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  1. Generally not as much because they don’t require effort on my part to physically go through the same motions and therefore feel less like ‘work’. I think in other media familiarity can feel more comforting, though it can in games too. However, there are definitely an increasingly number of film and tv show types that seem like the same formula over and over as I get older, so yes to some extent. Games are more fragile because if they’re action games then they rely on the gameplay keeping you entertained and locked in. If that’s stale in any way it can become apparent you’re just twiddling thumbs and the magic is lost. When that happen it’s easy to think more narrative is the answer but when that comes instead of gameplay you can start to think that maybe you should just read a book. Football games can still get me involved like a real football match so the magic trick that gaming performs still works on me, but it’s fewer and further between now. That’s less to do with the games and more my interest in them. If something grabs me with the concept or style, I’ll usually let myself get into it, but so little does because I’ve seen so much of it before or because they’ve decided not to aim it at middle aged men.
  2. I made friends with Athens GA’s Monsoon on Bandcamp.
  3. I always think he sounds like some mid-‘00s genetic sci-fi film - The Jermaine Genus.
  4. What has happened to Salah? Is it contract talks? I mean, keep him waiting all season if it has this effect.
  5. Absolutely dominant. It’s games like these that have an uncanny ability to end 1-1. Don’t think Ranieri’s gonna have much luck shouting at his team in Italian.
  6. Bit sick of Klopp’s moaning about TV scheduling. It’s a spectator sport, what does he expect? People want to watch it. It’s perhaps one of the few downsides of being a big team, you’re gonna get scheduled on TV a lot. Deal with it. If today’s game had been moved back he’d be moaning it was too close to Tuesday’s CL game. They’re all happy enough to pocket the huge sums of cash TV brings in.
  7. It depends what it is. I’m quite set in my ways. If people wanted to chuck SNES era Marios and Metroids at me, I could probably take a few more of those. More recent genres like the FPS never really grabbed me so while I don’t mind one occasionally - something like Titanfall - I only ever play the campaign and then I’m done for a good while. They all seem kinda the same to me because I’m not a connoisseur of that genre. With football games, I’ve probably had one a year since World Soccer on the Master System.
  8. I’m far less interested in most things now but it doesn’t stop me wanting to try. I still play a football game on and off all year round. I’ll occasionally get sucked in by one of those faux retro but better than it really was kinda games like Celeste and I enjoy a big old blockbuster adventure or RPG like DQXI. That kind of Hollywood gaming can still be a spectacle when done right. What I am tired off, and try to moan a bit less about, is the constant dollops of fucking slop that are dished out every month. Stuff that’s fine I’m sure but that I’ve played hundreds of times for well over 20 years. I’m fucking sick of FPS games but I never really liked those anyway. It’s not so much genre though. A 2D platformer can still grab me, and even a FPS might be able to, but the same old stuff over and over just doesn’t. (Loads up FIFA). I think that’s where the age comes in though. With a lot of stuff, there’s nothing wrong with it and the teens or 20 somethings it’s aimed at might like it because they haven’t had 40 plus years to play everything it’s like.
  9. Pockets

    Disco Elysium

    Thanks. I have a 55” OLED which I’d use for PC or Xbox so nothing to choose between there. Looking at YouTube vids suggest I’ll be okay but unless the sizing is different, they’d be on the same screen. I’m leaning towards Xbox I think. I really don’t like using a mouse for that long and the quietness and quick loading and proper HDR (if it does HDR) are usually preferable. I’ve convinced myself haven’t I?
  10. Pockets

    Disco Elysium

    Should I get this on PC or Series X? How controller friendly is it? On the one hand, it's cheaper on PC and I have the mouse and keyboard stuff there if that's how it's meant to be played. On the other, I'm way more likely to stick the Xbox on these days than load something up on the PC. Plus quick resume etc. I don't really like using M+KB for games at all if I can help it but this looks like it's meant to be played that way. My PC is fairly decent so that shouldn't be an issue.
  11. Pockets

