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  1. Takes fucking ages to enter though.
  2. Season over. Maybe next year guys.
  3. Chassis option 53, phwoar!
  4. I understand it might be missing out on what this is really about, but is it likely to be playable in some form with a pad? I like the idea of flying about and chilling out but I can’t be arsed with buying yokes and learning how to actually fly a plane.
  5. Saw Hertha Berlin in the Olympiastadion. Was in the tier above their ultras who were going crazy throughout. Think it cost me about £15.
  6. It’s the not getting an away goal that’s dangerous. They can defend and hope to nick one and then we need 3. I know it stating the obvious but losing 2-1 would have been a lot better. I’ve never understood why having the second leg at home is seen as an advantage. I’ve always thought knowing exactly what you need when your goals count double is much better.
  7. They were definitely targeting Mane. Sensible to take him off and keep him for Anfield.
  8. Why didn’t you predict this?
  9. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    Whatever’s left to port from Wii U at £40 a pop.
  10. It’s got a ‘remain’ button, surely it’s worth it for that alone.
  11. I stumbled over there out of curiosity and am now convinced Trump will get a second term.
  12. Pockets

    Nintendo Switch

    This sounds... oh it’s fine actually. It’s fine.
  13. Stuck a new tune up here. https://veilermusic.bandcamp.com/track/choices EDIT - and another - https://veilermusic.bandcamp.com/track/shes-the-type
  14. I’ve stuck a couple of songs up here http://veilermusic.bandcamp.com Dunno if that counts.
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