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  1. Did you every play the C64 version of Robocod? My god the cassette version had the most incredibly bad multiload ever. Each level - 2 mins - then loading....loading....loading And it was a pants game too. Actually Robocop 2 was pretty good as I remember - that was the one done a bit like a cartoon right?
  2. I disagree - thought this section was great. Its rather like taking the stabilisers of a bike for the first time and realising that they may have helped but you didn't really need them at all. You can fly on your own. Or erm something like that
  3. Hmmmm no vandal hearts II was bloody awful and a disgrace to the earlier games great name. I have a strong suspicion the two games had nothing in common other then Konami chose to give them the same title. Anyway my five Vandal Hearts Arc the Lad II Suikoden Xenogears Final Fantasy Tactic Anyone notice the large presence of RPGs in everyones lists (yes I know mines just made up of them but thats pretty much all I played on Psone). Playstation as the best machine for RPGs ever?
  4. pfft I'm middlecore and so is my wife (sorry did I miss something - was there a discussion about a magazine going on somewhere in here?)
  5. Cave 5 is evil - pure and simple. Caves 1-3 are easily beatable at lv30 onwards tho
  6. *more La Pucelle Spoliery stuff* So have you got through the dark Eclair/show down with Homard demon nemesis bit yet? If so how did you manage to kill eclair's evil twin with a lv25 Culotte? *qudos* Anyway on cave one take advantage of the fact the shrooms and bears only attack you if you get near enough to be in range - so pick them off no more then two at a time and concentrate on one side of the map at a time at a time. Also keep one char near the exit so you can flee if you all die horribly and keep the exp. Anyway that map is easily beatable once you get most of the cast up to lv30 - which really doesn't take that long - the exp you get in the caves is loads. 3-4 hours and you'll be laughing - no really it honestly is!
  7. Hmmm yes this is all pretty true and character separation is incredibly annoying - whats more irritating maybe is the implication that the other characters have been doing absolutley nothing whilst you were away battling demons etc... But these games are written for the japenese market - and levelling for them it seems is all part of the fun. I suspect that a RPG that required very little levelling would not be too successful in Japan - which is the market these games are primarily written for. Anyway Juria: La Pucelle - *spoilers ahead* Its no where near as bad as you think - to clock the final chapter you only really need to level your party up to the mid 40s- 50s. I finished the game on about 43 hrs with my best char on level 57. The training cave is excellent for rapid levelling and you can retreat from the level at any point and keep all the exp. The experience is split if more then one char kills an enemy so I found its best to soften up the enemy to almost the point of death and then use a weak char to kill them - I jumped Alouette from lv17 to 22 by killing one dragonshroom thingy. So yes some levelling needed but only a few hours or so and the training caves a fun for trying strategies out on and I thought were some of the best designed battles in the game - well unti lyou get to n.o 5 which is just silly!
  8. Thought I'd resurrect this thread since SRPGs are flavour of the month with the Disgaea PAL release this week. I'm approaching the conclusion of the game now having done a serious week of play (week off work = actually having time for life engulfing RPGs) and I've thoroughly enjoyed it. I've found the game a little simpler then Disgaea and has a much less steep learning curve. The story is also far more impressive - starts off as the usual anime fluff but actually gets quite interesting towards the finale. The levelling isn't quite as well handled, but recruiting and training an army of tamed monsters is class. Having to level up quite seriously now however - the game suddenly gets very hard at the begining of chapter 11. Anyway great stuff and should be investigated by anyone who is either bored of Disgaea or found it all a little too bewildering...
