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  1. She can already do this Sign in the gamepass owning MS account on the Microsoft Store app and then sign in with the child account on the Xbox app Hey presto the child account can play PC gamepass games (apart from Minecraft Java for some reason)
  2. Wordle 283 2/6 Love getting it in two even if it’s more than a little blind luck Almost makes up for busting on Saturday (I’ve never even heard of epoxy) and making a meal of Sundays
  3. Evidently Nate didn’t write their review for Witch Queen! (Did they review BL? Can’t remember)
  4. Wordle 275 3/6 FFS so should have been 2 if I’d gone for the right one
  5. If you don’t have Beyond Light you’ll lose access to the Statis class (which remains my favourite) but if you’ve already played the content then you are looking at a pair of strikes from BL and just one in Shadowkeep. Its only really annoying if the Nightfall is a strike from an earlier DLC or you want some the weapons from that pack. That said I bought them all for buttons when I moved over the Steam because the Nightfall thing is annoying.
  6. Wordle 271 4/6 Probably should have got it in 3 but not bad
  7. Been excited for this since it first appeared in that Xbox E3 showcase years ago so very pleased it’s both apparently great and in fact day one Gamepass. Hopefully Deaths Door hasn’t stolen it’s thunder in the whole modern take on a 2D Zelda thing
  8. Wordle 270 4/6 Tricksy one and that’s the first time I’ve managed to get 5 yellows
  9. Wordle 269 2/6 Two days on the run my starter pays massive dividends
  10. Unlikely to be any changes to vaulting whilst as the game can’t keep growing and remain a manageable install size apart from anything else. D2 is now effectively a subscription game, you are paying to play the current version of the game and that is subject to future change.
  11. Wordle 268 2/6 Starter word doing the heavy lifting there but still pleased to get it in two
  12. Yeah it can be a bit flakey and sometimes takes more than one round of Halo Infinite for them both to trigger for me but generally it works okay. Helps I actually like playing a couple of matches of Halo on an evening so no huge chore if it takes a little longer on occasion.
  13. Its there now. 4K points. I guess waiting until after release makes sense as they are trying to increase sales by offering points so not much benefit giving them to those who going to buy it anyway (and have accordingly pre-ordered).
  14. Alice gets loads better as it progresses (particularly from the 3rd world onwards and the dark conclusion to the story really needs to be seen) so I’d highly recommend you continue. Sod trying to get all the collectibles mind, it’s one of my favourite games ever and I’ve finished it 3 times but never been arsed with that rubbish!
  15. The booster just speeds up the kills I think. The Catalyst is unlocked by the quest from Banshee
  16. Surely you can’t be referring to Upstart Crow which is the closest any programme has got to vintage Blackadder since well It ended (to note Ben Elton was heavily involved in writing Blackadder). Anyway this looks interesting but the Guardian hated it (still going to watch it anyway). https://amp.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2022/mar/08/the-witchfinder-review-a-comedy-with-so-much-wasted-potential-it-makes-you-sad
  17. There’s options in the menus to unlock pretty much all content regardless of the recorded age in the profile which I had to end up doing for both my two as otherwise the permission problems were driving me up the wall trying to allow things on a case by base basis. Both my kids know they are not allowed to install anything without permission on pain of severe sanctions which works for us but neither of them are devious and we tend to keep an eye on them when online to check who they are chatting to. Mileage will inevitably vary based on what your kids are like.
  18. Possible I misunderstood how it works but as the two kids and Mrs Dream all play AC on their own accounts and own devices that would have cost me £22.49 x 3 as they couldn’t share it whereas the expansion pass was another £25 for all of us for 12 months and we got the N64 and subsequently the MK stuff thrown in. Only 12 months access true but that’s probably enough to exhaust the appeal and the thrill of something new is awaited. Again use case scenario dependent but as you need a different Switch for your own island (as I found to my cost when wife became addicted during lockdown 1) probably not that uncommon for AC fans.
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