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  1. This is out just in time for spooky season and it getting very good reviews, including a 'recommended' from Eurogamer. Now, if you don't like the cinematic, QTE gameplay of Until Dawn, Man of Medan or Little Hope, there's Little Hope (ha!) you'll like this, either, as it's essentially the same gameplay and style. However, if you do like the games (and I do), then you'll be pleased to know that each review seems to suggest this is a return to Until Dawn form rather than more lacklustre and slightly disappointing first two entries in the Dark Anthology series. Starring Ashley Tisdale, this one has you controlling 5 characters who are trapped under an underground Mesopotamian temple during the 2003 Iraq War where they are stalked then hunted by monsters awoken by the chaos. Ashley Tisdale plays a CIA agent, there's some marines and even an Iraqi soldier to play as. As usual, you're tasked with making choices and difficult decisions that affect the outcome of the game - all five characters can survive or all five can die, or anything in between, based on your actions. Why, I do believe that is Pazuzu, the Mesopotamian demon king that possesses Regan in the Exorcist.
  2. Peter Scolari dies age 66 after a two year battle with Cancer. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/deadline.com/2021/10/peter-scolari-dead-obituary-bosom-buddies-newhart-girls-actor-was-66-1234860691/amp/ I most remember him as Wayne Szalinkski in Honey I Shrunk the Kids TV show back in the late 90s.
  3. Watching the cast reaction to Sam is always a delight but this…this was too much
  4. Fell down a YouTube rabbit hole last night watching vids of this very talented singer with the most incredible range. He can sing high and falsetto and then in the same line drop his voice to an earth rumbling bass. I mean this is a great cover of Misty Mountains as it is but then, at 2.31, he just drops the deepest, rumbliest note as he sings “their shadows lay”. Here he is with acapella group Voice Play singing Oogie Boogie’s song from Nightmare before Christmas: An amazing acapella group, but Geoff really shows his range here. Incredible stuff.
  5. John Hamm would have been a great call.
  6. Naughty Dog seem to have a reputation for copying people’s likeness without permission. I mean, just look how they made their main star look like Tom Holland: Uncanny.
  7. He’s a great lad but he’s not the guy for this.
  8. That looks like it’d make an amazing game!
  9. I think James Mangold will do as good a job as he can - he's got a good track record - it's the story and Harrison himself I'm more worried about. But hey, it can't be as bad as Crystal Skull, right guys? Right?
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