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  1. Gamesradar described it as the Assassin's creed samurai game ubisoft wish they'd made which actually put me off. I don't want another assassin's creed. Eurogamer didn't give it a ranking (recommended or essential).
  2. Russ Abbot! I'd totally forgotten about him. Thought he died years ago, turns out he's alive and well.
  3. When it's good, it's some of the best star wars there is and almost redeems the prequel era. It actually makes a brilliant character of Anakin, which is saying something. But, when it's bad, it's pretty bad. For me, the good far outweighs the bad but be warned there's a few rough patches here and there. It also gets better and better as the seasons progress.
  4. 2 is best, but they're all good fun. I'd play them all if you can as the story develops across all the games.
  5. Why don't you want anyone talking about it in here? Worried it'll stifle any stimulating chat about Blackbeard's Ghost?
  6. Doctor Shark


    Depends which version out of the 50 different options you bought.
  7. So is there a main character? Without a main character to pin the story on, it's going to be even more difficult than normal to care about any of the characters in a Watchdogs game...
  8. Doctor Shark


    Thing is, those at the top of Ubisoft my be utter turds, but the hundreds (maybe thousands? - They are really big, after all) of employees slaving away to crunch on the latest instalment of a tired, repetitive, ten year + old franchise will be the ones who suffer if people suddenly up and stop buying Ubisoft products (which I know they won't). If people take a moral stand against the company and "vote with their wallet", it won't be the already uber-rich senior execs that feel it, it'll be the programmers and coders and artists and QA people barely scraping by that get jettisoned into an already tumultuous and unfair industry when Assassin's Creed doesn't hit some arbitrary metacritic score or sell enough units. I was so utterly done with Ubisoft even before all this because their games are just boring now. Carbon copies in slightly different settings. The fact their culture is so depressingly bad and god knows how many people have suffered as a result just hammers home they're a shitheel, creatively bankrupt company.
  9. Ubisoft really are just treading water. The whole thing was essentially new versions of the same game they've been releasing for 10 years in some cases. Pitiful.
  10. I know, but you’d think they’d have worked something out. Ah well.
  11. Topic title: Disney Plus - Disney, Marvel, Star Wars & Pixar - You name it, we got it! Spider-Man Homecoming. Spider-Man Far from Home. You ain't got shit, Disney+!
  12. My son just ran in to tell me he'd gone into my house and it was full of cockroaches! I've not played since April, so I guess this is the games way of punishing me. Apparently you can't catch them as they're in the house and you can't equip tools inside.
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