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  1. The guy playing Chris didn't even know he was in Resident Evil for twenty years because he only knew it as Biohazard! The guy interviewing them couldn't have less charisma if he tried.
  2. I live in the Midlands but funnily enough I was in Belfast for work two weeks ago...ah well
  3. I enjoy how they're wearing shirts to match their character colours
  4. Chris! Barry! Wesker! But Jill...where's Jill? I'm sorry, but she's probably... Holy shit. Incredible moment in RE history right there. Here's the original, if you need a reminder of the GLORIOUSNESS
  5. Yes. Sold. Bought on pay day. Yes. In space my wife can’t see how much I spend.
  6. A review I read of the latest episode suggests we do see more from her in ep 5, so here’s hoping!
  7. Most reviews are basically saying it’s a complete waste of Allison Janney’s talents and a bit naff. Ah well.
  8. Allison Janney aka CJ from Westwing (amazing actress in an incredible role) stars as Lou in Netflix’s new movie “Lou”. Lou is basically Keanu Reeves in John Wick. She’s Liam Neeson in Taken. She’s Bob Odenkirk in Nobody. But she’s played by a better actor than all of them combined. Here, have a trailer:
  9. That’s a wonderful write up, thank you. It does sound/look amazing. I was watching a playthrough with the No rolls barred guys and it seems like a brilliant game if you get the right people round the table who will get into it.
  10. Has anyone got/played Nemesis aka “please don’t sue us Alien franchise”? It’s looks bloody brilliant.
  11. Damn, so it’s not necessarily all that lucrative, then?? It’s crazy to me when stuff like Zombicide or Frosthaven makes actual millions on Kickstarter.
  12. My friend is releasing a game on Steam. It’s not out yet but you can wish list it to help him beat the algorithm. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2159960/CorpoNation_The_Sorting_Process/ Overview Greetings, valued employee. You have been tasked with sorting the Ringo CorpoNation's genetic samples. With the credits that you earn, you can shop, game and pay your bills on time. Rogue workers may try to entice you into betraying your beloved employer, but we know you'll give 110%. In your role you will: Work hard: Sort through the genetic samples by their characteristics, making modifications where needed. Put your money back into the economy: Use your wages to shop for items to decorate your room. Relax and unwind: Climb the leaderboards on the State-Approved gaming platform. Stay informed: Chat with your colleagues, complete corporate surveys and keep up with the news. Hmm…sounds a bit too much like real life to me! It looks to me a bit like Papers, Please (although I’ve not played that, only seen screenshots). It’s totally not my kind of game but I thought some here might enjoy it!
  13. I've often wondered this and since you're the only person I know who has ever done a kickstarter I shall ask you: let's say you put a target of £7k, with stretch goals up to £12k, like you did, and then you make £30k+...do you just get to keep all the extra money?
  14. Oh cool. Weirdly it says from the 22nd which is today but it still just says coming soon...might tick over at a certain time, or something.
  15. I forgot to post a pic but yeah, my 3080 is a bit of a beast. It requires three power cable thingies which means I’ve got two crap black ones alongside my snazzy black and white one.
  16. https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/gloomhaven-92f741 Free on the Epic store from 22nd - 29th Sept. Not sure if that means free forever if you snag it or only free between those dates...
  17. I spent a lot of time grinding all the Umbra things to get all her tattoos and then stuck with my Hungering Deep one anyway. But it was fun exploring! And by exploring I mean following a guide because how the hell else are you ever supposed to find any of them?!?
  18. For someone who is new to board gaming (and by new I mean I buy a couple every few years and they sit on my shelf unplayed because I'm a sad loner with no friends), the big mega topics in this forum can be a double edged sword - helpful if you can trawl through pages and pages of stuff to find the one thing you're looking for but also quite daunting and confusing if you can't. So, down with megathreads! Up with individual threads that will wither on the vine! Anyway, Zombicide, right? Mad popular, loads of versions. This week I bought Zombicide 2nd Edition. It was delivered. I opened it, marvelled at all the little bits and bobs and miniatures. Enjoyed that new board game smell (it's got to be up there with newborn babies, fresh bread, a new book and peanut butter). Then I put the lid back on. Giggled at the fart noise it made because I'm a child trapped in a 40 year old man's body. Put it on the shelf next to Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition to keep that one company. Maybe the minis can get together and talk about how they're never played with and only half painted. I also quite fancied Black Plague because I like fantasy stuff, but after hearing they're basically the same game just transplanted into different settings, I wasn't so sure about double dipping until I know I like the core game. There's also a load of expansions and extra bits that cost additional little fortunes and I worry without them you're only getting a watered down experience. I'm looking forward to giving Zombicide a go. By which I mean I probably won't ever actually play it. Still, I like the artwork! Who else plays Zombicide? What do you think? What's your favourite version?
  19. My son wears the full parrot set. I know this is seen by the community as meaning he's a no-skills scrub for some reason but fuck the community, he likes wearing the parrot stuff. I mostly like running about in a bandana, no shirt, torn trousers and flip flops so I'm hardly the epitome of nautical style.
  20. Hmm. I thought Rogue One was a load of shite. Andor was a charisma vacuum so the thought of him helming a series makes me uncertain. But it’s getting strong reviews and is being billed as an espionage thriller which sounds pretty cool. After the disappointment of Obi Wan I’m not holding out much hope.
  21. Ah he’s the dancing fella who is the bastard love child of Bruce Forsyth and Rob Brydon.
  22. They’re both ugly but the ps5 has character, I suppose.
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