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  1. You don’t have several family members who were clammering for the AC DLC? Its obviously use case dependent but we are a 4 Switch household with 3 avid Animal Crossing enthusiasts and a different 3 lovers of Mario Kart. Compared to buying those DLCs multiple times the family expansion pack is a no brainer and now I get to play F Zero X and both N64 Zelda’s on a handheld to boot.
  2. Wordle 263 3/6 Finally beat the wife who got it in 4 Complete luck to be fair that I didn’t choose her 3rd guess but I’ll take it!
  3. Should have been 3 really after a great result from my starter and second guess Wordle 262 4/6
  4. First two shot Yeah that was luck basically Wordle 261 2/6
  5. Wordle 260 4/6 Took me far longer than it should as I was adamant one of my yellows must be at the end of the word (it wasn’t). Wife got it in three
  6. Right….so Tomb Raider (2013) as we’ve highlighted the most successful game in a very long running series by a mile got a sequel in the immediate reasonable development window for a triple A game (2015) and was Crystal Dynamics next project. So we’re agreed it was vey successful then? I really have no idea what you are arguing at this point?
  7. Wordle 258 5/6 Meh…wife got it again in three but I really had a mental block in this one
  8. Turns out I already own Project Warlock so if anyone wants the key PM
  9. Been after Dusk for a while so the rest is a bonus at that price. Prodeus is on PC Gamepass anyway and still only about a third complete in any event.
  10. Its been in a Humble monthly and also been a Humble and also an Epic freebie I've still never played it
  11. Mass Effect is fine on Origin - I played the first two games earlier this year on Origin Pro and no real issues at all. Even if you buy it on Steam it still needs Origin to be installed so just cutting out the middle man Edit - oh on Steam deck - well I suspect the same applies as you need Origin to play it even on Steam so you'll need to find some way of installing Origin for it to be supported I guess
  12. If you have an active (or indeed paused currently sub) pause again and you will get a $4 discount before getting to the final cancel/pause option The last two months they have emailed me about a week before the bundle ends to offer 50% off but to be honest the current bundle is well worth £6 even without Chicken Police so I've just accepted the $4 discount
  13. Yep - we've also lost the get an achievement weekly quest - although to note they did this about six months ago and they reverted the following month. Also the login to the app was worth 150 points for a month - which is 15p thereabouts so I won't lose too much sleep. Just hope they don't put too many play a game that's not on cloud for some irritating condition for the weekly's as losing the 1k quest will be more annoying
  14. Thats a remarkably improved bundle after the dire past couple of months. I’m in!
  15. Above noted but Tomb Raider 2013 sold 3.4 million in its first month which is almost as much as the previous instalment (Underworld) managed full stop. It eventually did 14.5 million copies, more than TR1 & 2 together sold collectively. Rise did 11.8 million copies (plus whatever Microsoft paid for that 1 year console exclusivity) and Shadow 8.9 mil making the reboot trilogy comfortably the most successful games in the franchises history. Either Square had massively unrealistic expectations and completely lost control of the budget on these games or they were using the same accountant as George Lucas on ROTJ in claiming low/no profit..
  16. Judging by the reactions of my two for many kids you can never have too much Pokémon
  17. Does that checkpoint stand if you quit the game? If so really wish I’d known that last night!!
  18. The walk/run speed seems fine to me, quicker than Halo really but I play a Hunter so mobility maxed as much as I can and I love having triple jump back. No grapple shot is hard to get used to though if you’ve played a lot of Infinite recently. The lack of save points is a ball ache given the length of the missions mind, can’t just have a quick play in the campaign. The new story is relatively standalone from Beyond Light to be fair….can as ever be boiled down to there’s a new big bad and we have to stop them. Not really come across any canonical explanation for the Void changes as yet mine.
  19. Er they are the same fight aren’t they? It happens twice towards the end of Ghosts but it’s the same mechanic both times you fight him. I quite enjoyed it
  20. If you are not playing on hard mode you don’t have to use all the letters you’ve revealed if it helps narrow things down
  21. That was bloody hard but last guess got me there Wordle 251 6/6 Wife is very smug as she got it in 4
  22. Yeah they are downloaded locally but Switch periodically needs to phone home to check you have an active subscription to play them.
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