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  1. You can have a user account on two consoles so I guess it relates to that.
  2. Process seems to be here https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Support/Nintendo-Switch/How-to-Transfer-an-Individual-Resident-to-a-New-Island-Animal-Crossing-New-Horizons--1879834.html
  3. Not really except you get a code to put into Steam to unlock it rather than it just appearing in your library when you buy direct from Steam. Just watch for region on the code being sold
  4. The weekly is Peggle 2 this week. No idea how long it will take to hit 40 orange pegs but it’s a 5 week month this month so you only need 12 weekly’s for the monthly 1k which in practice means you only will need to do 2 of the actual play a game ones assuming you clear the play 3 games and get 3 daily ones.
  5. Yeah pretty much, probably my sense of humour but I quite enjoyed it. The retelling of various myths from by Zeus himself is quite clever in places. Its very incidental to the game itself mind which is a pretty light on the story side.
  6. Immortals is BOTW crossed with AC and is very much it’s own thing but if you like Ubisoft open worlds and Zelda style environmental puzzles it’s essential
  7. Killer Instinct - you get a achievement for a win with every character, one for 3 wins or so and another for a win in survival mode. Turning down the AI is your friend here.
  8. I was with you all the way up to Toby Never has that teen camp preacher line seemed more relevant. Anyway Miles is a cool character but he’s never going to be the real Spider-Man
  9. C/f the recent fury over casting a Black Death in Netflix’s Sandman adaptions. There are plenty of awful geeks too…
  10. Cursed Child opened in 2016 with colour blind casting from the start which is about 4 years before Rowling started making any gender comments so I doubt there’s any direct connection there. I also strongly suspect that when/if they make a movie of Cursed Child (strongly suspect that’s inevitable) it will still make all the money. Especially if they get the original cast. FB was always a spin off which never match the parent franchise and also has been significantly hampered by being pretty rubbish even for die hard fans. Cursed Child is also brilliant fwiw
  11. Curiously despite making a huge amount of fuss about the combat options there is relatively little murder in Shadow, it’s the closest of the reboot trilogy to the original games, large portions of the game are Lara alone navigating an environment. Its still the weakest of the three mind as 2013 basically nailed the what if TR was Uncharted only grittier vibe. Still think they are a great series though, really not sure something as obtuse as the original series puzzling would fly these days.
  12. Wordle 294 3/6 Starter word doing the heavy lifting again
  13. An awful lot like Uncharted. I loved all three (the 2013 reboot being the highlight) but they are very much channelling Drake without the lead characters charm.
  14. Wordle 290 4/6 Took me significantly longer then it should have after guess 3 given there was only one possible word left
  15. My sons account is the same (started collecting reward points about 6 months ago). Might also be relevant he has never had a Gold subscription (always just piggy backed on mine). Redeeming for Game Pass PC still gives a better conversion rate than GPU (if you already have GPU). Not as good as Gold mind
  16. She can already do this Sign in the gamepass owning MS account on the Microsoft Store app and then sign in with the child account on the Xbox app Hey presto the child account can play PC gamepass games (apart from Minecraft Java for some reason)
  17. Wordle 283 2/6 Love getting it in two even if it’s more than a little blind luck Almost makes up for busting on Saturday (I’ve never even heard of epoxy) and making a meal of Sundays
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