  9. Sorry did you miss the enough of the cliche bit? B)
  10. Xbox - hmmmm yes real manly games like Whipped, Blinx, I Ninja, beyond Good and Evil etc etc PS2 - casual fare such as the FF games, Disgaea, La Pucelle tactics, Xenosaga GC - kiddy games like REmake and RE0, Eternal darkness, MGS TTS, Yada yada, enough with the cliche already....and leave my GC alone you fool
  11. PS2 most - basically it has more games I want to play (mainly RPGs/SRPGs) and as its modded and my Xbox/GC aren't I tend to get all the NTSC multiformat stuff for it GC - second - can be neglected, but whenever a big title comes out for it it enjoys a huge resurgance and of course it gets all the multiplayer larks (monkeyball/Mariokart etc). I also get the PAL multiformat stuff as I prefer the pad to dual shock and controller S and damn it the GC is cute and deserves more time in front of my telly! My favourite if not my most used console... Xbox third by a long way - currently getting a fair amount of use for Ninja Gaiden but once thats done no doubt it will be gathering dust again until another big exclusive hits PAL shores - as I hate the pad (yes even the S version) I seldom buy multiplatform stuff for it....unless its cheap of course
  12. Somehow I think the SEGA brand is far more valuable to Sammy to let it die. Afterall its the main reason they bought the company...
  13. Fire ninpo her just as she fires the purple balls at you and then run in and kick some ass. Just remember to run/roll once you finish the combo...or you'll regret it. Anyways hate to say this but there are harder moments in this game then Alma
  14. Its by Cavia....not sure about their pedigree, but they weren't affiliated to Square or Enix premerger I believe
  15. Another vote for Arc....its a solid game Although not as good as Arc the Lad II on PSone...
  16. Pointless to say this but sequels seldom have the impact and are often inferior to the original - particulary when the original was much lauded. Hmmm cynical old me eh but I suspect both Halo 2 and HL2 will be let downs
  17. Actraiser 2 never got a PAL release Twas pants anyway...stick with the first one
  18. Drakengard - the first 'final' boss who is just so cheap and virtually impossible that I was disgusted. Only managed to beat him/her by hiding up its skirt and blasting repeatedly. Very disappointing. POP:Sand of Time - so after all that wonderfulness you go an spoil it with a pointless and ridiculously easy boss...ah well Many more no doubt but these got my goat recently
  19. Could have been worse....you could have had to do that stupidly designed bit with the skeleton archers over and over again before getting to the boss. That bit was just plain evil...if you had no bloody arrows left anyway. And the bow really does need a lock on....I've lost count of the vast number of arrows I've wasted by hitting pointlessly behind my target. No matter tis all good
  20. This is true....and if the camera isn't lined up right he always jumps in the bloody wrong direction. Thankfully it doesn't effect the fighting bits...even when the camera is in an odd position Ryu usually can take care of himself. Anyway just met Alma and kicked her ass first time.....okay I did have a full bar of ninpo (but then again where was there to use it earlier in the level...the tentacle thing is a wuss) and I only used 3 potions. Either the game is getting easier or I'm getting better. Anyway I'm reassured by the thought Alma is the toughest boss...I will defeat this game...oh yes!
  21. They are only publishing it...the game is by some independant code outfit. No idea if the PAL version has been enhanced or has 60hz tho'...I had the NTSC version.
  22. For me its a bit of love one minute hate the next. I think I'm okay with the combat and since the bloke with the horse I haven't found the bosses too challenging...having said that I'm on chapter 7 now and dreading the arrival of Alma. However whilst the combat is ace and fluid the platformy bits are frustrating in the extreme...unlike in POP you don't feel entirely in control of Ryu when jumping/wall running around...the section with the maces I've just gone through are teeth grindingly annoying. But its not too hard I reckon....I'm making progress and I'm hardly the worlds most talented gamer.
  23. Yup Look here for further details http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=42684
  24. We can but hope.... I've no problem with the slower stuff but KTLR is overweighted with it and a few of the songs are easily forgotten as a result. Having said that it needs to be up to their old standards: 2nd Amendment was a bit uptempo Easyworld by numbers to me. And we want more over blown angst ....feel sorry for your self louder damn it Dav!
  25. Whilst I do love KTLR, This is Where I Stand is far superior....a better album of infectious, precocious and completely over the top guitar pop has yet to be made. KTLR is pretty and jas some lovely moments but its all a bit too grown up in comparison. Too many ballads. Having said that This is All I Can remember is one of my songs of the year - REM's Country Feedback reworked with industrial guitar and a malestrom of emotion. Brilliant stuff
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