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  1. Should I get the library or omnibus editions? Also, I hadn’t realised there were so many hellboy and associated books!
  2. Yeah I agree, but DBD is the exception rather than the norm - most of these games die very, very quickly.
  3. It’s janky as hell but it has charm - real shame it got abandoned by the devs due to the ongoing legal battles over the rights to the franchise, they coulda made it something really special if they’d been given a real chance.
  4. I said the same when I first started playing but tbh they struggle with balancing it how it is, I can’t imagine how difficult it would be with more variables. The Friday the 13th game was great for the variance - you could escape by surviving till morning, you could call the cops, you could escape by car or by boat but each of these requires effort and exploration and finding components. Something like that on DBD would be brilliant and perfectly fitting with the horror movie theme (far more than every survivor being a master at engineering!).
  5. Finished it. Superb. Best of the three series for me. Not scary at all if anyone is worried (but then, neither were Hill House or Bly Manor).
  6. That’s why I’m excited for Diablo 4 - the gameplay of 3, but the atmosphere of 2 - best of both worlds!
  7. To be fair that bit freaks my wife out, too. I only have to put my hand up and say “mola ram, sooda ram” and she freaks out.
  8. I watched temple of doom with my 8 year old and 2 year old the other day. Neither were bothered by it. The two year old because he essentially wasn’t actually watching it at any point and my eight year old just kept asking what the bugs were.
  9. Just finished episode 5 and had to force myself not to watch episode 6. This is amazing tv.
  10. Although I will say he rather distractingly reminds me of Ross Gellar circa s5 of Friends.
  11. I’d say you’re spot on, there. I’m on ep 3. The guy playing the priest is very, very good. Never seen him in anything else.
  12. No, I’ve bought it. It’s good. It’s got the atmosphere I wish d3 had, but it feels very clunky. D3 was my first so perhaps that spoilt me in terms of gameplay and user friendliness and this definitely feels a step back in that regard, but as I said, the atmosphere is cracking - I can’t wait for D4!
  13. I don’t think they’ll do that, cus anyone who bought demo gets to keep him and it’d be a bit shit. I think a werewolf should have a scent mechanic, where it can track one person at a time by scent. It should also have a how, that scares people cus I remember how much the American werewolf in London howl scared the absolute shite out of me when I watched it at seven years old.
  14. No not at all, I was just asking in my first post where to start with Iron Fist. Heres a follow up: where to start with Hellboy / BRPD?
  15. Good, good! im very interested in seeing the werewolf. I saw a brief snippet and it looks like it has an awesome howl that scares the humans mechanic. I love werewolves! DBD needs a werewolf, tbh.
  16. Moosey I didn’t want to upset you, my dude
  17. I’ve watched the first two. It’s a lot like Bly Manor in that it’s a very slow burn. Don’t expect spooks and scares up front.
  18. Mike Flanagan’s next series has just hit Netflix and is getting rave reviews. Ditching the “haunting of” title and going just by “Midnight Mass”, it sees ex-con Riley Flynn return home to his island fishing community at the same time as a mysterious new priest and shenanigans ensue. A few Flanagan alum are present and correct including his wife Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas and Rahul Kohli, who played Owen in Bly Manor. It’s all up on Netflix, there’s only seven episodes, oddly, but it’s all there now, none of that one a week shite that’s creeping its way back into our lives and television shows.
  19. To be fair, spells having components is shit and should be done away with. “I want to cast fireball” “oh sorry you can’t, you didn’t specify you went to a shop to buy the shit you need, so no magic for you today!” Bullshit. Also, some people just aren’t good at maths. Get over it
  20. I’d definitely agree that s1 was better so far. There are parts of 2 that are too whacky, some that are too saccharine and some that are too serious and it doesn’t always gel together.
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