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  1. It’s fine, man. You’re not missing out on anything other than end game chat, you can still join us in game and use discord for chat like we do
  2. I think it will be Mr X with Tyrant and Nemesis skins available. I think the survivor will be Chris and Jill with Leon and Claire skins available. I look forward to countless vids of Mr X punching survivors to "X gon give it to ya". RIP DMX. His power would be his super dash punch, a bit like Oni's when he's in demon rage mode or whatever it's called. Hard to aim, but instant down if it gets you, I reckon. Also, regarding his size, Trapper, Oni, Leatherface and even Plague are all big buggers, so could work.
  3. You can link the Xbox game pass version and I believe the pc game pass version, but not the pc game pass version and the steam version - blame Microsoft for that one - for cross platform progression. It’s the reason I ended up buying the game on steam instead of playing with the game pass version - the dlc was much cheaper to get. Also, I play basically every night from 9pm onwards. I already have two people I play with so would be great to have a fourth for a full group!
  4. “Hey...can I get you guys anything?” ”Braaaains” ”Did they say brains?” ”No, they said grains” ”Guys, we’ve got a couple of muesli bars, would that be ok?” I love this show
  5. You forgot “often launched half finished and full of bugs and issues that require multiple patches to fix”
  6. This is a quote from John Garvin, Creative Director and Writer for Days Gone taken from an interview with David Jaffe on his YouTube channel. Not that he’s bitter about it at all, clearly. Days Gone is an interesting one: it was showcased for what felt like years and years and, upon release, was seen by many as a functional but otherwise uninspired third person open world action game. Whilst it definitely had its charms and some die hard fans, the critical response and resulting meta critic score hardly set the world on fire. It very much looked like a distinctly aver
  7. Let me know when you’re next going to be on and I’ll see if we can get a full survivor group going. I can’t promise we’ll be any better, but at least we’ll have a laugh.
  8. Also, this made me do a proper laugh. Poor Trickster Also this:
  9. This is me. I’ve been playing just over two weeks and I’ve gotten to rank 11 really, really quickly (I was almost rank 10 before the reset on the 13th) with very few unlocked perks (literally, I only have Leatherface’s available to other killers) and the sudden jump in skill of survivors has been painful. I go from getting 4 kills to getting none and then losing rank “pips”, meaning I bounce back and forth between 12 and 11 as I rank up then derank then rank up again.
  10. You use Hillbilly’s chainsaw in two ways: 1 - to bomb across the map really, really quickly 2 - when you’re right behind someone and know it will definitely hit them once it gets going. The most common mistake you can make with Billy (or Leatherface) is activating the chainsaw early because chances are the survivor will just duck behind something and cause you to clip it, ending your chainsaw attack. It’s bad as Billy but it’s fucking hell on earth as Leatherface as it makes you do a 8 second long tantrum where you spin the chainsaw wildly and can’t move and
  11. A film so boring and slow it has become the absolute best way to get our two year old to take a nap. It’s become something of a ritual: bottle of milk, his favourite teddy, a blanket and stick Good Dinosaur on. He’s asleep before the dad dies.
  12. Did the original vision for Fortnite, the base building tower defence bit, ever come to pass, or did they just ditch it once the battle royale took off?
  13. Much like the first game it’s full of jank, but a great game nonetheless if you get into it.
  14. There are a few games I thought long dead. Coincidentally, these games also disappeared from the front pages of this forum, some not being posted in for two years or more, which probably helped cement in my mind that they weren’t popular and must have gone the way of the dodo. Recently I discovered that they are not, in fact, dead and have actually done really well and continued to remain popular and pull in good numbers and build a solid, if not always massive, community around them. The games in my case were Dead by Daylight, Hunt Showdown and For Honor. Dead
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