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  1. Bah still says Saturday here. It’s actually for the youngest and Pokemegafan but he was gutted when I had to tell him tonight it looks like it might not arrive tomorrow.
  2. Excellent…have been dying to play Half Life Alyx since release but only just got the required equipment in place so half price is most welcome.
  3. Yeah a single code would mean you’d lose any duplicates you have so I much prefer individual codes.
  4. You can true I’m just not convinced it’s going to be any more successful as the Bigscreen server also doesn’t work. I’ll probably give it a go anyway at some point. Might experiment with my sons laptop which is just VR readyish (1060 and an i5 8th gen). Should at least be able to see it even if juddery as hell when it connects Yep tried that one too. No joy but I don’t think it’s graphics card related anyway as my laptop literally doesn’t even appear on air link on the quest. As the cable seems to work well not too concerned but will have to be very careful playing stood up and I’m only really interested in playing HL Alyx (which can be played seated apparently so maybe i’ll just go with that….).
  5. Yes and yes. It still doesn’t work though
  6. Anyway the wired connection appears to work a treat once I messed with a priority and put my laptop into turbo mode. Just played the first two areas of Tetris Connected in VR (having played them flat when the game originally got added to Gamepass). Mind blown!!
  7. I’ve tried setting my network to private. Connecting just to the same Wi-Fi network as the Quest (and Ethernet to it where it shows as the same SSID). Rebooting both devices multiple times and toggling the air link on and off. No matter what I do the Quest refuses to see my laptop when you turn on air link and try to pair, it just spins the circle thing and nothing shows up. I haven’t tried virtual desktop as I suspect that would be a waste of £15 as something is clearly wrong with network as the two devices can’t see each other. I have tried Bigscreen which has its own connection outside of Air Link just like Virtual Desktop and that also doesn’t work so fairly sure it would be no different. Cable turned up today and that worked first time with seemingly little effort so I can now access PC stuff on the Quest but very annoying I can’t get the wireless even to attempt to work…
  8. Yep no that doesn’t work either, tried connecting to the Wi-Fi and being on Ethernet and disconnecting the cable altogether and no dice. Highly annoying as no idea what’s causing it.
  9. They have the same SSID so I wouldn’t have thought so but it’s worth a go. Although isn’t Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi not recommended for Air Link anyway? I’ve ordered the cable anyway!
  10. Yep. No dice. Obviously something off with my set up as can’t get Bigscreen to connect to Remote Desktop either
  11. Can’t seem to get Air Link working at all, everything is turned on in the PC app and on the Quest. Laptop is hardwired into the router and Quest on the 5ghz Wi-Fi and I’m literally in the same room as both the laptop and the router but the headset is not seeing the PC. Frustrating. I suspect I’ll need to get a cable anyway mind even if I get working as I rarely have much luck with streaming game content over Wi-Fi on my local network. Xcloud is only normally playable when my laptop is connected over Ethernet. Obviously not paying the ridiculous amount for the Occulus cable so any 3rd party recommendations?
  12. Psst…it’s on Gamepass, like now!
  13. I’m suspecting this year was more it branching out from the early adopter end of the market towards the mass market so the noise here was more after release/ first year. This Xmas it has been hitting up the kids/teenagers Xmas list. My nephew got his for Xmas as did a couple of my eldest’s friends. And the machine that has just entered the house is predominately going to be my eldest’s (he was torn between a Switch OLEd and this and asked for the OLED, then had regret…he also got £200 Xmas money from other family members so I’ve topped it up as I rather fancied a play with one and Very had £20 off them this week). I’ve not done much beside set it up but as a toy you can massively see the potential just from the free stuff (he’s been on rec room all afternoon since he came home from school). How long the novelty lasts remains to be seen but it’s more scratching the Wii novel concept market I think and will sell because of that rather than the console/pc gaming demographic and the software available reflects that.
  14. Even Potter fans are at best lukewarm on the Fantastic Beasts films and the last one was actually genuinely bad. Like @kensei says the inevitable film adaption of Cursed Child would be a much more accurate reflection of the franchise’s continued popularity. I wouldn’t lay bets against it doing Force Awakens style numbers when it’s eventually made.
  15. Hehe yeah to be honest rethinking history as the module was called in my degree was probably my least favourite part of my course but was still intriguing. My period was early modern so skewing later than you (fall of the Western Empire to the end of the Carolingens) but it was a generic module for any history degree at Sheffield so my wife who didn’t study anything later then the 20th century for her degree also sat it.
  16. That had definitely changed by the time I did my GCSEs in 1995 - I vividly remember my history teacher spending a lot of time examining the reliability of sources and the inherent biases of primary and secondary material when teaching the rise of the Nazis in Year 10. Which fired my interest enough to end up with a degree in the subject - which climaxed in final year module that basically postulated there can be no such thing as history largely for the above reasons (and challenged us to write a 24 hour timed assessment to refute the point).
  17. Its still bloody iconic - you only really need to look at the numbers of people who got to the Universal Parks just for the Potter stuff, the fact you still need to book weeks in advance to go to the studio experience at Leavesdon, the fact the stage show is still selling out night after night despite the sheer bloody expense of seeing both parts, the number of people who watched the HBO special. Hell the books still dominate Amazon's most read list now in January 2022 https://www.amazon.co.uk/charts/2022-01-09/mostread/fiction?ref=chrt_bk_dx_intra_rd_fc (Oh and Philosophers Stone is also n.o 4 on the most sold list - that's despite it being first published in 1997) And in more relevant terms, the number of my none video game playing friends (okay female Potter fan nerds but there's more than a handful) who are considering buying a console just to play this when it finally releases. JK's views have caused something of an internet storm (although her views are far from unanimously reviled - just as much in the US as here and are somewhat more nuanced than is sometimes portrayed) but Potter has a life far beyond its author - much like no matter how evil the internal corporate culture of Ubi/Activision/EA etc etc is revealed to be people will still buy Assassins Creed, Call of Duty and FIFA
  18. Yes. Providing the BT code doesn’t expire you can just add it in a years time.
  19. Really hope so. Basically not played on the PS4 for about two years as the kids and wife have the TV 90% of the time so missed out on Tsushima as all gaming is done on my laptop. Anyway back on topic this is now downloaded and ready to go. Adored this on release and it’s been a fair few years since I played it so for my middle aged memory this is likely to be like a new game!
  20. The tasks if you have them appear in the mobile (iOS / Android) Xbox app (not to be confused with the mobile Gamepass app). The message I was invited actually popped up in the PC Xbox app however (as do messages when you complete one) but you have to use the mobile app to actually claim them. Microsoft in keeping it simple shocker…
  21. When I was invited it appeared as a message in the Xbox app on PC.
  22. On Windows I often find there are games not on the Xbox app that are on the web cloud portal I still have book marked. Possible the app has a queued update?
  23. It’s linked to PC Gamepass. Invite only trial currently but I don’t think you are likely to be invited if you don’t currently play games on the PC side of Gamepass.
  24. Its 250 points daily for the multiplayer (providing you have the 3 multiplies that give the extra 50 points each, Gamepass, 7+ friends on live and a linked social media account). The streak bonus that resets every 5 days is the login to the Xbox app one.
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