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  1. Somehow I think the SEGA brand is far more valuable to Sammy to let it die. Afterall its the main reason they bought the company...
  2. Fire ninpo her just as she fires the purple balls at you and then run in and kick some ass. Just remember to run/roll once you finish the combo...or you'll regret it. Anyways hate to say this but there are harder moments in this game then Alma
  3. Its by Cavia....not sure about their pedigree, but they weren't affiliated to Square or Enix premerger I believe
  4. Another vote for Arc....its a solid game Although not as good as Arc the Lad II on PSone...
  5. Pointless to say this but sequels seldom have the impact and are often inferior to the original - particulary when the original was much lauded. Hmmm cynical old me eh but I suspect both Halo 2 and HL2 will be let downs
  6. Actraiser 2 never got a PAL release Twas pants anyway...stick with the first one
  7. Drakengard - the first 'final' boss who is just so cheap and virtually impossible that I was disgusted. Only managed to beat him/her by hiding up its skirt and blasting repeatedly. Very disappointing. POP:Sand of Time - so after all that wonderfulness you go an spoil it with a pointless and ridiculously easy boss...ah well Many more no doubt but these got my goat recently
  8. Could have been worse....you could have had to do that stupidly designed bit with the skeleton archers over and over again before getting to the boss. That bit was just plain evil...if you had no bloody arrows left anyway. And the bow really does need a lock on....I've lost count of the vast number of arrows I've wasted by hitting pointlessly behind my target. No matter tis all good
  9. This is true....and if the camera isn't lined up right he always jumps in the bloody wrong direction. Thankfully it doesn't effect the fighting bits...even when the camera is in an odd position Ryu usually can take care of himself. Anyway just met Alma and kicked her ass first time.....okay I did have a full bar of ninpo (but then again where was there to use it earlier in the level...the tentacle thing is a wuss) and I only used 3 potions. Either the game is getting easier or I'm getting better. Anyway I'm reassured by the thought Alma is the toughest boss...I will defeat this game...oh yes!
  10. They are only publishing it...the game is by some independant code outfit. No idea if the PAL version has been enhanced or has 60hz tho'...I had the NTSC version.
  11. For me its a bit of love one minute hate the next. I think I'm okay with the combat and since the bloke with the horse I haven't found the bosses too challenging...having said that I'm on chapter 7 now and dreading the arrival of Alma. However whilst the combat is ace and fluid the platformy bits are frustrating in the extreme...unlike in POP you don't feel entirely in control of Ryu when jumping/wall running around...the section with the maces I've just gone through are teeth grindingly annoying. But its not too hard I reckon....I'm making progress and I'm hardly the worlds most talented gamer.
  12. Yup Look here for further details http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=42684
  13. We can but hope.... I've no problem with the slower stuff but KTLR is overweighted with it and a few of the songs are easily forgotten as a result. Having said that it needs to be up to their old standards: 2nd Amendment was a bit uptempo Easyworld by numbers to me. And we want more over blown angst ....feel sorry for your self louder damn it Dav!
  14. Whilst I do love KTLR, This is Where I Stand is far superior....a better album of infectious, precocious and completely over the top guitar pop has yet to be made. KTLR is pretty and jas some lovely moments but its all a bit too grown up in comparison. Too many ballads. Having said that This is All I Can remember is one of my songs of the year - REM's Country Feedback reworked with industrial guitar and a malestrom of emotion. Brilliant stuff
  15. Hmmm this seems rather like a shame. I rather like seeing the GTM guys views on things and the idea of magazine writers looking for constructive feedback? Not heading off to the ivory towers are you guys? Incidently as a review is a completely subjective piece of writing which refelcts one person's opinion of a game it does seem odd that that person does not have the final say over the score. A review only has value as one person's opinion afterall so why does the score (which is only a number, the text has all the reasoning) have to be subjected to any editorial 'sense testing'. Probably just being naive here but there you go...
  16. Hmmmm 156 as well surely! (although the initial guitar line on Am I wry is just most addictive thing ever) And anyway recently We Used to be Friends - Dandy warhols Somewhere only we know - Keane A Stain to Never Fade - Easyworld Gender Bombs - The Stills
  17. Damn it still no copy anywhere in Harrogate
  18. Hmmm its a decent enough game but not deserving of an Edge 8/10 Having completed the US version I can tell you its a good enough but somewhat flawed game. (Possible spoilers ahead) The hack n slash levels are amusing enough...but graphically dull for the first third of the game (way...way too much grey) and the missions lack variety in objectives and ultimatly revolve around slaughtering thousands of cannon fodder troops repeatedly. A lot of the game has a levelling up feel in an rpg - the more kills - the better the weapons get etc. The combat however is a bit too simplistic and the weapons don't really vary enough to make you that bothered about them - Caim's main sword is good enough for the whole game pretty much. There's not really any 'levels' that are in the Balders Gate style - they just tend to bookend story sequences - the majority of the game plays remarkably like Dynasty Warriors. Some of the levels are way, way, way too long as well and are more an endurance test then of skill. However mass slaughter is great fun - and hopping on the dragon and raining firey death on the hordes below is an experience to be savoured. The levels in completely in the air on the dragon take a long time to warm up - the first half a dozen are dull as hell - and compared with the mind boggling visuals and frantic style of Panzer Dragoon Orta pale considerably. The last few dragon levels are excellent however - once the dragon and powered up and the game makes more use of the 360 degree movement to dogfight etc. The presentation and plot however are first rate - and the story is very dark indeed. Although the dialogue as ever could do with a little work (and the main character is struck dumb in the opening 20 mins!) The four different endings to the game is interesting as well (although to be honest the first ending is the best - the last is just plain weird). So enjoyable - but could and maybe should have been executed better. Oh and the first endings boss is the most evil thing you will ever encounter! I'd give it 7 - worth a look - esp to Square fans
  19. Any word on a release date on this yet?
  20. Okay maybe its just me....but apart from the new Zelda game *which we knew about as WW2) where were the surprise GC announcements? Sure there's a few AAA titles here...but where's the rest of the stuff eh Nintendo?
  21. Does look great. But damn its rubbish title. Who thought that one up?
  22. Me too... But hey there's always E3 next year (We can but hope)
  23. Fair point and it does look lush... Maybe if we're lucky WW will return...afterall this is obviously completely seperate plot wise. Anyway regardless of how it look its Zelda....its bound to be magic
  24. Yeah I'd go with both. Don't get me wrong the 'realistic' stuff looks nice (since when has Zelda ever really been realistic though?) But I was looking forward to another outing for the WW engine - seems such a shame to waste it...
  25. Hmmmm so there is no Wind Waker II? Damn it I like cell shading
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