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  1. Can we just appreciate that the gaming leadership team has people of colour and a lot of women in the most senior roles? Surely that’s a good indication of how MS like to do things?
  2. You can argue all you like, you’re not changing my mind or my score, so
  3. A film tells a complete story. This does not. It’s half a film and half a story so it gets half score.
  4. Dune (2021) I liked what was there, but come on; it’s half a film. 2.5/5
  5. Blameless? Doubt it. Entirely at fault? Probably not. Fisher comes across as a bit of a twat, as well.
  6. World of Warcraft is still ongoing, overwatch 2 is in development as is Diablo iv so the only dormant big blizz IP currently is StarCraft. There are dozens and dozens of games blizz have green lit and then cancelled and which never saw the light of day, so maybe some of those will go back into production, or perhaps Microsoft will just be happy for blizz to just keep doing what they’re doing, only without all the sexual harassment.
  7. Can't compare as I didn't see it at the cinema, but it looks great, a few dodgy effects aside.
  8. Deal isn't closed. Doesn't close until 2023. Deal is underway, officially.
  9. Kotick is staying until the deal closes in 2023. Then they all report to Phil Spencer.
  10. This is the image Microsoft are using to promote this deal. 6 franchises on show. 4 of them Blizzard, only one Activision. It's obvious who they wanted out of the deal.
  11. It's hilarious to me that grown-ass men still think about 'console wars', like they're 11 years old and arguing on the playground
  12. It's not a car crash, it's just not good.
  13. I didn’t see this at the cinema. Did the title screen always have “Part One” beneath it, or has that been added for the home release? I know there was some confusion over whether there would be a sequel for a while.
  14. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last to compare him to Batman. In the comics, the “Steven” alias is a billionaire, too… There are differences between the two characters, obviously, but yes: Moon Knight is very much Batman.
  15. I have a Star Wars concept art book here if anyone wants it to make their own Star Wars stuff? Yours for only £1 million.
  16. Oh yes, definitely. S3 was decent, s4 so far has been really good. Allamaraine seems like a distant memory.
  17. I'm still so chuffed with my 'terf war' pun.
  18. This one wasn't even a check, I just inspected the car gears and it killed me, or at least made my character so depressed they just gave up
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