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  1. Fair enough. I’m basing it on my one experience of pre-loading GTA V on PC and then discovering the decryption took three times longer than the download.
  2. Yeah, I know preloads are a thing but they never seem to work like they should in my experience. Hopefully they will now then.
  3. An even better one would be to allow you to do this as soon as the code’s available for them to upload and then they can just unlock it on release day. Will save all those midnight unlocks followed by hour or so waits before you can play. Imagine just getting to release day and it’s instantly ready to go.
  4. I tend to either go all in intensely and play straight though something or just dip in for a taste anyway so it should suit me okay. Only games where it wouldn’t might be stuff like RDR which I think was on there wasn’t it? That and GTA or games that you might play over a long period to just fuck about in Intend to take my time a bit more. Think I just got bored of RDR2 though. If it had left my HDD a bit earlier I don’t think I’d have missed it.
  5. Thanks, more or less what I thought and seems fair enough I suppose. Just saw on PC that some were leaving and wondered how it would work. I imagine if I bother to download it'll be because I want to play and it might even spur me on to think it might leave soon rather than leaving it to rot in a Steam library for the mythical day when I feel like it.
  6. Here's a silly question - when games 'leave' GamePass I assume you can't play them anymore, is that right? If you download them and then they go, you have to buy them to keep playing? How often do games leave, or how long do they usually stay on GP for? Do first party games stay there forever?
  7. You're fine to do it, they give you the link and I phoned and got them to do it for me when my payment wouldn't go through. Whether they expect you to deliberately buy 3 years of gold with the intentions of doing it, I don't know, but they don't seem to care. I'm the same as you, I don't have an Xbox yet, but I do have a PC I can use it on for now - do you? Even just for indie games? I had similar concerns that they might remove the option closer to release and figured that even if I'm 'losing' 7 weeks or whatever now, I'll still be way up in the long run. I only did two years as o
  8. 9.8lbs. Pretty hefty. More than my guitar I think.
  9. I've had a fucking word.
  10. To be fair, the real twats are the Americans for their fucking silly date format. In other arbitrary month add on confusion, I unchecked the free extra month thing when adding my gold codes (which I shouldn't have done because I only added two and wouldn't have hit the limit) but seem to have been given them anyway now I've upgraded to GP. Which is nice.
  11. Yeah, I bought Hades but knew I was getting GP and already had the PC version for flight sim so did think twice. I know PS+ had that effect on me, always wondering if you’d be made to feel a mug later if you bought something. I think GP is a little different in that first party stuff comes out straight away (I think) so you’re not left wondering. The indie stuff I can usually wait for or I’m more happy to buy anyway if I really want it for a tenner or whatever. For me, since the low cost of PC gaming and the rise of ‘free’ games, I’ve found I question the time I w
  12. A heads up for anyone after a XSX that can get to Essex (SX?) to pick up, I have a spare pre-ordered. I’m hanging on to see what the fallout’s like and if anyone wants it. I’d need payment maybe the week before just so I can cover the money coming out when they ship. I cannot be fucked with posting it and don’t think I can change delivery addresses (and I’d be reluctant to in case there’s a problem) but I’m happy for you to come and get it.
  13. I've been looking at my options on PC and it's the usual problem that I've had for a few years now - games I play are no longer dictated by price but whether I can be bothered to download them, install them and have them take up hard drive space. So often the answer is no. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about giving Gears 5 a go. I quite enjoyed the first one years ago but it's not really my thing and can I be arsed? It's fucking free! I am downloading it just to have a go at least, but I'm hoping on XSX, a machine that will be dedicated to gaming alone under one store and drive, I'll p
  14. I suspect it's real. Even as a savvy rllmuker I did a couple of double takes when looking and spent a while confused on another site before I was really up on it all. I immediately realised because I knew what the facts were meant to be, but a black box with Xs in the name is pretty generic - you need to know some more detail to distinguish them beyond just One X and Series X.
  15. I prefer to call it my sophisticated recording studio and entertainment space but when people get shown around she says 'that's his fucking mancave' as I glance up, startled. So, despite never liking the term, that's the one I chose.
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