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  1. People having trouble with QR really need to try The Messenger. I hadn’t played for about 10 days, played loads of other games in between, downloaded and tried some GP games, did the system update and then reset the console twice to get HDMI CEC working again. Loaded it up, right back where I was. That game is a bitter ex. It will not forget exactly what you did.
  2. It was right at him, but he got his hands up quick to stop it. Squelch. Sorry.
  3. Another vote for DQXI. I played it when it came out. I’d never played any other DQ games but this was very accessible. I’d describe it as being like your rose-tinted memories of all the best bits of any old turn based JRPGs you might have played in the early ‘90s. It’s a brilliant, polished game with none of the tedium or grinding people associate with these games. I don’t like Disney, but I get the comparisons I think I’ve heard people make to the DQ games. Very high production values. A bit odd for GP maybe. It’s a long arse game. Be prepared to give it 80 hours
  4. I hope Kelleher has an amazing second half, if only so I can hear Klopp say Queev a lot to Des Kelly.
  5. Quite the nickname Klopp’s given the keeper there. Quite a comment it is on Adrian too. I’ve got no idea. We could get smashed or smash them. It all seems a bit Brendan at the moment.
  6. My PC is plugged into my TV so 60 is the max - or 120 at 1080. Once I get 60 I’m fine, if there’s any headroom I’ll just turn something up. RTX will be something to look forward to once the console versions are updated, if the game’s good enough to warrant another purchase.
  7. 1080ti so hoping for 60 with decent settings at 1440p, which doesn’t look much different from 4K on my couch. Hoping for auto HDR switching as that’s a pain in the arse on PC. Because they probably know it’s the difference between selling one console version or selling PC versions + console later.
  8. Same situation as me. I got it on PC. Console would be much nicer and more convenient but if it wasn’t 60 I couldn’t play it. On PC I can happily play at 1440 and it should be fine. If it’s good and worth starting again on console, I can do that later and probably for less. PC for initial day one curiosity play through. Console for the polished finished product in 6 months to a year.
  9. I did, I don’t see why I should still accept those standards seven years (and lots of money) later.
  10. I hope to find out once it runs at a non headache inducing frame rate.
  11. They’ve got more money than they know what to do with and couldn’t give a fuck. The only reason they keep going at all is to keep shareholders happy by generating more cash every year. I doubt anyone there has given a fuck for years.
  12. QR works (on the games it works with, eg Forza yes, CoD no) if you go 'Home' before turning the console off. It doesn't (always) work if you turn it straight off from within a game, in my experience. If you really want to test it, download The Messenger from Gamepass (best game on the system anyway) - that thing stays in QR regardless. I've left it a week and played all sorts in between but it's still ready to go. It seems I could be cryogenically frozen for a thousand years and it'd still be ready to carry on from where I was when I came back.
  13. Interesting. Anyway, me. I feel like I, like, kind of like, agree. Interestinggggggg...
  14. She’s gone now. She’s gone. We can be at peace again.
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