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  1. Well shit. I’ve only got as far as clearing the first (rather lengthy) campaign mission but having very recently surfaced from a full play through of Halo Infinite (which I thoroughly enjoyed for the record) this really goes and shows up 343 for the amateur hour copyists they are. That was a bloody stunning first mission and it looks amazing (Steam version, fairly powerful laptop for the record). Welcome back Bungie, this appears to be exactly what I was looking for…
  2. Everyone can access cloud gaming if they have Gamepass but I think the remote play talk is to do with the Xbox Rewards app on the machine itself which has a weekly set with generous rewards for long streaks (2.5k points per 10 weeks). Also not all Gamepass games are on cloud
  3. Assuming it behaves itself remote play turns the Xbox on by itself. In fact it does some kind of odd thing where it connects to the console but the machine itself doesn’t appear to be on (the light doesn’t come on). May depend on whether you have the Xbox in instant on mode however and also much like most of Microsoft’s online services it can be a bit flakey…
  4. Wordle 243 X/6 FFS Wife also failed in a similar fashion
  5. Its Madness Returns that’s been added to PC Gamepass (although I think the original Alice is free DLC within the game). Madness Returns was still fabulous when I last played the 360 version about 18 months ago but yeah the original Alice is probably safely left in the past.
  6. Little things but pleasing to finally get the PC version of Alice as for some reason it was also never part of Origin Basic. Although a quick Google suggests it’s locked to 30fps and a pretty ropey port so maybe I should just do another play through of the 360 version as it’s BC
  7. The Foundation doesn’t unlock until after you’ve finished the campaign IIRC. AWE is available early on and now acts like a side quest but as they both can be a little tricky they are best played after you’ve finished the story and are more powered up in my opinion. FWIW I really enjoyed both of them, although AWE was a bit disappointing as I was hoping we’d see a little more of Bright Falls.
  8. Not sure of it goes rapidly downhill or if I just didn’t feel the vibe but wife inflicted a few episodes of this on me and all I could think is it was sub gossip girl but infinity worse.
  9. I continue to be very jealous of this. I finally managed to get my laptop and Quest to see each other but the link is unusably laggy. I think my basic BT Homehub just isn’t up to the job even though I’ve isolated the 5ghz signal. Wired it works great but being tethered isn’t ideal for Alyx
  10. It’ll almost certainly need a support ticket if you clicked the punch card after you preordered but they should add them for you if you ask.
  11. It was just relayed as a monologue…that was quite enough to be fair
  12. Loved the book. This was good but Jesus Christ it’s bleak in places. Occasionally it plays to what the book did so well, 4th wall to the camera stuff but I think it minimised the humour too much for the compelling horror of the narrative which is the NHS, in um the early 2000s when it actually had some funding… Well written and acted but a little too nihilistic I found…
  13. Mine went through a phase of doing that when I first got my (second) Series S (first one died after a week inexplicably). Not had it for about six months now though so I’d assumed it was something they’d patched
  14. The map is just to give a vague idea of the environment. You are in an office building, use the in game signage!
  15. It does seem like the boss difficulty is poorly balanced on the higher difficulties. I played on normal and the only bosses I found a little testing were the big hammer guy in the first spire/tower thing (due to having shit weapons and the lack of space) and the Spartan killers on the Brute choppers. Everyone else went down first time or after a few goes. I did find rapidly however that frantic grappling was the key to a lot of these encounters. Certainly I died a hell of a lot more in normal play than I did at the bosses. Anyway finally finished this myself last week having been taking my time and getting distracted by the very addictive multiplayer. Overall I thought it was great. The overworld stuff was always entertaining particularly once the FOBs were levelled up and you could turn up at an encounter with pretty much anything you want and I find the criticism of the final section of the campaign a little odd. The nexus/control centre bit did go on a little too long but the sequence from the Road to the finale was excellent. The plot is one big reset switch but at least it made sense which is more than I can say for 4 and 5. I’m certainly up for more if they choose to add to this as DLC. Best Halo since 3 for me.
  16. You guys know there are cindershots in that room right?
  17. Finally got around to starting this having downloaded it um 3 weeks ago. This is a bloody stunning port, turned up all the bells and whistles in line with the GeForce experience recommendations and well it looks amazing and 60 fps without making anything sweat too much. Played about 3 hours in, the combat is still great and Christopher Judge really owns Kratos. Things are familiar enough four years later but can’t really remember the details specifically enough so feels like a largely new experience. It does feel a bit easier then I remember on PS4…playing on normal and not died yet. Pretty sure that troll thing got me a few times first time around. Nice to see all the controls customisation is still there too. Put the attack buttons to classic (seriously fuck Dark Souls trigger buttons for combat) and you can switch dodge from A to B…yay
  18. Working fine for me on both mine and my sons laptops
  19. At least half the appeal is how well it nails an interactive GOTG movie so if you don’t like the Guardians you were never going to get on with it. I’d disagree on the gameplay aspect too, it’s always serviceable rather than poor but the games true charm is in the script and storytelling
  20. I thought it reviewed generally quite well, aside from the mean spirited drubbing Eurogamer gave it) 81 on metacritic it appears. Seems more it just got lost on release and PlayStation console exclusivity probably didn’t help. The difficulty can be over egged, it’s not really Disney Dark Souls, more the combat occasionally takes a more prominent role than you’d expect. It’s not so much punishing as more mixes the traditional Zelda approach to dealing with bosses (use your new talent) with a more aggressive edge than you might be expecting. Personally I enjoyed the occasional additional frisson from the bosses and mini bosses; it was only really Taro and the penultimate boss that paused my progress beyond a couple of retries and both of those drop you straight back into the boss fight so its not like you lose huge amounts of progress. I’ll keep saying it, I adored this game and it’s a shame we won’t see a sequel (developer has confirmed no plans) which must be sales driven in part.
  21. So it’s a roguelike Hmmmm
  22. Yes the game does literally drop you in with no context at all as to who Kena is or where exactly she is, so you haven’t missed anything.
  23. Impressed you made it past Taro without resorting to multiple expletives (actually he’s the biggest difficulty spike in the game…well till the penultimate boss anyway). The second main area is probably the best semi sandbox in the game in terms of exploration so do enjoy. The story for this section is just as bitter sweet tragic too. I’m surprised the game didn’t gain more traction given it’s on PC as well as both PlayStation formats. It really is something very special.
  24. Can definitely confirm it’s absolutely awesome and probably the best Quest game I’ve played yet. I’m knackered now having played it for a couple of hours though!!
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