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  1. Contrast paints, rightly or wrongly, are marketed as being a base, shade and highlight all in one. They seem to work better on a mini with a lot of surface variation and work less well on flatter areas. I think they're really good paints, they have definitely got (probably better) uses beyond how they're marketed, there's probably a place for them in your arsenal somewhere. For example, I much prefer using Black Templar contrast to Abaddon Black base, which I hate using. I also really like Snakebite Leather contrast paint, its a great colour, as is skeletal horde. I've been practicing skin a lot lately, most recently on this Ork Kommando Nob from Kill Team. I started with a base of plague bearer flesh contrast and then have layered that up with nurgling green and ogryn camo. He's obviously not finished yet, but I really like how the skin is going so far. That lovely browny-yellow on his trousers is currently just snakebite leather. I'll highlight it some more with...I dunno. Something. But as a base I love it.
  2. I was the same as you with it. I followed the guides and came out going “is that it?”. I guess if you’re just looking for quick table top ready it’s probably fine once you get the base/highlight bit down, but I don’t paint to play, I paint to learn so it didn’t work for me.
  3. I tried slapchop, being a new painter, but found it deeply unsatisfying. It didn’t teach me anything, it felt like a shortcut to get pretty mediocre results. There was no satisfaction in looking at the completed mini and going “I’m proud of that” for me, so abandoned it pretty quickly as a method.
  4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you be so negative about anything before!
  5. I didn’t realise it was out in “early access” prior to launch in a week and a bit (right as the new wow expansion hits, goddamn). Will be joining you shortly!
  6. Well now, here’s how to tick all the little boxes on my “must buy” check list. Early access on steam Jan 2023. Earth, 1976. You have been tasked to manage a deep sea research facility working to weaponize genetics. Mine resources, light your way in the dark, and explore the ocean floor to further your research. Maintain oxygen, power, food to keep your crew alive. Beware, the darkness hides untold horrors. Developed by Belfast-based Rocket Flair Studios and Published by Paradox Arc.
  7. I don’t understand. Is this saying you can’t just attack anyone Willy nilly anymore? That you have to opt in, first?
  8. Fucking lol at these system requirements
  9. I’ve been having a few similar issues with a few of my models, notably my kill team kroot leader whose arm snapped off, and three of my house Cawdor gangers from necromunda. I tried reattaching it a few times with the citadel plastic glue but it’s not working and basically just melting the already thin joint. Would it be better to switch to super glue for repairing that?
  10. Not “many Bothans”. It is Manny Bothans, one of Andor’s aliases. “Manny Bothans died to bring us this information”.
  11. I’ll be playing. Not played in a month or two just because I’d “finished” shadowlands and didn’t want to spend any further time there. Comfortably the worst expansion ever. Even WoD and BfA had redeeming features, Shadowlands was just shit after shit after shit. As a result my hype levels for Dragonflight are at an all-time low. Doesn’t help that I don’t know what class to play. Currently a toss up between Druid and paladin, purely for pve raid and m+ tanking and arena healing. Neither are meant to be particularly good at the moment though.
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