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  1. I'll give that a listen for sure. I really want to get my eldest into Avatar. He has watched some of the first series, but not for a long while.
  2. Man got ripped in half but still had enough life left in him to go on a 5 minute monologue.
  3. Do you own shares in the board game, or something? Get paid on commission?
  4. The sequel didn’t start life as a sequel; the company that made it licensed the ZAMN engine to make their own game but partway through development they changed it to be a sequel. It came out a year after the original, but wasn’t very well advertised and I never saw it in the shops.
  5. ...nah. Whilst I’m here, revel in the glory that was this game’s OST. Some absolute bangers on there!
  6. Words flow from your mouth like shit from ass! Shame you didn’t stick with it as you missed out on some sensational telly. Liam McIntyre takes a few eps to warm up but once he does he’s every bit as good. Also, imagine not watching Gods of the Arena. Remove shit from brains and set mind to purpose!
  7. I’ve just started watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Fucking hell, it’s mental and by god, the English dub is almost as bad as everyone’s haircut. So, so awful. Such an ugly show. I’m only watching it because I love Giorno’s theme which I’ve heard loads despite having no idea who Giorno is Blimey, just watched the bit where JoJo and Dio fall into the fire. how tall was that house all of a sudden? How many times did JoJo fall into the fire only to suddenly only be a few feet below Dio? Fucking mental.
  8. I thought it strange that Tig Notaro was in this, given she’s not an actress. Well, turns out it’s even weirder because she’s actually completely digitally replaced Chris Delia, who was accused of sexual misconduct with minors last year. Tig filmed all her scenes remotely ages after the other actors and then the VFX artists had to completely erase Delia from the film and replace him with the much shorter Notaro.
  9. I’ve always much preferred Battlefield to CoD, personally.
  10. The quick save option will be nice. The original was bastard hard and used a password system, giving you a new password every four levels. This was all well and good until you used one to get to a later level only to discover you had none of the weapons required to get through the level, either because you needed a bazooka to blow down walls or your default holy water pistol was too weak. The last boss was an utter shit, too!
  11. The Polygon article states it’s a bundle, so here’s hoping.
  12. Seems it’s a double pack. I don’t think anyone would buy Ghoul Patrol on its own
  13. One of my favourite games and source of many fond memories, Zombies Ate My Neighbours, is coming to consoles on 29th June. Its lesser-known sequel, Ghoul Patrol, is also coming. I absolutely adore the first game. One of the first things I did when I got my SNES Mini was put Zombies on it and I still have a cartridge of the original SNES game. I spent hours and hours on it as a kid and I can remember the levels and the music almost perfectly even today. It’s B movie horror style was right up my street. I didn’t play Ghoul Patrol at release, only trying it yea
  14. I played games back to back most of the afternoon and had no issues with wait times. Weird.
  15. Thanks! This new one is the most in-depth because I've actually played the game now
  16. Well the fourth and (for now) final one of my character videos is live:
  17. Fair enough. The game changes up a bit once you unlock perks (e.g. my Tooke's grenade now heals instead of draining stamina), but if you don't like the core loop then that won't help much. Ah well, it's not going to be for everyone.
  18. If you only get the last checkpoint of the winch and claim 'victory' you don't technically win, because the treasure is portioned out for every checkpoint along the winch progress bar, so if you've only got one you likely get less overall treasure than the 'losing' team who did all the work. Regardless, it is infuriating. I've suggested in the game's official Discord feedback channel that they change the victory/defeat screen to be a gold counting screen, tallying up who has earned what and awarding victory to the team that earned the most - that would feel more 'fair' and fit with the theme t
  19. Having a mostly female cast is great unless you force them to play the most cliché, shit characters imaginable. There's the rookie cop wrongfully accused of a crime she didn't commit and you can tell she's a woman because she cries a lot. There's the psycho criminal, then there's the really psycho criminal channelling a bad Harley Quinn impersonation, then there's the creepy scientist with the futuristic hannibal lector mask, there's the skeezy hacker who you can tell will probably turn out alright. And then there's a lady who can attack people with her dreadlocks for some reason, like if Sind
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