    Disco Elysium

    Ignoring your plight for a second, what’s it like with a controller? Or are you playing on PC? I’m guessing not as you could have got it cheaper than that there.
  12. I must be the most reserved about this. I’m sure the raving will be decent but it doesn’t look much different to 4 and I doubt they’ve done anything about the constant hipster screaming and unlocking of another pair of clown pants. If they got rid of all that shit I’d be more excited I think.
  13. At best, he could have maybe chosen a different destination given the rumours. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/liverpool-news-jurgen-klopp-barcelona-25161269.amp
  14. I remember when Eurogamer picked up my story about the whole Sony thing and Watchdog. Their article was full of ‘he claims’ and stuff like that and was mostly pasted from elsewhere, mainly here. I get that they have to cover themselves legally and all that but I contacted them offering proof and the call recordings if they want to, you know, actually be journalists about it. But they didn’t. I think they said that they couldn’t trust that I was who I said, which was ironic. The comments on their article were mainly people saying I must be a scammer out for free games as Sony wouldn’t possibly treat customers like that. They did nothing about any of that libel. So yeah, they won’t be missed. I give them 50%, which is more than they can bothered to do for anything despite essentially being a review site.
  15. I’ve never played this before but loved Control so thought I’d give it a go. I’ve only played the opening so far but I think I’m going to take it as a sort of dodgy but enjoyable Nicholas Cage film, which I get the feeling is probably the correct approach.
  16. Did you move into a house in the game? That pic is meta as fuck.
  17. That’s kind of what I said. What are you arguing with? I even clearly stated that I don’t like it or agree with it, just that that’s how it is. It used to be that you always had to make your position bluntly clear on here, but now even that doesn’t seem to be enough. My problem with the whole patreon model in general is that instead of merit, popularity and ability to market determines success. I know there’s always been an element of that, but that’s almost all it is now.
  18. It’s a perfect example actually because exactly the same can be said of journalism/writing in general. My brother was fortunate to make a load of money as an arts editor of a paper in the ‘90s but he now writes google stuff for £5 a pop or something. The idea that Eurogamer or its like should somehow be protected from this modern reality because, well why? It’s just how it is now. To be clear, I don’t like that that’s how it is. I’d like small indie bands to be able to make money and for games mags to be a thing and for us to have a load of modern Julian Rignall’s and the like. I actually think we’d have better stuff if that was the case. But we don’t. You can’t artificially preserve something. Except of course, you can. And that’s what they trying do. Maybe it will work for them but it’s very rare. Giant Bomb manage it, a few others try. But they all struggle.
  19. Pockets

    Your music/band

    I really like the music. Having listened a bit more I notice the vocals are a thing throughout. I thought it was just a couple of bits at first. I have to be honest and say I think it’d be better without them for the most part but I dunno. It’s your thing. I just think the music and the style of it is like a modern jazz sort of sound almost and it seems more suited to being instrumental.
  20. But Eurogamer has been around for years with a specific model. It’s not a new thing offering a niche service that wouldn’t be available otherwise. If Eurogamer is now failing to bring in enough money I’d suggest maybe that has more to do with their content or times changing and asking readers for money to keep going seems to miss the point a bit. I record albums which no one is interested in. That’s fair enough, it’s just my hobby. I don’t feel that I have a right to make a living from it if people don’t care. There are a lot of people pursuing their hobbies who seem to think they deserve to be paid to do what they want. If they can get people to, then clearly they’re right and good luck to them. What Eurogamer are doing seems different to me but maybe it’s not. The other side to what you’re saying, and which does seem to be a lot of people’s mindset now, is that if you’re not being paid it’s not worth doing something. Or that no one would have hobbies or interests without financial support for them. This is why YouTube is full of people screaming while playing Fifa. They can’t just fucking have a game on their own.
  21. I stopped bothering when they removed scores which is always the most self-indulgent wankery thing a review service can do. I used to like it and have nothing against it really. I’d occasionally look still. My point is though, if it’s not viable as it is then the problem is inherent, coming begging doesn’t sit well with me.
  22. Yeah, I suppose I mean asking people to fund your idea that doesn’t really work as a business because people don’t want to buy/advertise on it but you think you should be able to do it anyway despite the market demonstrating otherwise. It’s nice to support people whose work you appreciate but when it’s kind of suggesting that you pay people you don’t know’s salaries to do work they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, because no one wants it, you have to question where the value is there. If you genuinely want it then the idea is clearly viable but the model seems wrong. I guess it works for a lot of people but it seems like we increasingly live in a ‘let’s just crowdfund it’ kind of world for everything from coffee shops to life saving operations and that doesn’t seem sustainable.
  23. I’ll complain again about the issues still being there in the hope that…. Yep, this shit is fucking magical.
  24. Sometimes a bit of motivation is enough. But I’m taking all the credit for that goal because if I hadn’t posted my complaints it wouldn’t have happened.
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