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  1. That's so awesome considering you weren't even a fan until recently
  2. It would make sense that Russell has a larger role than has been hinted at as she’s an alumni of JJ’s from way back . She was the lead in the Abrams-produced Felicity and had small roles in MI:III and Star Trek. Her stock has only increased in recent years thanks to The Americans. I’m calling it; It’s Keri Russell in the trailer. (Having said that, it is very muggy tonight so I could just be suffering from heatstroke)
  3. It looks like an amalgamation of both actors faces. Could be trolling us?
  4. It looks like Keri Russell to me, but I thought she was playing a different character?
  5. It does, and it's a double bill at the Prince Charles on monday. Can't make it http://www.princecharlescinema.com/events/events.php?seasonanchor=doublebills
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