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  1. Kind of, but I think that’s more in the design than the graphics. Perhaps the sharpness ruins it a little but it’s subjective. I always felt 2 had a bit more of that, but it depends what budget you mean. 2 was the movie version of 1’s TV show.
  2. It’s okay, our collapse has begun. Jota shouldn’t have hit the post.
  3. Yeah, it’s kind of sharper old shit that’s also a bit brighter or more contrasty with the HDR. It’s fine but I think we’re at the point where they need to start looking at filters for games of this era like they have for old pixel games. I know some don’t like them, but I think they’re quite good when done well. Some scanlines or something might even work. I quite liked the film grain that was in ME2, maybe it’s that that’s missing. I’m not sure what changes have been made as I didn’t play the original much but ME1 definitely feels much better and more playable than I remem
  4. This probably looks a lot better than the original Mass Effect but no better than I remember it in my head (I only played a bit of it). I’m sure 2 looked better than this on 360. I thought they’d unified them but I assume they’ll have the same improvements they did originally so hopefully 2 will look better etc. It’s fine, but not the special remaster I’d have hoped for. I think it would have been better to give it more time and remake them in a unified engine or something.
  5. You can uninstall individual games. The option is under each in the in game menu.
  6. Gamepass exclusive space set FPS only released in west.
  7. So I just need to move to NZ for the afternoon to get this going?
  8. To be fair, so far he seems better than he used to be. Maybe he’s aged out of some of the bullshit that used to bother me.
  9. Yeah, fair enough, but it’s something that annoys me when anyone says it. That whole ‘ooh I’m a little bit OCD” like it’s a claim to fame. He wasn’t that bad at least. I don’t find it offensive or anything, it’s just really annoying. Old Danny would have explained to everyone else what OCD was before revealing he didn’t have it, didn’t know anyone who did, and didn’t know what the letters stood for, but he’s still the expert.
  10. It’ll be a generic multiplayer FPS. Another one.
  11. All the Mass Effects are already on there in their OG forms so I suppose they could argue they don’t need to put this on too. Or will be for a while anyway.
  12. I’m giving the bombcast a go and Danny’s already pissed me off by claiming to have OCD. Like fuck he does. Will see how it goes, but he’s just one of those people who are like nails on a blackboard to me. He’s always ‘on’ and faking shit.
  13. I said: ”I explained it all (like Clarissa) a few pages back. I just think he’s full of shit. Someone just mentioned his knowledge of how things are here - that’s just it - he doesn’t seem to have any, which would be fine if he wasn’t always positioning himself as the expert and then talking shit. Anyway, I don’t do this shit anymore. (Walks away from photocopier.)”
  14. Despite all my dad’s grandparents being Irish, him and his parents were born in Glasgow which unfortunately means I’m not Irish according to their passport office. (eats another potato).
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