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  1. Feel like buying a Polaroid camera.
  2. Are they made in a factory round the corner from you or something?
  3. I bet Pirelli like it too, having finally turned the whole thing into a tire tread.
  4. Nike have just taken a big shit on football this year. Someone there hates soccer. Have you seen the new prem ball?
  5. Solo album - http://overlookedmasses.bandcamp.com/album/no-help
  6. Danny Murphy’s just a shit, thick Lawrenson wannabe.
  7. Finished my solo album. Up here if anyone’s interested. Going up everywhere else in a few weeks. I’ve made £7 so far! (If you don’t count any of the thousands I’ve spent on gear). Get in while it’s still cool, before I’m mainstream. https://overlookedmasses.bandcamp.com/album/no-help
  8. I think I started feeling confident around February. So many times before we’ve looked good but lost ground in that after Xmas rush. This time we came through it with a healthy lead intact. Still paranoid to the end though, straight after I allowed myself belief the whole COVID thing kicked off and it wasn’t until I started worrying again that they announced we’d come back. It still hasn’t sunk in, probably due to the weird situation. I expect a wave of jubilation to suddenly hit me in August or something.
  9. You better be predicting relegation for next season.
  10. I’ve lived in Essex all my life and support Liverpool. I used to happily say that, yeah, I was probably a glory hunting kid, but that’s not true. The fact is, I started supporting Liverpool before I even knew who won what. I followed them because they were who I saw most on TV. I wasn’t taken to any games so they were my local team - they played in the front room. I’ve been to Liverpool once and that was to visit Anfield - for a tour, not even a game. I’ve only seen the team play once - a pre-season friendly in Berlin. So say what you want about me but, after nearly 35 years of highs and lows since I realised I wanted Liverpool to win the 1986 FA Cup final, if you consider my support somehow inferior or not as strong, you can fuck off.
  11. And thousands going mental at Anfield now.
  12. Don’t! How do expect feltmonkey to control himself?!
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