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  1. Courtney Hope doesn't look weird, though. Only Jesse does.
  2. Something that bugs me about this is they do that thing where they show a close up of the protagonist’s face but then it’s twitching and moving like no real person ever would. It’s the same as in the David cage games (heavy rain etc). Also, her face is kinda weird looking. Not sure why, specifically...there’s just something ‘off’ about it.
  3. Possibly. I hate film grain, too, so perhaps I just notice it more. Like people chewing.
  4. No. PS4 Pro on 65" LG C9. It was more noticeable in the snowy areas, but it's still quite aggressive in Seattle.
  5. Laura Bailey, the actress who plays Abby, receiving death threats to herself and her child from utter pricks over Twitter:
  6. If you have a pc it's less than a tenner on Steam. Also, their new game, desperados 3, is recently out.
  7. So it's a bit like tearaway and Yoshi? Interesting.
  8. All my favourite Spielberg films are 93 and earlier! Raiders is my favourite film of all time!
  9. Don't think the 120 boost works like that, though, with the trial account thing. Interesting to see the 110 does.
  10. A guy in my guild has made 3.3 million in three weeks, so it's definitely doable. He's doing something called 4x2, where you get 2 groups of 4 people as then everyone can loot the same mob (any more or any variation other than 4x2 and it tags the mob grey). Between the drops (including a couple of mounts) and just vendor crap, he's made loads. He's also running all the old raids across multiple difficulties and that makes quite a bit of money (especially wod where you can do them on all difficulties). Also, when did you level a mage? I ain't seen you on!
  11. They're all but one pulling the exact same face. Terrible choice.
  12. Johnny Depp gets killed in part 1 and it's a normal bed.
  13. I don't think the Muk guild is still going. They're horde on draenor, I think. I'm in a horde guild on defias brotherhood. That server is linked with scarshield legion, ravenholdt and sporeggar.
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