsters) does get reptitive. Main problem with the first game is while the plot is intruiging...not a huge amount happens...and the end is just bewildering. Whilst each plot tit bit interests you more and more by the end you don't know a huge amount more then you did by two hours into the game! I've got all four on US (given parts 1-3 can now be got for $20-30 probably the best way of picking them up) and I'm looking forward to playing mutation but probably not for a few weeks yet...too much else to play
  17. If I remember rightly you have to roll the joypad (best played digital ;0 ) forward like you were doing a Ryu fireball in SF2. Sabin develops more special moves throughout the game...all of them require street fighter 2 type pad movements.
  18. Maybe not just graphic but sound and the whole presentation experience makes modern games seem better now. Example played Golden Axe on MAME last night and it felt prettry rubbish (despite the warm glowing memories), but I throughly enjoyed the two EA LOTR games. The gameplay in both is very similar so what makes the PS2 game better then the ancient arcade machine? I dunno maybe I am just a visual whore!
  19. Its a Manchester thing. 'Mint' - "really rather good" in the Queens English God knows why
  20. Actually I really enjoyed it...although the story is far from original...infact its a complete rip of Tad William's 'Otherworld' books. Still a good series I think...but I am an RPG nut admitedly...
  21. damn it bought this for £20 last week Life is so unfair!!
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