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  1. Of course, but it’s not like we’ve been smashed and have actually dominated the second half. A sense of injustice could actually be helpful in the long run. Little bit more motivation. I’d rather get that from a game like this where we should still get out the group than drop points in the league.
  2. It was a harsh penalty that I wouldn’t have given, but I can see the argument for it. I hate VAR for all sorts of reasons, but I think that one was just subjective enough not to overturn.
  3. Last time we lost 1-0 away to Napoli in the group stage we won the cup, so not bothered really.
  4. Pockets

    PES 2020

    They need to get some work experience kid in, who’s used some modern menus and systems, to sort out the front end and various modes. Getting the 50-somethings who’ve been churning out PES since 1995 (probably still on Windows 95 if their idea of UI is anything to go by) to do it isn’t getting anywhere.
  5. Pockets

    PES 2020

    I suspect they’re holed up in some office that Konami begrudgingly keeps going while they make money but that they never get the funds you might expect them to. I also think they've got some basic code they can tweak and make improvements to but no one’s prepared, or knows how, to change anything too much in case they fuck it up and can’t fix it. They stumbled across a way to make PES work in the Fox engine but can’t figure out how to do anything else with it. I’d say that maybe when next gen come along things might change, but I don’t think they will and, if they do, they might be shit. I can’t see this team successfully creating something with a new engine if they can’t do the basics in one they’ve had for years.
  6. Napoli - cheeky bastards.
  7. Pockets

    PES 2020

    I think this post from the PES devs on their facebook page explains a lot. I mean, it's not an issue, but it's all kinds of weird and fucked up that they can't fix things like this more elegantly in their own game. This is the kind of bullshit workaround I'd come up with. Again, it's not really a problem and I don't care but it seems so unprofessional. Hello, PES fans! We hope you all had a great weekend, and had time to enjoy some PES. Maybe we met in a UEFA EURO 2020 Matchday. ⚽️ Going on to business, we have again received a lot of feedback from all of you over the weekend. Our team is hard at work reading the comments, so please give us some more time before we can send more feedback. In the meantime, we have some news regarding Paraná’s 3rd strip. Some users mentioned that Paraná’s 3rd strip is identical to the 1st one. This issue is a little complicated, so let’s start with some background on how strips work in PES. Due to an internal limitation, once a club gets a 3rd strip, there is no way to remove it from the game. Paraná used to have a 3rd strip in the past, but this year they only have 2 official strips (home and away), so the “real” 3rd strip doesn’t exist. Since we can’t remove the 3rd strip from the game, the only thing we could do was to re-use the 1st strip in that slot. Yes, it isn’t the best solution, but it was the only option we had to work with. We hope that this has helped to shed some light on this issue (along with giving you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes). That’s all for today, folks. We’ll talk to you again soon!
  8. Firmino’s gonna have to come on and sort this out for us at some point.
  9. That was a good strike that probably wasn’t getting saved by anyone, but going for it with the correct hand might have at least got closer.
  10. Pockets

    PES 2020

    If you want to play online, PES probably isn’t the game. Don’t know what it’s like on console these days mind, maybe it’s improved but don’t expect FIFA levels of available competition. On PC, I haven’t managed to get a single online game on the demo or full game. Not that I’ve tried much.
  11. Pockets

    PES 2020

    The Dutch national team are similarly pleasing to use. They’re set up tactically to counter attack in numbers and you really see that happening on the pitch. Might be the tactic of choice this year.
  12. Pockets

    PES 2020

    It’s more varied than before and I would tentatively say yes. Others seem to think so. However, (and sorry I’m going to mention it again) I play on manual and therefore use a lower difficulty (professional at the moment). At that level they’re prone to silly mistakes at times or will let you have the ball when they should be getting it but nothing ridiculous. They’re decent, I lost to Iceland as Italy 1-0. They nabbed one from my defensive fuck up and then sat back and countered. I couldn’t break them down. Felt like what you’d expect of Iceland really.
  13. Pockets

    PES 2020

    Having played more single player PES, it is still flawed but another improvement. Best so far.
  14. Pockets

    PES 2020

    That’s not far off how it feels. I’ll assume you’re not so stupid as to not be able to understand basic phrasing and not take everything literally but are just pretending for some reason. I even said borderline unplayable.
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